This is a Level 25.0 alien tech created by BronZZ. It has a system that allows it to be used only by the chosen one (Borg 10 is the chosen one, in this case), but before him there where others but they weren't even able to reach 10 aliens because they used this Omnitrix badly. (ex. used it for bad stuff, weren't heroic enough ecc.) For now, there are only 37 aliens and 6 ultimate fusions. It is seen in the Borg 10- Alien Rescue Squad series, It is first seen in the first episode, The Chosen One!!! but it is usually seen in all episodes.


  • It has the same fuction of the Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix . It allows his user to transform into any alien that is in it.
  • It can work only for the chosen one. (in this case Borg 10)
  • It gives 10% to version 1, 20% to version 2, 30% to version 3 more power to every transformation (but not to Ultimate Fusion forms)
  • It has a function that fuses alien DNA's from it (like Ultimate Borg10)
  • It is indestructible.
  • When the aliens in it are absorbing power, that power can allow it to recharge faster.
  • It's a device that can talk with plumbers.
  • When having a new tranformation, the Omnitrix gives all the details about that alien to Borg 10 (like that alien's species name, from which planet is he and also its abilities, etc.)
  • If he has already transformed into an alien, It can change to any other alien.
  • It has healing abilities.
  • The extra clothes do not disappear.
  • It has Alien DNA from different dimensions/
  • It can operate by the user's voice. 

First 10 aliens

Secondary aliens

  • Accelaron (Time alien)

    Omnitrix version 2 (Season 2/3)

  • Metal X (Raidoactive/Metalic alien)
  • Duo (Yin Yang alien)

More aliens

Ultimate Fusions

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