The Omnitrix is a 'perfected' version of the prototype Omnitrix originally wielded by Ben Tennyson. It is featured in the series Ben 10: Restart.


After the original Omnitrix was destroyed, Azmuth set to work on creating a new version, not only to replace the old one, but to improve on it. He spent 4 years working on enhancing the original design, which led to the creation of a much more streamlined and efficient Omnitrix.


The Omnitrix's primary feature allows the wielder to transform into any of 1,001,648 samples of alien DNA. It also has the ability to scan DNA, which either unlocks an existing sample from that species, or adds a new species to its vast collection.

It also acts as a universal translator. Anybody within a certain distance (which can be altered with the right codes) is affected by a telepathic field that allows them to understand any and all languages for as long as they are within the telepathic field.

Unlocked Aliens

  1. Acid Test
  2. Ampethyst
  3. Arctiguana
  4. Armodrillo
  5. Astrodactyl
  6. Big Chill
  7. Bloxx
  8. Brainstorm
  9. Buzzshock
  10. Camocrash
  11. Cannonbolt
  12. Crashhopper
  13. Diamondhead
  14. Ditto
  15. Eatle
  16. Echo Echo
  17. Eye Guy
  18. Feedback
  19. Four Arms
  20. Frankenstrike
  21. Ghostfreak
  22. Gigantosore
  23. Gravattack
  24. Grey Matter
  25. Gutrot
  26. Heatblast
  27. Howloud
  28. Lodestar
  29. NRG
  30. Orbliterate
  31. Psyclops
  32. Rath
  33. Ripjaws
  34. Shocksquatch
  35. Smokescream
  36. Snare-Oh
  37. Spitter
  38. Splitfire
  39. Stinkfly
  40. Swampfire
  41. TerraBite
  42. Terraspin
  43. Upchuck
  44. Upgrade
  45. Way Big
  46. Wildmutt
  47. Wildvine
  48. XLR8


For the gallery of this Omnitrix, see: Omnitrix (B10: Restart)/Gallery


  • This version of the Omnitrix is somewhat similar to the Ben 10: Omniverse one, but there are still plenty of differences between the two.
  • I made this Omnitrix design myself.
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