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Omnious Thunder
General Information
Original broadcast March 6, 2020
Season 2
Episode number 16
Overall episode number 36
Written by Ebomnitrix, Paradox Multimedia & TranswiththePlans
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Omnious Thunder is the thirty-sixth episode of E-10: Horizons.


A series of storms has spread across Merridale, and while Ethan chases after the storm, Hannibal and Naomi are worried about their grandmother's health.


Morning with the Lincolns and Granny Judith Falls

[The setting took place outside Hannibal’s house in the morning. We cut to inside where Granny Judith was setting up breakfast as she was lightly buttering the toast. Naomi had finished placing the silverware and sat down.]

Naomi: Everything’s ready, Granny!

Granny Judith: Thank you, Naomi.

[Hannibal entered the kitchen, all dressed ready for class.]

Hannibal: Morning, Granny. Morning, Naomi.

[Hannibal rustled up Naomi’s hair.]

Naomi: Hey, I just finished that!

Granny Judith: Good morning, Hanny! I know you both were up late last night, I suspect not playing video games again? [Raises eyebrow]

[Hannibal and Naomi laughed nervously as they looked away.]

Granny Judith: So I made you guys a little “pick me up”.

[Granny Judith shows Hannibal a plate piled with pancakes, bacon and toast.]

Hannibal: Granny, you didn’t have to do that.

Granny Judith: Oh, please. I can’t just sit idly as my growing grandkids work on an empty stomach now, can I?

Hannibal: Well, if you insist…

[Hannibal goes to grab the plate, but suddenly, Granny Judith drops it. Her breathing becomes erratic, and falls to her knees. She clutches her chest, wincing in pain.]

Hannibal and Naomi: Granny!

[Hannibal and Naomi help Granny Judith up, as her breathing goes back to normal.]

Hannibal: Granny! Are you ok? Do I need to…

Granny Judith: Oh, dear…. I dropped your breakfast! Looks like I’ll have to start all over.

Naomi: But… Granny, are you sure you’re okay?

Granny Judith: Yes, sweetie! I’m fine! I just was a bit clumsy, that’s all. Must’ve slipped on something…

Hannibal: If you say so…

[Granny Judith goes back to her cooking station, ready to start making Hannibal a good breakfast all over again. Hannibal and Naomi share a concerned glance.]

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
The Lost Genesect (E-10 Cut)

[The setting took place an hour later outside the Horizon parking lot. Hannibal was walking with his hands in his pocket as he walked down the sidewalk towards the campus building. Hannibal had a grim look on his face as he flashed back to Granny Judith’s collapse. Meanwhile, Nikki jumped up to surprise Hannibal from behind.]

Nikki: Morning, Hanny!

Hannibal: [Looks up] Oh, hey.

[Nikki’s smile faded into a face of worry.]

Nikki: Is everything okay?

Hannibal: Oh, yeah. Everything’s fine.

Nikki: Hanny...

Hannibal: Something happened with Granny.

Nikki: What happened?

Hannibal: Granny Judith finished making me and Naomi breakfast, and before we noticed she collapsed.

Nikki: Is she okay?!

Hannibal: Yeah, it was probably just a dizzy spell or something. I’m not gonna lie, I’m worried about her. She’s been caring for Naomi and I for all this time. She’s never had time to take care of herself. All I keep thinking about is, what if something like this happens again?

Nikki: Don’t you worry about her Hannibal. Granny is going to be fine. She’s strong, and she’s handled worse before, hasn’t she?

Hannibal: Yeah.

Nikki: So don’t sweat it.

Hannibal: Yeah, maybe you’re right. Thanks.

Nikki: No problem, baby.

[The song shifted.]

Rise to the Challenge! - Ep 36 (Ethan and Alice's Relationship Reveal)

[The scene shifted to inside the library as Alice was sitting by a table as she was searching through her laptop. Meanwhile, Ethan attempted to sneak on Alice as he raised his arms and fingers out.]

Alice: You know, I can see you through my computer screen.

Ethan: Aw man.

Alice: Don’t worry, you get two points for trying.

[Ethan sat next to her.]

Ethan: So, whatcha working on?

Alice: Well, I’m searching on ways we can stop the Teotls. I started looking up on Aztec mythology and realized how much this all ties together with them.

Ethan: And you think using aztec mythology is going to help us defeat ancient alien gods?

Alice: Hey, it’s worth a try. Who knows, we might find something. Besides, I don’t see you doing anything.

Ethan: I am. I’m sitting here talking with my girlfriend who’s looking up ways to stop my enemies for me.

Alice: Cute.

[Hannibal and Nikki walked over and sat with them.]

Nikki: Hey guys!

Ethan: Oh, did you tell them?

Alice: No, not yet.

Hannibal: Tell us what?!

[Ethan and Alice smiled as the two reached to each other’s arms and held hands.]

Nikki: [Squeals] Oh my god.

Hannibal: You guys are dating?!

Ethan: Yep.

Alice: And we’ve never felt happier. [Clings to Ethan]

Hannibal: Wow, about time you two started going out together.

Nikki: Yeah, you guys have built this up for a really long time.

Ethan: I mean we were going to change our relationship status’ on social media.

Alice: But we thought telling you guys would be much more fun first.

Hannibal: And speaking of... I gotta go collect my money from Terence!

Nikki: Collect mine too!

Alice: What?!

Hannibal: I’ll be back in a bit!

[Hannibal ran from the group towards the exit.]

Ethan: Wait a minute, you guys made a bet of our relationship?!

Alice: Why would you do that?!

Nikki: Yeah, you two were taking so long to cave we were wondering who was going to do that first. Which by the way who was it?

Ethan: Uh…

[Alice grabs Ethan’s mouth.]

Alice: Ethan, you don’t have to tell them.

Nikki: I don’t know why you’re working yourself up Ethan, You were the one who made a bet between me and Hannibal.

Alice: Ethan!!!

[The librarian shushed them, and the three continued on, talking calmly.]

Ethan: What?! I wanted to see who would confess first!

Alice: Well, I’m not putting out tonight. [Pouts]

Ethan: What?! Aw man.

[The song ended.]

Nikki: [Chuckles] Anyway, I’m just glad you two hooked up. Congratulations by the way.

Alice: Thank you.

Ethan: How’s it going with the Teotls research by the way?

Alice: Well aside from the Aztec stuff I found, I did check the weather reports to see if my hunch was correct.

Ethan: And?

Alice: Well…

[Alice turned over the computer screen and pressed play.]

Scavenging the Evidence & A Road The Heart Brings - Ep 36

Weather Reporter: We’re live down at Sacramento, California, where a ferocious storm has suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

Ethan: Whoa..

Alice: And that’s not all.

[Alice pulled up more footage where it showcased another storm happening in another city.]

Bystander: Oh my god! Help! Help!

[The crowd screams louder as a tornado is slowly heading their way.]

Bystander: This tornado just appeared out of nowhere?!

Guy 2: You getting this?!

[The guy was pulled up into the tornado.]

Bystander: HARRY!!!

[Alice pulled more articles and images from her screen.]

Alice: Hurricanes at Daytona Beach. Tornados at the Grand Canyon, Lightning strikes in the UK. These storms have been ominously appearing from all over the world.

Ethan: The Teotls… It’s gotta be them!

Nikki: No doubt about it.

Alice: However, as of last month, the storms suddenly started fading away, except for the lightning strikes.

[Alice pulled up a weather satellite and typed in a code, and a graph appeared detailing large storms that have happened recently.]

Alice: I accessed a weather satellite and found a pattern for where the lightning strikes may happen next. First one hits Hawaii, the next one hits Portland, the next one hits Sacramento, and the next one…

Ethan: [Stands up] Is headed right for Merridale. I better go out there and get ready.

Alice: I’m coming too.

Ethan: No!

[Ethan grabbed onto Alice’s shoulders as the entire room stood in complete silence. Ethan’s hand shook and he put them back down.]

Ethan: Umm… I mean, these guys are far too powerful to fight, and without any powers… I just don’t want something happening to you.

[Alice placed her hands onto his shoulders.]

Alice: It’s fine. Relax, you don’t have to worry about me. I won’t go if you don’t want me to.

Ethan: [Deep breath] Thank you.

[Alice placed her hands down.]

Ethan: [Turns to Nikki] But I do need your help, Nikki.

Nikki: Oh so you want me to die?!

Ethan: No, but you have electrokinesis, don’t you? That’ll help me against Tezca!

[Nikki took a moment to put some thought into it.]

Ethan: You ready for Firefly to make a comeback?

Nikki: Fine.

This Info & Alice Sees Lodestar (Ep 36)

[We cut to lightning striking on the streets of downtown Merridale. Innocent bystanders were running away from the lightning as thunderstruck from everywhere. It was revealed Tezca was blasting the city, as the lower half of his body was shaped in clouds.]

Tezca: [Manically laughing] Scream, peasants! Scream! Tremble before the might of Tezcatlipoca! The god of thunder!!!

[Tezca shot another blast of lightning. Meanwhile a couple was running towards their car, their car blew up before they could enter the vehicle. The couple turned around and ran as fast as they could.]

Girlfriend: I knew we shouldn’t have moved back to Merridale!

Boyfriend: Not the time, hun!

[Ethan’s car parked to the side of the street as he and Nikki stepped out.]

Ethan: Ready?

[Nikki tapped her watch, opening the hourglass as an orange light blinded the screen.]

[FIREFLY TRANSFORMATION: A black and golden armored costume formed around Nikki’s hand. It spread to her back and eventually grew an orange pair of wings. Nikki raised her head up with a serious look on her face and a helmet and a pair of goggles formed around her head. A white light blinded the screen.]

[Tezca noticing the bright light below, he turned over to see Ethan and Nikki standing before him. Tezca turned back into physical humanoid shape and floated before them.]

Tezca: Hello again. Uh, what do they call you again? Oh yeah, now I remember! E-10.

Ethan: Tecza…

[Tezca looked to Ethan’s side, noticing Nikki was standing beside him.]

Tezca: Oh! and who’s the friend you got with you? Another bodyguard?

Nikki (Firefly): Really, you don’t remember me?

[Tezca shrugged.]

Nikki (Firefly): Maybe this will give you a friendly reminder!

[Nikki blasted Tezca with a jolt of electricity. Tezca absorbed the blast then redirected it at Nikki. Nikki sprung into the air and flew away from the blast. Nikki raised her arms and tried absorbing the blast. Tezca unleashed a power blast of energy, which overpowered Nikki and sent her flying back.]

Ethan: Nikki!

Tezca: And down goes another friend of yours, just like that. When will you ever learn that no matter how much back up you bring, you’re no match for defeating me.

Ethan: Oh, we’ll see about that.

[Ethan turned towards the Omnitrix.]

Tezca: Just what I was waiting for!

[Tezca suddenly turned into pure electricity and jumped into the Omnitrix. The Omnitrix was covered in yellow electricity as the hourglass symbol changed to both green and yellow. The electricity began to electrocute Ethan as he screamed from the top of his lungs. Nikki slowly got up to notice Ethan screaming.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ethan!


[The Omnitrix flashed a bright white light and Tezca was thrown out of the Omnitrix, as Ethan collapsed to the ground to catch his breath, Tezca formed back into his humanoid state and was covered in smoke as he also began to catch his breath.]

Tezca (Thoughts): CURSE THAT WATCH! It seems even I couldn’t absorb all the energy deep inside that thing. Just what is that thing made of?!

[Nikki ran toward Ethan to help him back up.]

Nikki: Ethan, are you-?

Ethan: [Stands up] I’m alright.

[Suddenly to Ethan’s surprise, the Omnitrix was covered with red electricity as the core popped up and down. Tezca covered his hands with electricity.]

Tezca: If I can’t destroy that thing from the inside, I might as well try from the outside!

[Tezca prepared for a large blast of lightning.]

Ethan: Not on my watch! It’s Action Time!

[Ethan reached for the Omnitrix as it was suddenly shifting through the active list.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ethan, wait! You have no idea what he did to that thing!

Ethan: Can’t be any worse than what’s going to happen to me if I don’t!

Tezca: NOW, DIE!!!

[Tezca fired a large jolt of electricity toward Ethan as he slammed down on Diamondhead’s icon.]

[DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: Diamonds began forming around Ethan’s left arm, then his right. Ethan performed an X with his arms as he grinned, awaiting to go Diamondhead.]

Ethan: Wait, HUH?!

[TRANSFORMATION: We panned down to Ethan’s legs as they formed into XLR8’s. We spin to his back as his tail grew out, as well an extra pair of arms, resembling Heatblast’s. Diamondhead upper arms also formed muscle above his forearms. As Diamondhead’s four spikes grew out from his back, we pan to his front as Lodestar spikes grew from his shoulders. Ethan’s face changed resembling Four Arms with Diamondhead’s helmet piece. His eyes glowed green which also blinded the screen.]

[Tezca fired off his attack, aiming to destroy Ethan in one shot. Suddenly, the new alien absorbed the lightning blast and redirected at Tezca, who flew to the side to dodge the attack. He turned back to Ethan, then gasped. Nikki gasped too and we pan up to Ethan’s full body, revealing he was a fusion of Heatblast, Diamondhead, XLR8, Four Arms and Lodestar. His voice however came out as Diamondhead’s.]

?????: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-hoa!!!

[Ethan checked out the parts of his body out with superspeed.]

?????: I’m XLR8?! And Four Arms?! And Diamondhead, and Heatblast?! And Lodestar?!!!

Tezca: What is that monstrosity?!

?????: I’m… XLArmDiamondBlastStar!!! [Poses for a moment.] Oh wait that’s no good, uh… WORLDBREAKER!!! [Poses]

Tezca: Enough! I will destroy you here and now!

[Worldbreaker sped toward Tezca, shoulder bashing him hard enough to shatter the ground and send Tezca flying into a wall at full force. Tezca growled as he blasted Worldbreaker away from him, but Worldbreaker endured the hit with ease. Worldbreaker grinned, as he used his magnetism to levitate a few cars around him, and sent them flying towards Tezca. Tezca transformed into electricity and seeped into the ground, traveling along the wires, before bursting out of the ground and catching Worldbreaker off guard with a powerful uppercut.]

Tezca: You’re full of openings!

[Tezca unleashed a flurry of flashy punches, as Worldbreaker blocked them with his arms. Worldbreaker suddenly sped away, and sharpened the diamonds on his arms, before speeding around Tezca, slashing his body with his blades.]

Worldbreaker: And the same could be said about you!

[Tezca clasped one of his wounds, and hissed at Worldbreaker. Worldbreaker attracted some more cars, and flung them all towards Tezca, knocking him to the ground. Worldbreaker ran around Tezca as he began to create a flaming vortex.]

Worldbreaker: This is awesome! Tezca, I really gotta thank you for this. You just made this fight so much easier for me!

[Tezca was left with nowhere to escape and suddenly Worldbreaker exploded the vortex and sent Tezca flying into the ground. Tezca stood up and hissed.]

Tezca: I’ll get you next time, Wellington!

[Tezca fled from the scene as Nikki walked up to Ethan. The song ended.]

Worldbreaker: Haha! Yeah! That was so awesome!!! I finally managed to lay one on those alien gods.

[The Omnitrix began beeping and Ethan transformed back to normal.]

Nikki (Firefly): You okay?

Ethan: Yeah, why?

Omni-Glitch Commercial

Nikki (Firefly): Because I think we need to go see A’taenda about this.

Ethan: What?! Why?!

Nikki (Firefly): Boy, that Omnitrix of yours is acting all kinds of crazy, and if we don’t do something soon, I’m afraid something even more freaky is going to happen to you.

[Ethan looked at Nikki with concern as the Omnitrix continued to blink yellow.]

Another Day at Horizon - S2 (Ep 36)

[We shift to outside Ethan’s house as Ethan was sitting on a kitchen countertop while he was strapped with green tubes around him and his Omnitrix. A’taenda was standing beside him as she was reading signals off her device.]

Ethan: Uh… can I lay on my couch now?

A’taenda: No, not until I’ve finished analyzing what happened to your Omnitrix.

[Ethan groaned. As Alice and Nikki were standing beside with their arms folded.]

Alice: Agh! I can’t believe he became a fusion!!!

[A vein popped to the side of Nikki’s head.]

Nikki: Why didn’t you tell us you could become one sooner?! Do you know how many difficult spots you’ve put us in because of your crap!

Alice: [Sighing] Agh, I knew I should’ve gone. I could’ve seen the fusion in person...

A’taenda: The thing is, Ethan shouldn’t be able to do this. Apparently when this uh… lightning god… went inside your Omnitrix, he damaged the Omni Core.

Ethan: Who with the what now?

A’taenda: The Omni Core. The thing that activates and allows you to transform into aliens, you doofus! Apparently he messed with a function that allows you to become more than a few aliens at a time. Hmm, he must've damaged the alien DNA pods.

Ethan: What...

A'taenda: I fixed the issue so the Omnitrix needs some time to reboot. So until then you’ll have to go powerless for a little while.

Ethan: But I-

A’taenda: Look, if you use that Omnitrix while it’s in that state, who knows what could happen to you. You might turn into an Omni-Spliced Fused Monster! Or something… I don’t know.

[A’taenda jumped off the kitchen countertop and walked toward Nikki.]

A’taenda: I gotta get back home, but uh Nikki? You got any pics?

[Alice and A’taenda turned to Nikki with sparkles in their eyes.]

Nikki: [Sigh] Here, I got some.

[Nikki showed her phone to them and showed an action shot of Worldbreaker. Alice and A’taenda squeal at a high pitch while moving their arms.]

Ethan: My only two fangirls… and yet I’m supposed to be the most famous person on the planet right now.

Alice: Yeah, well at least one of them is your girlfriend. [Kisses Ethan on the cheek.] So don’t complain.

[Alice walked away as Ethan’s face turned red.]

Nikki: She’s got a point you know.

[Ethan gave Nikki the stink eye as the scene shifted to Hannibal entering back inside his house. Granny Judith took notice as she was searching for her keys. The song faded out.]

Granny Judith: Oh hey, Hanny. What are you doing back here?

Hannibal: I just came back to grab a couple things.

Granny Judith: Well, lock the house. I’m going to go down to Walmart to pick up a couple of groceries.

[Granny Judith grabbed her keys and headed for the door. Hannibal tried to stop her.]

Hannibal: Why don’t you let me do that?

[Naomi came walking down the stairs as Granny Judith spoke.]

Granny Judith: Oh, I’ll be fine! Besides, I have Naomi coming with me.

Naomi: Don’t worry, I’ll keep a good eye on her.

Hannibal: Thank you, sis.

[Granny Judith and Naomi left the house, as Hannibal made a concerned look. The scene shifted to downtown as Hannibal was walking down the sidewalk with his hands in his pocket.]

Terence: Yeah, and so then I said…

[Hannibal looked up to notice Terence and his group of friends were walking his way.]

Terence: Sure, I may feel depressed, but that’s charming now, isn’t it?

[Terence stopped to notice Hannibal was in front of him.]

Hannibal: Terence...

Terence: Oh... Hannibal. Wait, you’re not here to collect more money out of me, are you?

Hannibal: No, I’m just on my way to meet Nikki.

Terence: Ah.

Hannibal: So, how’ve you been?

Terence: I’ve been well. What about you?

Hannibal: Yeah, I’ve been well too.

Terence: That’s good.

Hannibal: Yeah…

Jarrett: [Whispers to the others.] This is getting kind of awkward…

Hannibal: Well, I should be going, I don’t wanna keep Nikki waiting. But it’s been nice talking to ya.

Terence: Yeah, you too.

[Before Hannibal could step away, his phone rang. Hannibal reached for his pocket and answered the phone.]

Hannibal: Naomi?

Thank Goodness - E-10 Cut

Naomi: Hannibal… please!

Hannibal: Whoa, Naomi, slow down! What’s wrong?

Naomi: It’s Granny, she collapsed again.

Hannibal: What?!

Naomi: We were walking down the aisle and she just fell, and now the staff is here and I…

Hannibal: Don’t worry, I’m on my way.

[Hannibal hung up and turned back to Terence.]

Hannibal: Sorry, Terence. I gotta go, my Granny’s been hurt.

Terence: What?!

Hannibal: Yeah, I’ve got to go!

[Hannibal turned the other direction and began to run.]

Terence: Wait!

[Hannibal stopped and turned around.]

Terence: I’ll help you.

Hannibal: [Smiles] I appreciate that.

Terence: [Turns to the group] Sorry, I’ll make up for this later.

[Terence caught up with Hannibal and ran out of the scene.]

Jarrett: Okay! Guess we’ll just meet up with you later!

[The song shifted.]

A Closed Heart (E-10 cut)

[The scene shifted to Hannibal’s car driving down the road as he and Terence were on their way. Hannibal and Terence gasped as they saw sirens flashing their way. Ambulances were outside the Walmart, as a crowd watched over the scene.]

Terence: No way…

[Hannibal parked the car as the two ran out of the car to meet with the paramedics.]

Hannibal: Granny!

Naomi: We’re right here!

[Granny Judith was resting by the back of the ambulance as she held an ice pack over her head, while her arm was wrapped in bandages. Naomi was sitting next to her. Hannibal and Terence ran up to them until a paramedic stopped them.]

Paramedic: Step aside, sir.

Granny Judith: But that’s my grandson.

[The Officer stepped aside as the two ran up to them.]

Hannibal: Are you okay?

Granny Judith: I’m alright.

Hannibal: But, you’re hurt.

Granny Judith: Oh, this is nothing. Not like a bump in the head and a broken arm is going to stop me.

Doctor: We’d like to speak to the grand kids if you don’t mind?

[Hannibal looked over with concern but Terence laid his hand on his shoulder.]

Terence: Don’t worry, I’ll keep her company.

[Terence walked over to Naomi’s spot while she and Hannibal walked over to the doctor.]

Doctor: According to your sister, this isn’t the first time that’s happened. Correct?

Hannibal: Yes, sir. She collapsed the other day, and-

Doctor: I’m fully aware of that. I’m sorry to tell you this, but I’m afraid her old age is starting to get to her.

Hannibal: What does that mean?

Doctor: According to our readings, she’s mostly fine. Due to her old age, things like the lighting or the type of floors make it harder for her to balance.

[Hannibal and Naomi’s eyes widened as they gasped.]

Doctor: For now she needs to rest easy. With enough recovery time, she should be able to function like her old self again. But she’ll need to be kept under a close watch, just to make sure someone’s always there to help her out if she does stumble again.

Hannibal: Thank you, doctor.

[Hannibal and Naomi looked at each other with concern. The song ended. The scene shifted to outside Hannibal’s house as the doorbell rang. Hannibal opened the door to see Ethan, Alice, Terence and Nikki were outside.]

Nikki: Hey, Hanny.

Alice: How’s Granny doing?

Hannibal: She’s okay. She’s just resting in the living room for right now.

Ethan: Can we come in?

[Hannibal stepped aside and entered the living room. Granny Judith noticed, giving them a welcome smile.]

Granny Judith: Ah, hello kids!

Nikki: Hey, Granny!

Terence: What’s up Grams!

[The group sat down on the two sofas.]

Granny Judith: Oh, it’s nothing. Just letting the old arm heal. They say I should be able to take my cast off tomorrow.

Alice: That’s great.

Granny Judith: Oh, I’ve made some tea if you guys want any?

Hannibal: I got it.

[Hannibal walked into the kitchen.]

Ethan: Hannibal’s really putting in the work. He must really care about you.

Granny Judith: Yep, that’s my grandson. After all I’ve done for him, it only makes sense for him to go take care of me.

Alice: What do you mean?

Ep 36 - They've Got Us (TWTDCT and TPP)

Granny Judith: You see, Hannibal’s parents died in a lab experiment when they were little. And when they died, they had no other family that were willing to take them in, so I had to be sure that I took care of them. Otherwise, they would’ve had to have been split up. They needed someone to protect them from what’s out there and to show them how the world really works. Even with them all grown up, I still had to be the one to watch out for them. And it’s hard at my age to take care of someone, and I appreciate everything my grandkids have done to take care of me. I’m just hoping when my time comes they'll have someone to fall back on when they need them.

Ethan: They will.

[Granny Judith looked up in awe.]

Ethan: They’ve got us Granny Judith. They are our best friends after all.

Nikki: And will do everything we can to help them out.

Alice: You’ve got nothing to worry about, you can count on us.

Terence: Yeah, what they said.

Granny Judith: [Smiles] Thank you kids. That means the world to me.

[Granny Judith had realized something and stood up.]

Granny Judith: Oh, I just remembered. I forgot something at the store.

[Hannibal stepped back into the living room.]

Hannibal: Granny, it’s too soon for you to go out now.

Granny Judith: Oh, don’t you worry, I won’t be out for too long. Besides, doesn’t Naomi’s school let out soon? I can save you the trouble and pick her up for you.

[Granny had already grabbed her jacket.]

Hannibal: No, it’s okay. Granny, really! I-

Nikki: Don’t worry, Hanny. I’ll watch her.

Hannibal: Thanks, babe.

[Nikki and Hannibal peck each other on the lips and Nikki ran over to Judith. The song ended.]

Nikki: Wait for me!

[Hannibal glared at Terence with concern.]

Terence: [Sigh] Alright. I’m coming too.

[Terence ran over and caught up with them. Hannibal laid back down on the couch and caught his breath.]

Alice: Relax, Hanny. Terence and Nikki will take good care of her.

Hannibal: I’ll relax when she’s back safe and sound.

[To their surprise, their phones suddenly went off. Alice checked to notice she was reported as an alert.]

Alice: Lightning strikes are happening all over Merridale again.

Hannibal: And Granny just went outside.

Ethan: I’ll make sure they find somewhere safe to hide before Tezca shows up.

Initial Intrusion (Episode 36)

[They hear an explosion coming from outside. This shocks the group and they ran outside to notice Tezca had Terence, Nikki and Granny Judith in his clutches as he was floating in mid-air. They noticed the car was destroyed as pieces were laying on the ground.]

Tezca: Oh, what’s this I have here?! An old coot, a fat boy, and a feisty angry chick! If only there was someone out here who could stop me!

[Tezca turned to Ethan as his eyes bulged out.]

Hannibal: It’s one of those Teotls!

Ethan: I know, he must’ve been watching me since I kicked his butt yesterday!

Alice: Okay, that is so disturbing.

Tezca: Whatcha going to do, Wellington?! I’ve got them in my grasp! And now you mortals are going to pay as you watch me slaughter their throats, and tear their guts apart. [Laughs harder]

Hannibal: No!

Ethan: Don’t worry, Hannibal. I’ve got this!

Alice: But your watch is still rebooting!

Ethan: We don’t have time, Alice! If I don’t stop them, then I-

[Ethan flashed back to Maria’s death. Ethan’s pupils were shaking and he jumped over.]

Ethan: I have to save them!

Alice: Ethan, wait!

[A green light blinded the screen.]

[NEW TRANSFORMATION: Green slime grew up toward Ethan’s body until his arms were completely covered. Ethan grew an extra pair of arms as he curled himself into a ball. Three clothes formed onto him as an exoskeleton formed around its chest, shoulders. His legs popped out revealing to be like Ghoulseye’s as we zoomed into his head popping out. Then we zoomed out to reveal Ethan became a fusion of Goop, Ghoulseye, and AmpFibian. The transformation background faded.]

???: Oooh! Another fusion cuisine! [Flies up] Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Hannibal: Ethan, don’t hurt them!

[The fusion floated up toward Tezca as he prepared a weapon.]

???: Relax, I got this! With Goop’s slime, AmpFibian’s electrokinesis, and Ghoulseye’s bow and arrow! I can create a pure SLIMY STATIC GRAPPLING ARROW!!!

[The fusion created an electrical arrow with a slimy tip as it stuck out from his bow.]

Ocean’s Wraith: Prepare for Ocean’s Wraith!!!

[Ocean’s Wraith fired the grappling arrow as it formed into an electrical net. It surrounded the four of them until Tezca broke himself free with an electrical blast.]

Tezca: Is that all you’ve got?!

[Ocean’s Wraith turned intangible and tried to phase through Tezca. This electrocuted Ocean’s Wraith and it sent him backwards as he absorbed the energy. He fired the energy as Tezca danced around to dodge it.]

Ocean’s Wraith: Dang it! How am I supposed to stop him without hurting them?!

Tezca: [Smirked] And let’s grab a few more people while we’re at it.

[Tezca created a suction of energy and grabbed Alice and Hannibal from the ground.]

Alice: AH!

Hannibal: HEY!

[Tezca grinned grew even bigger as he created another one, and grabbed innocent bystanders outside. The bystanders screamed as they were wrapped around Tezca. This made Ocean’s Wraith furious as he charged himself with energy.]

Ocean’s Wraith: No you… don’t!

[Ocean’s Wraith created an energy wave. This did little to Tezca but freed Alice, Hannibal and Terence as they each screamed. Ocean’s Wraith shocked, he flew over to grab Alice, then Hannibal and sat them safely. Terence was still falling towards the ground as he screamed from the top of his lungs. Ocean’s Wraith created a slime net which grabbed Terence, then bounced him into Hannibal’s clutches. Hannibal and Terence were covered in slime as they both wiped it off.]

Terence: Thanks…

Ocean’s Wraith: You are so going to get it now!

Tezca: Don’t even think about forming another weapon, Wellington. Unless you want to see what happens when I fry up another corpse.

[Ocean’s Wraith hesitated.]

Alice: Ethan!

Tezca: This has been good fun! But I’ve got to go. So let’s continue this game at let’s say… at 22:00 hours tonight at your “Walmart”. If you don’t save them all in time, their lives are on your head.

[Tezca laughed as he flew away with the others screaming in fright.]

Ocean’s Wraith: NO!

[Ocean’s Wraith tried to move but powered down back into Ethan. Ethan fell to the ground, then punched it as everything went black.]

[We cut back to Hannibal’s house. As he was pacing back and forth while Ethan sat on the couch as Alice comforted him.]

Hannibal: What were you thinking?! You had him! You nearly had them! You could have saved Nikki and my Granny!

Ethan: I know, okay?! I’m sorry… I should’ve gone after them, but I couldn’t… I…

Terence: See, this is exactly why I stopped hanging around you guys. The more I stick around, the more people get caught in your messes. I never should’ve come here!

Alice: And like you wouldn’t have been caught in this mess!

Hannibal: I should’ve stayed with Granny. I should’ve stopped her and went myself. At least then she would have been safe.

Alice: Would she? Look, for all we know, you both could’ve been dragged along with them! So let’s not put the blame on Ethan or ourselves. At least he tried! Look, we still have a chance, so let’s use it instead of arguing with each other!

Hannibal: Alright.

Terence: Fine. Besides I don’t wanna be swapped up by that god again anyway.

Hannibal: So, how are we going to save them? It’s four against us.

Alice: We could call Lieutenant Steel and grab our suits.

Ethan: Nah, I told him I didn’t want any part of the SACT right now. Besides, their Remedial Force would only make things worse.

Ride Into Action - Ep 36

Alice: Fine, so what else can we do?

Ethan: Actually, I’ve got an idea. [Smirks]

[The scene transitioned into Hannibal’s garage as A’taenda finished equipping a super suit onto Hannibal.]

Hannibal: And you're sure this would work?

A’taenda: Absolutely, Positubely!

[As she giggled, she placed a helmet onto Hannibal’s forehead. Hannibal’s vision as a red suit scanner formed on him. The supersuit had a gold helmet while the rest of his body was covered in black and blue armor. It has Hannibal’s original shirt symbol on his chest.]

A’taenda: This suit gives you extra body strength, durability, a body scanner, and can form energy shields to block you from attacks. Oh, and I increased your jump ability in case you need to hop out of situations.

Hannibal: It’s like my very own super suit.

[A’taenda walked over to Terence.]

A’taenda: I didn’t have any time to form others for you guys. So I gave you this cool uh… I don’t know what they call this, so I’m just going to call this a Shock Striker. It basically functions like a Techadon arm, but it also hacks into things. But don’t let the Galvans know I gave you this!

Terence: Nice! Wait, what are you talking about?

[A’taenda walked over and handed Alice the Toolboxx.]

A’taenda: I also updated the Toolbox. [Glances over at Hannibal] Apparently your schematics were missing some adaptability and variety due to the limited space. So I just added a folding space inside and now it's a pocket dimension for everything you need.

Alice: Awesome! You don’t mind if I use it, do you?

Hannibal: Not a problem.

[A’taenda walked over to Ethan.]

A’taenda: And as for you.

[Ethan was anxiously waiting for his weapon.]

A’taenda: You don’t get anything.

[Ethan pouts.]

A’taenda: But apparently I had it set up to be powered down to reboot which would've taken about a week. But not to worry, I decreased your reboot time to about two hours. That should make your Omnitrix ready to go as long as you don’t transform too much.

Ethan: Great! Alright team, It’s Action Time!

[Ethan raised his fist, while Hannibal posed, while Alice and Terence raised their weapons. The song shifted.]

Heart to Hannibal - Ep 36 (New Version)

[We cut to outside a Walmart with an empty parking lot and only lights shining from outside. We zoom into inside where at one of the aisles, was the kidnapped group as they were tied up in energy ropes. As Nikki struggled, she turned to Granny Judith.]

Nikki: Don’t worry Granny, I’m going to get us out of this.

Granny Judith: Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m sure my Hannibal will be here to save me at any moment. Plus, his Omnitrix wielding friend is with him too, isn’t he?

Nikki: Yes, but...

Granny Judith: Then I’m sure they’ll be here before any harm comes to us.

[We cut to outside to where Ethan, Alice, Hannibal and Terence were standing a few feet near the entrance.]

Hannibal: We’re here.

Alice: We better put our game faces on.

Ethan: Right.

[The song shifted.]

E-10 Transformation (Reverse) - Episode 36

[Ethan tapped the Omnitrix and slammed down.]

[WILDMUTT TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arm as orange fur rapidly grew from his hand to his face as his eye turned green. A green light surrounded the area and we zoomed out of Wildmutt’s mouth as he made a mighty roar. We zoomed out to Ethan as he finished transforming into Wildmutt. He let out another roar but suddenly everything reversed around him. Ethan was suddenly able to talk again.]

Ethan: Uh, what’s going on?!

[REVERSE WILDMUTT TRANSFORMATION: We zoom into Ethan as his face shifted back to normal. We pan to his back as fur was disappearing from his back as he groaned. Ethan’s right arm changed back to human.]

Ethan: Hey! What?!

[REVERSE WILDMUTT TRANSFORMATION: We spin to the front where Ethan’s legs formed back to normal, as he screamed and collapsed out of the transformation.]

[A green light blinded the screen and Ethan collapsed and his face planted into the ground.]

Ethan: [High pitched voice.] Watch is still not ready yet.

Terence: Well we are.

[The song shifted. Terence raised his gauntlets, and inside the security cameras cut off. Tezca noticed this.]

Hero's Counter Attack! (Ep 36)

Tezca: There they are…

[An explosion came from inside, and Tezca turned over to the noise. We cut to the inside where a dust cloud surrounded the room. Ethan signaled the others, as Alice, Hannibal and Terence ran the other direction. Ethan noticed the victims and ran toward them. To his surprise, electricity formed out of an outlet and formed into Tezca.]

Tezca: Well, isn’t this an unexpected surprise. Actually no, I expected you. But hey, where are your other friends?

Ethan: They ran.

Tezca: Of course they did. I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, you wouldn’t want another death on your hands. [Manically laughs.]

[Ethan stuttered and gulped.]

Ethan: Let the people go, and we can go at it all night if you want. That… didn’t sound dirty at all.

Tezca: [laughed harder] And why would I want to do that? Surely you must know the rules of my game by now. I don’t let my players take their victories so easily.

Ethan: So, what? You’re the boss of this level?

Tezca: Precisely! Now you’re getting it! [Raises arms]

[As Tezca spoke, Hannibal, Alice and Terence sneaked toward the victims.]

Tezca: If only Earthlings had more common sense to understand the rules of my games. Ah well, pretty soon Huitzilopotchli and I will have to destroy this planet ourselves, but we might as well have some fun along the way.

[The victims smiled as the three signaled them to be quiet. Alice turned Hannibal’s Toolbox into a knife, she was slowly cutting the ropes while Hannibal and Terence were unwrapping them.]

Tezca: So I’m going to give you one chance. Lay at least three strikes on me, and I’ll free your-

[Tezca heard a tearing sound, and turned over to see Alice, Hannibal and Terence were freeing the victims.]


[Tezca fired a lightning bolt toward their direction. Hannibal jumped in the way and the electricity reflected his armor and bounced off, knocking one of the aisles down.]

Tezca: WHY… YOU…

[Tezca charged toward their way and Alice screamed as she raised out an energy sword from the Toolbox and sliced Tezca's hand off. Energy blood splat out from his arm as he screamed out from the top of his lungs.]


[Tezca fired multiple energy blasts as Alice used her sword to bounce off the blasts. Terence assisted Alice by blasting energy beams from his gauntlet while Hannibal ran over and finished freeing the victims.]

Hannibal: Get outside!

[The victims ran over as Nikki helped Granny Judith.]

Nikki: Look at you, wearing your own super suit.

Granny Judith: My, aren’t you handsome.

Hannibal: Thank you. Granny, I’m so sorry!

Granny Judith: It’s okay, dear. I understand. Now go finish off that energy being and show them what a Lincoln can do.

Nikki: With some help from…

[Nikki tapped her watch and an orange light blinded the screen.]

Nikki (Firefly): Firefly!

Granny Judith: Oooh, you have a super suit too?

Hannibal: Granny…

Granny Judith: Right.

[Granny Judith made her way towards the exit with some of the victims helping her. We cut back to the fight as Terence is knocked down into an aisle. Nikki flew up and charged towards Tezca.]

Nikki (Firefly): Don’t hurt my friends!

[Nikki began to charge up her next attack as Tezca roared as he threw an energy dagger. Nikki finished charging her energy and unleashed an electrical shock wave. This threw Tezca out into the side of the building. Ethan ran toward the fight as he looked at the Omnitrix and noticed it had finally finished recharging.]

The Third Eye - Ep 36 Cut (OS Zerox VS Tezca)

Omnitrix: Reboot complete. All functions available.

[Ethan smirked, as he activated Zerox’s icon. Ethan slammed down and transformed into a green light. Tezca slowly got up and noticed a yellow laser was scanning his entire body. The laser was coming from the dust cloud.]

Tezca: Wait?! WHAT?!

[Tezca looked up at the smoke cloud. In a green spinning background, an energy being came out from all of Omni-Splicer Zerox’s tubes as he raised his body up, looking up at what he was creating. The energy being began to form into his own version of a Teotl, with an Omnitrix symbol on his chest. He stood up and formed a pose. We cut to Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki running outside to notice the fight and gasped.]

Tezca: What did you do?!

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Thanks to Alice looking into Tezca mythology, I decided to do some of my own digging before the fight. So I decided to make my own version of you, I call this one, Power Spike. Kinda fits, don’t you think?


[Tezca created an energy dagger and prepared to stab Zerox. Power Spike blocked it and threw the dagger into the ground. He charged toward Tezca and knocked him into the ground. Tezca formed around his body and wrapped his throat around a pair of energy chains he created.]

Tezca: I’m going to rip that throat off and destroy it with your own head! How’s that for a shocker?!

[Power Spike unleashed an energy wave, sending Tezca back.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: That’s one.

[Power Spike created his own energy fist, then charged it toward Tezca like a Power Up Punch, then sent Tezca into the building.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: That’s two.


[Tezca prepared to unleash an energy wave. The others gasped. Power Spike went charging toward Tezca as he unleashed his fists at him.]


[Power Spike was punching Tezca at rapid speed on his chest and stomach as he spat out blood.]

Power Spike: ...POWA!

[Power Spike sent another blow, knocking Tezca into the ground. Tezca was covered in scrapes and blood all over his body as he tried to catch his breath. His eyes widened as Power Spike and Zerox raised their arms back and prepared to pose.]

Power Spike, Omni-Splicer Zerox: TA-GA-MEEEE…


Power Spike, Omni-Splicer Zerox: YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

[Power Spike fired a large energy blast from his hands as Tezca screamed from the top of his lungs as his body eventually became surrounded by a white light. The white light faded and Tezca collapsed into the ground, covered in smoke.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: That’s three! Your move, Tezca!

[Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki cheered for him. Tezca looked up and half of his body was damaged and was off color.]

Tezca: My body?! I’M OFF COLORED!!!

[Tezca flew up in the air.]

Tezca: You’ll pay for this, E-10! Next time…

[Tezca flew into an electric outlet, then got away. Power Spike made a peace symbol, and faded into particles. Omni-Splicer Zerox formed back into Zerox, then back to Ethan. While Ethan was catching his breath, Alice jumped up and hugged him as the others walked over to them. The song shifted.]

Ethan: Haha.

Little Busters - E-10 Ep 36 cut

[The scene shifted back to Granny Judith’s house as we cut to inside where everybody was sitting in the kitchen with empty plates out.]

Alice: [Raises her glass] To the E-10 team!

Ethan, Hannibal, Nikki, Naomi: [They raised their glass] To the E-10 team!

Alice: We’re finally back and together again!

Terence: Well, I’m not sure about that. I’m still kind of hesitating over what happened with my relationship.

Alice: Come on, Terence. You know we still need you.

Nikki: Besides, we can’t take on the Teotls alone by ourselves.

Hannibal: Terence, tonight you’ve proved to yourself that you were able to save some people, and without getting anybody hurt.

Ethan: And that’s what started this whole separation thing anyway.

[Alice elbows Ethan to the side.]

Ethan: Point is, Terence, you can help people and yourself, and I bet deep down you feel pretty great right now.

Terence: [Smirks] Alright. [Raises glass]

Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki, Naomi: CHEERS!

[They cheered their drinks to each other as Naomi sat her drink down.]

Naomi: Man, I can’t believe I missed all the action. All because some people forgot to pick me up.

Hannibal: Hey, you decided to hang with your friends tonight. That is not our fault.

Naomi: Whatever! I’m just glad you’re safe, Granny.

Granny Judith: Thanks, honey. Dessert should be done soon. I’m making another batch of my world famous cookies.

Ethan, Hannibal, Terence: Cookies!!!

Ethan: [Clinged onto Alice] I’m so glad you’re okay. I thought Tezca was going to stab you with an energy dagger.

Alice: Relax, I’m not going anywhere. Not as long as I’m by your side. [Pets Ethan's forehead]

Terence, Hannibal, Nikki, Naomi: Awwww…

[Ethan swiftly turned to the others with fire in his eyes.]

Ethan: Quit it!

Granny Judith: Here you go! [She laid it down on the table.] If you may excuse me, I’m going to sit down.

[An exhausted Granny Judith sat down on her chair in the living room. Hannibal took notice and walked into the other room and sat with her.]

Hannibal: Hey, Granny, you okay?

Granny Judith: Yeah, I’m just a little tired, that’s all.

Hannibal: You know we could’ve made dinner for you.

Granny Judith: I know, but I like being able to provide for my kids and entertain your friends. I've got to make sure you kids are well fed and everything.

Hannibal: Don’t worry about it, Granny, I’m fine. I’m 24 years old now. I am capable of providing for myself.

Granny Judith: What about Naomi?

Hannibal: So can she, and if not, I’m always there to help her. I appreciate everything you’ve done for us, but you don’t have to do everything. That’s why I’m still here, to make sure you get the help you need, and because I love you.

[Hannibal moved up and kissed Granny Judith on the cheek. Hannibal stood up and walked into the kitchen.]

Hannibal: Do you want me to make some tea for you, Granny?

Granny Judith: That would be lovely, dear. Thank you!

[The song ended. Granny Judith’s smile faded into a small but relaxed smile. We cut to Granny Judith watching a program. The door opens as Hannibal and Naomi came to check on her.]

Naomi: Hey, Granny! I just wanted to say good night to you.

[Naomi hugged Granny Judith.]

Granny Judith: Good night, Naomi.

Naomi: Good night, Granny. [Walks off.]

Hannibal: Do you need anything?

Granny Judith: I’m just fine. I have everything perfectly set up for me in the morning.

Hannibal: Okay. I’m so happy you’re alright.

[Hannibal hugged Granny Judith.]

Granny Judith: Thank you, Hanny. I’m happy I’m alright too.

[Hannibal let go and prepared to leave the room.]

Hannibal: Good night, Granny.

Granny Judith: Good night.

[Hannibal shut the door and Granny Judith shut off her TV. She tucked herself into the covers, took off her glasses, then fell asleep. We pan over towards the television as it sparked electricity for a moment. We fade into the next morning outside their house as we cut into inside the hallways as Hannibal and Naomi were walking toward her room. Naomi was holding a stack of breakfast for her.]

Naomi: Granny is going to be so surprised.

Hannibal: Won’t she. After the day she had yesterday, she deserves this.

[They turn to the door.]

Hannibal: Ready?

Naomi: Ready!

[Hannibal and Naomi opened the door.]

Hannibal, Naomi: Good morning, Gran-

[They gasped and Naomi dropped the breakfast onto the floor.]

Now We're Only Falling Part (Ep 36)

[They found Granny Judith’s body onto the ground as she was surrounded by a small puddle of blood. Hannibal ran over and grabbed her body.]

Hannibal: Granny… Granny! Say something! GRANNY!

[Naomi laid her hands on her nose and mouth, as she collapsed into the ground and started to tear up.]

Naomi: No, no, no, no…

Hannibal: Granny… Granny…

[Granny Judith didn’t move an inch.]

Hannibal: GRANNY!!!

[Suddenly from nearby, an outlet sparked with electricity. Naomi took notice of this, but did nothing. We cut into a dark cavern lair as the yellow electricity formed back into the damaged Tezca.]

Huiztilo: So… did you have your fun?

Tezca: I did.

Huitzilo: Good. Now we can finally make our preparations to end the Earth as planned.

Tezca: But.. in the last 24 of these Earth hours I’ve learned something.

Huiztilo: And what’s that?

[Huiztilo turned to Tezca and his eyes widened as he noticed his body was damaged.]

Tezca: I know now to never allow myself to let my guard down, or to get ever too distracted by my own beliefs.

Huitzilo: [Long pause] I see…

Tezca: E-10 and his friends and this entire planet are all going to pay… [Glares] Every last one of them…

Forget me not - ReoNa - E-10 ED 4
E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V2 (Short) AMV

E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V2 (Short) AMV

Episode 37 preview

[We shifted through various scenes where Hannibal performs a speech at Granny Judith's funeral. Hannibal struggles to hold it together and storms off. The next scene shifted to a depressed Naomi looking at Hannibal. The next scene showed Ethan changing back from Ghoulseye as he approached Lieutenant Steel. Ethan and Lieutenant Steel stood at a pile of ancient artifacts. We cut to the Forever Knight raising his energy saber at the two.]


Major Events

  • Worldbreaker, Ocean's Wraith and Power Strike make their Omnitrix debuts.
  • Granny Judith begins to fall ill.
  • It's revealed since the Teotls broke free from their prison, that they've been causing severe weather storms all across the globe.
  • Terence comes to Hannibal's aid.
  • A'taenda gives Hannibal a mecha suit and updates the Toolboxx.
  • The E-10 team forms back together.
  • Granny Judith is murdered by Tezca.


  • Hannibal brings up the bet that he, Terence and Nikki made in Spirited Away, Part 1 when they were betting on who would confess first between Ethan and Alice.
  • Ethan also reveals to Alice that he and Terence made a bet on if Hannibal and Nikki hooked up.
  • When Worldbreaker checks out his appearance, he makes the same reactions as he made during XLR8's first appearance during Origins.
  • Ethan now has PTSD after the events of Destination: St. Moritz. He is now concerned with his friends, particulary Alice's safety after losing Maria, and his fear of not being able to save anyone from the Teotls.
  • A'taenda brings up the possibility of Ethan becoming an Omni-Mutated monster, mentioned back in Back to Our Horizons.
  • Terence has not spoken to Ethan, Alice and Nikki since Super-Villain Team Up!.



Aliens Used


  • Terence is given a Techadon arm by A'taenda. The same one shown in the Ben 10: Alien Force episodes "The Gauntlet" and "Primus."
  • Wildmutt's transformation and reverse transformation sequence is a reference to when Ben went XLR8 in Forever Road.
  • When Omni-Splicer Zerox and Power Strike use their finishing blast, its a reference when Gohan finishes Perfect Cell in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Tezca's quotes "I'm off colored!" is a reference to White Diamond saying this in Steven Universe's "Change Your Mind" event.
  • The Third Eye by the Pillows is used as an insert song in the episode.
  • Little Busters by the Pillows is used as an insert song in the episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • The Lost Genesect
    • Thank Goodness
    • A Closed Heart
    • The Wish That Didn't Come True
    • The Protective Pillars


  • The episode title is a pun on Omni and Ominous.
  • Wildmutt was originally not meant to appear in this episode. He was only added so they could incorporate all 10 of Ethan's aliens in some way into the episode.
  • Even though Power Strike is a transformation created by Omni-Splicer Zerox, this is the canon transformation to Ethan's Teotl form he scanned back in Rising from Horizons.
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