The Omnimatrix II is a machine in Ben 10: Mysteries Uncovered that was used by Ben Tennyson to transform into various aliens.


The Omnimatrix II resembles the recalibrated Omnitrix from Ben 10: Alien Force except this one has a wider strip and the colour scheme of it is mostly black with dark grey details.


After finding out what terrible things were coming to the universe, Azmuth decided to create a new Omnitrix fitted with a set of 10 aliens, that could stand up to all of these threats. 


Like any other Omnitrix, the Omnimatrix II has the ability to transform its user into different alien forms by altering said user's DNA. The Omnimatrix II allows the user to transform into 10 different aliens, which are listed below.

Name Species Home Planet Unlocked
MindMatter Sentient Chemicoal Chemicon X Original
Level-Headed Shenshangxian Jiayouzhan Original
Nighthowler Totanium War Machine Kubran 11 Original
Flashback Destellonian Epocka Original
Quackstion Unknown Unknown Original
Eyezor Visionary Corus Prime Original
Kugelblitz Feuer Brandstelle Original
Lock-En-Key Astrynomian Astrynomia Original
Smallarge Sizorian Sizora Original
Sandbox Erodinian Non Precipi Original


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