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Every transformation in the Omnitrix of Universe-7781.

Present Day Aliens


Playlist 1

  • When the Omnitrix attaches to a new user it generates a random playlist.

Playlist 2

Playlist 3

  • Wildvine was unlocked while fighting the Mycelium.

Playlist 4

Playlist 5

  • When the Omnitrix reattaches to a previous user it generates a random playlist and locks out all previous transformations.
  • After the Omnitrix recalibrated it reset the placement of the aliens. They are placed in order of when Ben used them after the Omnitrix recalibrated

Playlist 6

  • This playlist was unlocked after Ben cured the Highbreed and softly reset the Omnitrix.

Playlist 7

  • Rath was unlocked when the Tiffin made the Omnitrix glitch.
  • Nanomech was created by the Omnitrix to destroy the Swarm Queen.

Playlist 8

Playlist 9

  • Whampire was unlocked after Ben scanned Lord Transyl.

Master Control Aliens