OmniMon is a new series based on Pokemon. It is now owned by Rob, but ISM is still co-owner. Echoson and Cyber do artwork, sometimes Reo. This series has a reboot now.

New OmniMon trainer Harry Istana has just entered the world of OmniMon which is currently endangered by the evil forces of Negashade. Can he overcome NegaShade?


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Fanon OmniMon Suggestions

  • Put a link to your alien that I can use for OmniMon and include the type(s) and if it is evolved, or has an evolution!

Reo 54's Donations

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  • Atomix-Legendary Metal
  • Astroblast-Air-Evolved Form Of Astrodactyl
  • Electrichyperback-Electric-Evolved Form Of Feedback
  • Gutrot-Poison/Steel

Armodrillo23's Donations

  • Cybermonker - Electric
  • Boom - Fire/Rock
  • Bonecrusher - Rock


Generation 1

  1. First OmniMon
  2. Capture Battle
  3. Danger Arrives
  4. Old Bellwood
  5. Journey to Kinet
  6. Vive la Petropia!
  7. OmniMon: A Battle Christmas
  8. OmniMon: A Battle Christmas
  9. The Evolution

Generation 2

  1. NegaShade Rises

OmniMon Voterz

Featured OmniMon

The featured OmniMon is:

Upgrade! Wooh!

Upgrade is a Galvanic Mechamorph Omni who can shoot laser blasts from his eyes. He has a good power over Metal-type OmniMon even though he is one. Vote for next week's Featured OmniMon below.

Which is the best Bug type OmniMon from Generation 1?

The poll was created at 20:37 on December 20, 2013, and so far 11 people voted.


Should all Legendary OmniMon be in Gen 2? If not, in which Gen? Say in comments.

The poll was created at 15:18 on December 16, 2013, and so far 12 people voted.

Video Games

Generation 1

OmniMon: Red and Purple - Create your own character and choose either the path of becoming a Fire OmniMon master or a Dark OmniMon master.

OmniMon: White and Blue - TBA

Generation 2

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