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OmniBlade  is a new spin to the Ben 10 franchise written by The Awesome Jack. It is a movie line, with two movies confirmed. If they are a success, there will be more films.


The Universe is a very complex place with many inventions, races, cultures, and planets. The Universal Republican Alliance contains all the politics and problems on the giant economical planet, R'faar. There is no such thing as a Omnitrix, or an Ultimatrix. The Council on Cou'maar travels to an ancient temple in ruins to discover a prophecy where they find a chosen one, Ben Tennyson. With the right guidance the must keep him on their side with the democracy, not on the evil lords.


  • Benjamin "The Destined One" Tennyson
  • I4-Q8
  • 2W-R7
  • The Union
    • The Council
      • Grand Leader
    • The Plumbers
      • Kevin Levin
      • Magister Tetrax
      • Captain Ester


  • Universal Republican Alliance


  • The Dark Lords
    • Malware
    • Vilgax
    • Aggregor
  • The New Order
    • Dicactor "The Lords Puppet" Munchkin
  • Merchantism Congregation
      • Nutray
      • XM-69


  • R'faar
  • Cou'maar
  • Saturn

Concept Art


  1. Episode I: Path of Destiny
  2. Episode II: Duplicate Dynasties
  3. Episode III: The Ultimate Sacrifice


  • To those who may notice this is not a Star Wars rip-off. At all. 
  • Originally Max Tennyson would be the primary character as a prequel to the series but this was changed when Ermac suggested this should focus on a iconic character.
  • The Path of Destiny was originally The Tainted Legacy and before that it originally was titled The Birth of the Legend
  • Instead of Kevin being a Magister, it was Rook but later changed due to-SPOILER ALERT.
  • Originally, Ermac was a writer and producer as well though his account was deactivated though the latter has returned as KordaSix.
  • Haters gonna hate.
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