Omni-Splicer Heatblast
E-10, Omni-Splicer Heatblast
General Information
Species 3/4 Pyronite
1/4 Firebird
Home World Pyros
Body Winged Fiery Humanoid
Other Forms Heatblast
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Pyro Immunity
Cryo Immunity
Enhanced Speed (via Propulsion)
Weapon Manifestation
Equipment Firebird Jet Wings
Voice Actor Vic Mignogna
First Appearance Mission: Unstoppable

Omni-Splicer Heatblast is the Omni-Spliced version of Heatblast in E-10: Horizons. He is spliced with Firebird DNA.


Omni-Splicer Heatblast's appearance is based on Heatblast's appearance in Season 2. However, he has golden armor on his chest and shoulders, as well as anklets and bracelets. His face is made of the golden armor and shaped like a bird's beak. He has wings coming out of the back of his chest armor that have golden armor in the pattern of his regular rock armor. His forearms and calves are made of the golden energy, as is his head flame. He wears the Omnitrix on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Splicer Heatblast retains Heatblast's powers.

Given his Firebird DNA, Omni-Splicer Heatblast now has fire wings that allow him to fly without having to rely on his flames to propel. Omni-Splicer Heatblast can manifest weapons, such as a fiery scythe with red rock armor. But because he maintains most of his original DNA, his fire weapons maintains the coal on his body.

When armored, His flight can be boosted by the jet in his armor.


  • Omni-Splicer Heatblast retains Heatblast's weaknesses.


  • Omni-Splicer Heatblast first appeared in Mission: Unstoppable where he was defeated by Ken Kishu.
  • In The Show Must Go On! Omni-Splicer Heatblast failed to capture the Symphony Destructors.
  • In Super-Villain Team Up! Omni-Splicer Heatblast was defeated by Lord Decibel.



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