Omni-Splicer Diamondhead
E-10, Omni-Splicer Diamondhead
General Information
Species 3/4 Petrosapien
1/4 Antrosapien
Home World Petropia
Body Crystalline Humanoid
Other Forms Diamondhead
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Crystallokinesis
Crystaline Constructs
Shard Projectiles
Explosive Projectiles
Weapon Manifestation
Body Alteration
Energy Refraction
Energy Redirection
Aging Immunity
Heat Resistance
Space Surviability
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Energy Weapons
Sonic Screams
Minor Sonic Resistance
Equipment Retractable Mouth Guard
Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith
First Appearance Nikki and the Starcatcher!

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead is the Omni-Spliced version of Diamondhead in E-10: Horizons. He is spliced with Antrosapien DNA.


Omni-Splicer Diamondhead's appearance is based on Diamondhead's appearance in Season 2. However, he has golden armor on his chest, a golden helmet golden armor covering the entirety of both fore arms, and golden armor on his calves. Unlike his base form, his feet are exposed. His shoulders now have spikes coming off of them. The spikes on his back are now made of a golden energy. Each of his fore arms has two spikes of golden energy. There are two energy spikes on his chest piece, and he has a mowhawk made of the energy, as well. Crystal growths can be seen coming from his back and helmet. He wears the Omnitrix on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead retains Diamondhead's powers.

Given his Antrosapien DNA, Omni-Splicer Diamondhead is now able to produce sonic screams, and as such, is more resistant to them than his base form, although he can still succumb to them.

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead has the ability to generate energy weapons. Omni-Splicer Diamondhead's helmet has a trapdoor-esque mouth guard.


Omni-Splicer Diamondhead retains Diamondhead's weaknesses.

When he creates energized crystalized constructs, they can be absorbed like energy.


  • Omni-Splicer Diamondhead first appeared in Nikki and the Starcatcher where he captured the Circus Freaks from attempting a bank robbery.
  • In Rising from Horizons, Omni-Splicer Diamondhead was easily defeated by the Teotls.
  • In Time For Action, Diamondhead defeated the first wave of Huitzilo's hummingbirds and Tezca's flesh zombies.



  • Omni-Splicer Diamondhead was the second Omni-Splicer designed for Season 2.
  • Omni-Splicer Diamondhead's shoulder spikes are a nod to both his Antrosapien appearance and his design in the 2017 E-10 series.
  • Omni-Splicer Diamondhead was given a trailer, available to be viewed here: E-10: Horizons, OMNI-SPLICERS! (Diamondhead Promo).
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