Omni-Splicer AmpFibian
E-10, Omni-Splicer AmpFibian
General Information
Species 3/4 Amperi
1/4 Psycheleran
Home World Tesslos
Body Bobble-Headed Humanoid Jellyfish
Other Forms AmpFibian
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Electrical Absorption
Electrical Redirection
Electrical Telepathy
Stretchable Arms
Size Alteration
Speed Swimming
Underwater Breathing
Psychic Realm
Defense Cloud
Thunderstorm Generation
Energy Extremeties
Equipment Neck Brace
Wrist Bands
Voice Actor Greg Cipes
First Appearance Familiar
Omni-Splicer AmpFibian is the Omni-Spliced version of AmpFibian in E-10: Horizons. He is spliced with Psycheleran DNA.


Omni-Splicer AmpFibian takes a more drastic change in appearance from his base form than most Omni-Splicer forms. His base form's appearance can be seen with his lower torso, as well as his arms and legs. However, at the end of each of his limbs is a golden brace that has golden energy flowing out of them for his hands and feet. He also has golden braces around his upper legs and energy replacing the fin between his legs. Around his torso is a golden neckbrace with nubs on it that holds the Omnitrix. He has a large, spherical head, which is dark with a white lightning pattern over it, with a white, cloud-like mustache that has golden growths from the bottom that look like small crab legs. His large green eyes with blue outlines rests above the mustache, and a bulb on top with purple electricity flowing through it.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian retains AmpFibian's powers.

Given his Psycheleran DNA, Omni-Splicer AmpFibian now has a larger range of psychic abilities beyond just reading people's minds. He is able to trap people in a psychic realm for however long he pleases.

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian has a "defense cloud," which allows him to block many forms of attack, and let him generate thunderstorms.

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian's hands and feet are made of golden energy that can change into long tentacles and can be used to hack technology.

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian is equipped with a golden neck brace and golden wrist bands for armor.


Omni-Splicer AmpFibian retains AmpFibian's weaknesses.


  • Omni-Splicer AmpFibian first appeared in Familiar, where he defeated a Parasyte attacking downtown Merridale.
  • In Rising From Horizons, Omni-Splicer AmpFibian defeated the Bloop.
  • In Knight in Shining Armor, Omni-Splicer AmpFibian battled the Xipe-Totec
  • In Time For Action, Omni-Splicer AmpFibian battled the Teotls and saved Hannibal.



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