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Omni-Spliced (Part 2)
General Information
Original broadcast March 27, 2020
Season 2
Episode number 19
Overall episode number 39
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5
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Omni-Spliced is the thirty-ninth episode of E-10: Horizons.


The E-10 team must climb their way up the caverns to reach Huitzilo's tournament if they are to take down both the Teotls once and for all.


Alice Escapes the Tunnels! (A Fight, E-10 Cut)

[We zoomed back to the island during the night. We cut to inside the caverns as Alice was riding on Hypnotick’s back as they made their way up the tunnels. From down below, a group of hummingbirds began to awaken. The hummingbirds shook their heads and feathers, then flew up after them.]

Alice (Thoughts): I sure hope the others are okay.

[As Alice heard a noise, she prepared her energy sword. She turned over and stabbed one of the hummingbirds with her energy sword. To their surprise the group of hummingbirds were flying beside them. They began to peck at Alice and Hypnotick.]

Alice: Hypnotick, move faster! I’ll keep them busy!

[Hypnotick screeched in response and increased her speed. Alice turned around and threw energy darts, sending some of them backwards. Alice prepared an electrical orb and tried to channel that energy.]

Alice (Thoughts): C’mon Alice, if Ethan and Nikki can do this… then you can too…

[Alice released the electricity and it created an energy clone of Alice and Hypnotick. The hummingbirds stopped in confusion as Alice took deep breaths while wiping the sweat off her face. Alice turned around and sent the energy clone downwards. The hummingbirds followed the energy clone until it eventually exploded. Alice took another breath of relief.]

Alice: Phew. [Turns to Hypnotick] You okay, girl?

[Hypnotick screeched as Alice pet her head. They eventually made it out of the tunnel and they arrived inside another cavern.]

Alice: Okay, how do we get out of this one…

[A group of zombies began crawling out of the ground while another pair of hummingbirds were watching from above. The hummingbirds flew down towards the risen zombies and they charged toward them.]

Alice: Ugh…


Catch the Moment - Lisa - OP 2V2

[The scene shifted to Ethan struggling to climb up the tunnel. Ethan was only 60 ft off the ground, but he still had a ways to go.]

Ethan: Agh… Come on, Ethan… Come on…

[Ethan reached his hand up toward the next pillar.]

Ethan: Wow, they really make rock climbing look easier in the movies. It would be easier if I had equipment [reaches the next pillar] or if my stupid new Omnitrix would time in by now!

Falling From Impending Doom!

[Ethan grabbed the next pillar until his hand slipped. Eventually his foot slipped, as Ethan tried to catch the pillars and hold onto them tight. They broke down beneath him and Ethan began to fall as he screamed from the top of his lungs. The Omnitrix turned green and Ethan reached towards the dial. The song shifted.]

Shifting Characters - A Battle of Skills! (Ep 39)

Ethan: FINALLY! [Turns the dial, slams down.]

[HEATBLAST TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s feet changed, we cut to coal spreading from the bottom of his body to the top. Ethan’s head caught on fire and he spun in a circle. Ethan’s arms were raised up as he stood in a stance. A green light blinded the screen, ending the transformation.]

[Heatblast let out a quick battle cry as he took a look at himself. Heatblast raised his arms down and began to propel his way up before reaching the ground. Heatblast flew upwards through the tunnels.]

Heatblast: Huh… I’m normal Heatblast?! Weird, considering I’ve been Omni-Splicing all day! Guess A’taenda’s stabilizer is finally kicking in!

[Heatblast flew out of the tunnels and found himself into the next cavern.]

Heatblast: Alright, Teotls, show yourself! Because you’re about to know what hell is going to feel like!

[Zombie arms reached towards Heatblast trying to drag him.]

Heatblast: AH!!! [Kicks them] I am not about to do that again!

[The zombies began to reach the surface and went charging towards Heatblast.]

Heatblast: Ugh, I hate horror movies!

[Heatblast unleashed a fire blast towards the screen as we cut to Nikki’s electrical orbs blasting through her wave of zombies.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ugh, I hate horror movies!

[This continued to throw the zombies off one by one. Other zombies and hummingbirds appeared to continue reaching towards Nikki’s way. One of the zombies on the ground who Nikki blasted, turned their neck around to have their head facing in the right direction. The zombie stood back up and roared.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ugh! Will you just stay down!

[Nikki unleashed a zig-zagging lightning bolt as this threw some of the zombies and a pair of hummingbirds into the ground.]

Nikki (Firefly): That actually worked?! Guess I really need to up my game.

[Nikki covered herself in an electrical field as she prepared an energy orb.]

Nikki (Firefly): HEY! YOU WANT SOME OF THIS?!

[The zombies made a confused but thirsty look.]

Nikki (Firefly): WELL COME GET IT!!!

[Nikki shut her eyes as she unleashed the orb. The blast fired diagonally across the room as it reflected and bounced off the cavern walls. This destroyed the zombies and hummingbirds one by one until they all exploded. Blood was splattered all over the ground as Nikki stopped glowing and opened her eyes, witnessing the bloodbath she created.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ew…

[Nikki looked up towards the glowing tunnels above her.]

Nikki (Firefly): No time to gag, only time to fly!

[Nikki increased her speed as she flew her way towards the tunnels. The scene shifted to Terence’s end as the zombies and hummingbirds were chasing him.]

Terence: Dang it! Why couldn’t they equip me with some kind of laser blast or something?! Did they really think I wouldn’t be in this position?!

[Terence jumped to dodge one of the hummingbird’s attacks.]

Terence (Thoughts): I gotta figure out where Hannibal’s Toolbox is hiding!

[Terence glanced over to notice the Toolboxx was laying by the stream.]

Terence: There it is!

[Terence reached over and jumped over to grab the Toolboxx. Terence tripped over a stone and fell off toward the ground. Before the zombies could grab him and the hummingbirds could strike him, Terence raised his palm out and unleashed a bright white flash. This stunned the enemies and left them completely blinded. Terence looked at his palms and noticed.]

Terence: Huh, I forgot I could do that.

[Terence stood back up as the hummingbirds and zombies began to snap out of it.]

Terence: Oh ho-ho you are in so much trouble!

[The hummingbird screeched and Terence prepared the Toolboxx into its lightsaber mode. Terence swung it as he sliced the zombies and hummingbirds in half. One of the hummingbirds reached toward Terence as he shifted the Toolboxx into a pencil, then stabbed its eye out. The bird screeched and punched it off the Toolboxx. Terence switched the Toolboxx into a projector as it fired large energy blasts.]

Terence: Hah! Nothing's stopping me now!

[A zombie pounced on Terence from behind, and he fell over. Terence had dropped the Toolboxx as it went flying a few feet away from him. The flesh zombie opened its mouth and pink liquid dripped from his mouth. It tore through Terence’s armor and burned part of his arm’s armor off. Terence screamed from the top of his lungs and he struggled to break free.]

Terence: Get off me! I swear, when I get out of this, you’re going to regret-

[Another flesh zombie stepped toward them, but it had pressed onto Terence’s toolbox and blasted another laser blast. Terence noticed this blast and turned away as it destroyed the flesh zombie. The remaining flesh zombie roared and Terence raised his palm to blind it with a white light. From it’s point of view, Terence had reached over and punched a flesh zombie in the face, making its head explode. Terence grabbed the Toolboxx and put it back in his pocket. Terence collapsed into the ground and took deep breaths.]

Terence: No… I have to keep moving… I’ve gotta get stronger if I’m going to protect everybody from the Teotls.

[Terence stood back up, pressed on his arm and looked up towards the tunnels. The song ended.]

Terence: Now how am I going to climb that thing?

[We zoomed out from Terence as he groaned.]

Take Down & Ideals and Truth (Ep 39)

[The scene shifted to Hannibal firing energy bolts at the hummingbirds and zombies as the scene spun in circles. Hannibal sprung into the air and used his rocket boots to create a superpowered kick which sent the remaining zombies into the walls. The flesh zombies exploded as Hannibal took deep breaths. A bright white glow surrounded from behind Hannibal. Hannibal turned around to notice Huitzilo flew down toward him with his arms folded.]

Huitzilo: Well done, young Hannibal. I see you managed to defeat Tezcatlipoca’s corpse puppets and my hummingbirds.

Hannibal: Yeah, and I ain’t afraid to take you out either.

[Huitzilo laughed for a brief moment.]

Huitzilo: You amuse me. In fact, you remind me of myself when I was in my youth. You know, we’re quite similar, you and I.

Hannibal: I am nothing like you or your other gods!

Huitzilo: That’s where you’re wrong. You see, I am not like Tezcatlipoca, nor my fallen ally, Tlaloc. Before my family and other comrades passed, I only sought to protect them. But when they were killed by the Ectonurites, my only thought was to avenge them, as well as the rest of my kind they wiped out.

Hannibal: Yet you wipe out species all the time.

Huitzilo: Yes, but that is because they’ve got what was coming to them. I began to realize that only the strong can survive, and if you want to earn that strength, you have to take it, even if it means no holding back. Sometimes you have to make quite the sacrifices just to achieve what you want. All I want to do is find the perfect planet to reinhabit and revive my species, and while yours may be a sacrifice, I only want what’s best for my kind. Even though Tezcatlipoca and I are the only ones left.

Hannibal: Then why are we similar? You know killing others is wrong, even if it is just to achieve what you want. Just because you’ve achieved something, doesn’t make the pain go away. If you want to revive your species or protect what’s left of your kind, you have to work for it and make sure no harm ever comes to them, but when someone does try to harm it, you make sure they serve justice.

Huitzilo: I see. You have my respect, Hannibal. I hope I get the chance to fight you on the battlefield. You only have the rest of my tunnel to climb. I will see you above.

[Huitzilo flew above the tunnels and disappeared as Hannibal glared at the exit. The song ended. The scene shifted to Heatblast unleashing a supernova blast as this wiped out the remainder of the zombies and hummingbirds. Heatblast propelled out toward the tunnel as he passed through parts of the caverns.]

Heatblast: I have to make my way up there before the Teotls get a chance to hurt anybody.

[The Omnitrix beeped and Heatblast powered back into Ethan in a red light. Ethan lost momentum and floated in the air for a moment.]

Falling From Impending Doom!

Ethan: Not again…

[Ethan began to fall as he screamed from the top of his lungs. To his surprise, a blue blur managed to catch him in time.]

Alice: I got ya!

Ethan: Huh?!

[The song ended. We zoomed out to Ethan laying on Hypnotick’s back. Ethan sat up and turned to Alice.]

Thank Goodness (E-10 Cut, Ep 34)

Ethan: Hey, you made it, I knew you could!

Alice: Yeah. Are you okay back there?

Ethan: I’m fine. How was your challenge?

Alice: Annoying. Yours?

Ethan: Oh, ya’know… challenging.

[Alice snickered.]

Ethan: You think the rest are holding up okay?

Alice: I hope so. I think we’re about to exit out of the caves.

Ethan: Good. I’m glad to finally get out of this hellhole.

[They reached toward a white light, which blinded the scene. The light faded as they appeared to be surrounded by the night sky, and noticed a stadium surrounding the area. Ethan and Alice looked down below to notice the crowd.]

Ethan, Alice: Whoa…

Jokes on the Teotls! (Ep 39)

[The crowd consisted of zombie corpses surging with electricity as they and a large number of hummingbirds making an uproar.]

Ethan: They weren’t kidding when they were saying they wanted to set up a tournament.

Alice: All the more reason to keep your guard up. Set us down, girl.

[Hypnotick screeched as she sat Ethan and Alice down below into the stadium. They noticed Huitzilo and Tezca we’re sitting by an open radiobox.]

Huitzilo: Welcome. You two are the first to make it out of the tunnels alive.

Tezca: About time! If you died I would have been disappointed.

Alice: Disappointed?

Ethan: Not surprising coming from the alien god who wants to kill us.

Huitzilo: You two, as well as anybody else who manages to make it out of the caverns will participate in some of our many challenges. I hope you both are ready, because there will be no interruptions.

Alice: So they plan to work us to the bone? I gotta say, that's not very gentlemanly of you.

Huitzilo: Enough! Your first challenge will be to take on one of our many henchmen!

Tezca: But first I’d like to introduce you to the one, and only… SOLID CORPUS!!!

[A largely shaped figure stepped out into the arena. It was covered in both flesh and rock armor. It had a helmet surrounding its face as its eyes flashed white. Its shadow covered Ethan and Alice as they looked up to see Solid Corpus standing before them.]

Ethan, Alice: Oh man…

Not This Time! (Episode 39)

[We pan up to see Solid Corpus standing before Ethan and Alice. We cut to Ethan’s frightened reaction as he tapped the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Four Arms!

[Nothing happened. Ethan became irritated and continued to slap the Omnitrix.]


[We cut to the Omnitrix as it’s core was colored red.]

Ethan: Ugh...

Alice: I’ll take this one.

Ethan: Alice, are you sure you can fight that thing? I still have my Deku powers.

Alice: Don’t worry, I’ve tackled worse before. Besides, you’re going to need all your energy if we’re to fight the Teotls. And I’m not going to back down to some… horrible creepy flesh monster…

[Solid Corpus made a smirk.]

Huitizilo: BEGIN!

[A split-screen surrounded the scene, showcasing Alice on the left and Solid Corpus on the right. Solid Corpus punched the ground and red purple energy blasts began bursting from the ground like a geyser. Ethan and Alice jumped out of the way to dodge the blast. The arena was covered in smoke as Alice created an energy sword and raised it.]

Alice: Things are about to get interesting.

[We cut to the smoke clearing on the back end of the arena. Ethan popped his head up and hollered.]

Ethan: Okay! I’ll just stay here until you need me!

[Alice ran towards Solid Corpus as it raised its arms towards her direction and smashed the ground. Alice dodged the tremor, and she slid below him, as she sliced its foot off. Solid Corpus fell off balance for a moment, and slowly regenerated its foot.]

Alice: So it regenerates?

[Alice’s sword faded into particles and she threw energy stars at Solid Corpus. They landed onto its chest and exploded. Solid Corpus began to fall backwards, as Alice called for Hypnotick.]


[Hypnotick flew toward Alice and she hopped on it. Alice created an energy rope and dragged the creature to the ground. It covered the ground in smoke as the flesh zombies in the audience made hateful noise. Solid Corpus looked up and fired energy rays from its eyes as it zigzagged around the arena. Alice gasped and created an energy dome around her and Hypnotick. Its lasers knocked her and Hypnotick down to the arena to where Ethan was watching. Solid Corpus roared as the crowd went wild. We cut to inside the caverns as a pair of hands grabbed onto the ground from below. As struggling noises could be heard, it was revealed Terence had finally climbed his way up to the top. Terence took a deep exhale as he collected himself.]

Terence: Phew, Finally. Never thought I’d make it out of there. Glad I grabbed Hannibal’s Toolboxx when I did, [Stands up] or I would’ve been…

[Terence looked up to see an army of roaming flesh-zombies and hummingbirds watching them.]

Terence: … Toast.

[The song shifted. Terence raised the Toolboxx into its lightsaber position.]

Event of Horizon! Raging

Terence: Come at me, any one of you! Let’s go and get this over with!

[The zombies and hummingbirds screeched as they flew toward him. Terence swung the lightsaber and began slashing them piece by piece. Terence blinded the Hummingbirds then smacked them to the ground.]

Terence: You know, I may be an animal lover. But I am not fond of what you birds are giving!

[A zombie jumped onto Terence and breathed the purple liquid onto his damaged shoulder. Terence screamed as it burnt through more of his skin. Terence raised his arms back up and flashed a white light at the two zombies to break free.]

Terence: Get off me!

[Terence pressed onto his injured arm.]

Terence: Can’t fight like this.

[The blinded hummingbirds snapped out of its confused state then went flying toward Terence. Terence noticed and blinded it with his palms in time and sent it to the ground. Terence began to pants and a zombie smacked Terence back, and he was sent flying toward the hole down below. Terence looked over to see it was right next to him. Terence struggled to move, but he couldn’t. He laid his arms and legs out as he took deep breaths.]

Terence: I can’t believe this. I can’t believe Ethan dragged me into this again…

[We cut to the zombies and hummingbirds slowly approaching him as Terence spoke.]

Terence: No, it was me. I did this. I did this to myself. I dragged myself into this so I wouldn’t stand by and watch those stupid devils take the people I cared about. So I had to help. But what good am I for if I can’t even protect myself? How am I supposed to save the people I care about if I’m so useless? It’s pointless. I might as well give up now.

[As they approached closer, Terence closed his eyes.]

Terence: Trying to change anything would be pointless. It’s not like there’s anybody who cares about me anyway. I lost everyone. I pushed my family away, I pushed my friends away, I pushed May away. Wait.. May… No wonder May left me. I couldn’t even be honest with her. I couldn’t even be honest with myself.

[Terence opened his eyes.]

Terence: No… I have to keep moving.

[Terence turned over and crawled towards the zombies.]

Terence: I have to do this… For May’s sake…

[We cut to a shot of May.]

Terence: For Hannibal’s sake.

[We cut to a shot of Hannibal.]

Terence: For Alice’s sake.

[We cut to a shot of Alice.]

Terence: For Nikki’s sake.

[We cut to a shot of Nikki. Then we cut to Terence finally standing up.]

Terence: For Ethan’s sake!

[We cut to a shot of Ethan. Then the zombies approached closer and ran towards Terence at quick speed. Terence looked up at the zombies as his palms were charged with electricity.]

Terence: …For my sake!

[Terence unleashed a bright white light which surrounded the entire room. Meanwhile, Nikki was flying down the tunnels as she noticed a white light flashed before her.]

Nikki (Firefly): Wait, is that Terence?

[Nikki flew over and we cut to Terence’s raising his arms down as he looked over to notice all his enemies were paralyzed.]

Terence: I did it! Haha, I did it!

[Terence ran over and grabbed the Toolboxx.]

Terence: I better make this quick before they-

[The flesh zombies and hummingbirds began to snap out of it, then screeched.]

Terence: Uh oh.

[The flesh zombies charged toward him while the hummingbirds soared at him. Terence raised the Toolboxx as it transformed back into a lightsaber.]

Terence: Alright, you ugly freaks of nature! Let me show you what I’m really made of!

Voice: No need!

[Terence turned over to the voice, as orange electricity surrounded the zombies and hummingbirds. They fell to the ground and went unconscious. The blast was revealed to have come from Nikki as she raised her arms down.]

Terence: Nikki?!

[Nikki flew down toward Terence.]

Terence: About time! I almost got killed by those things

Nikki (Firefly): Yeah, well I’m sure everybody almost got killed by those things today. And show me some gratitude, I just saved your life.

Terence: I had them right where I wanted them!

Nikki (Firefly): Uh huh…

[Terence smiled at Nikki, then she smiled back at him. Terence hugged Nikki tight as he sniffed and shed a tear.]

Terence: Nikki, I-

Nikki (Firefly): I know.

[Nikki flew into the air.]

Nikki (Firefly): Come on, let’s go meet with the others.

[The song ended. Terence placed the Toolboxx back into his pocket. Nikki grabbed onto Terence and they flew upward towards the tunnels.]

It's Action Time Cinematic Rip

[We cut back outside to Alice and Hypnotick as they were surrounded by their energy dome next to Ethan. She laid down her energy field and took a deep breath.]

Ethan: You okay?

Alice: Yeah. [Jumps off Hypnotick.] Watch Hypnotick for me okay? I don’t want her getting caught in the crossfire.

Ethan: Will do.

[Alice ran back into the arena as Solid Corpus bashed its fits down to the arena, as energy blasts continued to blast from the ground toward her. Alice smirked and created an energy dome before the ground could blast her. The next geyser shot Alice into the air as she focused on the energy in her fists. Alice began charging her fists, then unleashed a whip with maces sticking out. Alice sent it towards Solid Corpus and she put the rope around it as the mace hit Solid Corpus in the face. Alice threw energy stars which blew its arms off. The explosion sent Alice back into the air as she charged herself with energy. Alice created a large lightsaber, and before Solid Corpus could regenerate its arms, Alice sliced its head off. It exploded off Solid Corpus and its head exploded in a massive purple blast. Solid Corpus collapsed and went flying toward the ground. Alice was also flying toward the ground.]

Alice: Hypnotick!

[Hypnotick flew as fast as she could to reach Alice. As the remainder of Solid Corpus’s body was falling on top of Alice, Hypnotick flew below Alice and caught her, then they flew away just in time. The guardian’s body fell to the ground and smoke surrounded the entire arena. This sent the crowd into an uproar. The song ended. We cut to Tezca and Huitzilo watching from the stands.]

Tezca: WHAT?! NO WAY!!!

[Huitzilo made no reaction. He just stared at Alice flying back toward Ethan as the two hugged. We cut to the zombies jumping out of the arena. Ethan and Alice turned to notice this and Huitizilo gushed a blast of wind, making the zombie’s heads explode. This made Alice gag as Ethan cleared his throat.]

Huitzilo: Enough. Tezcatlipoca, take better care of your pets.

Tezca: Hmph… Fine.

Omni-Glitch Commercial

Huitzilo: In the meantime, we will move onto the next challenge.

Voice: Good…

[Ethan and Alice gasped and turned to the voice.]

Hannibal: Because I’m going next…

The Protective Pillars - E-10 Cut (Ep 39, Hannibal Fights the Corpus)

Hannibal: ‘Sup guys.

Ethan, Alice: Hannibal!

Huitzilo: About time you made it. I was wondering when you were going to show up.

Tezca: Agh, man! Another one showed up! See, I told you we should’ve made the challenges harder.

Huitzilo: We will move on with the next challenge. The girl has shown us that she was able to take out at least one of our Solid Corpus’s.

[Tezca snapped his fingers as three of them formed out from the ground. They each stood above the three of them.]

Tezca: But can you defeat all three of them? [Hard laughter]

Hannibal: No problem. I’ve got this, guys.

Alice: Hannibal, are you sure you don’t want our help? I was barely able to take out one of these things.

Ethan: Yeah, and it did not look easy.

Hannibal: It’s no big deal, besides you take out giant monsters like this all the time. This’ll be like the final arc of Warrior Fighters C when Gene went huge and tried to evaporate the entire universe after it went berserk after watching its cat die. I got this!

Alice: That was oddly specific.

Ethan: Good luck.

[Hannibal nodded backwards.]

Hannibal: You guys should probably get back.

[Ethan ran away from the scene, and Hypnotick followed him.]

Alice: Oh, and remember to aim at the top of its head.

[Alice ran out of the scene.]

Hannibal: Thanks.

[Hannibal raised his fists. We cut to Ethan, Alice and Hypnotick watching from the stands. We cut to a faraway shot from the stands as we panned down toward Hannibal.]

Huitzilo: You ready?

Hannibal: Ready as I’ll ever be…

Huitzilo: BEGIN!

[We cut to a split screen surrounding the scene. It showcased Hannibal on the left, while the three Solid Corpus stood on the right. Each of the Solid Corpus’ bashed the ground as energy came blasting from the ground. Hannibal sprung in the air and used his rocket boots to fly and dodge the blasts.]

Hannibal: Whoa! This will not be easy!

[One of the Solid Corpus appeared before Hannibal and tried to grab him.]

Alice: Hannibal, watch out!

[Hannibal noticed and he jumped higher into the air, then landed on its arm. Hannibal ran up its arm as it tried to grab him with its other hand. Hannibal fired multiple energy blasts at its head. It blew little holes around its mouth and nose, then regenerated.]

Hannibal: Damn, I’m going to have to try harder.

[Hannibal noticed its hand trying to reach over to him. He jumped out of the way, only to notice the other ones were also trying to grab him.]

Hannibal: WHOA!

[Hannibal flew around the Solid Corpus’ to dodge the attack.]


[Hannibal groaned, and flew to the ground.]

Hannibal (Thoughts): I’m going to have to time this just right!

[Hannibal charged his fists as he flew up toward the three of ‘em. Hannibal zigzagged as he tried to dodge their arms as they tried to grab him. Hannibal flew into the screen as he had managed to dodge them all, then flew up into the sky. Hannibal was positioned to right where the moon was shining. Then flew down towards the Solid Corpus’s. The three of them were standing perfectly aligned in a circle.]


[Hannibal’s fists were completely charged with energy and he raised his arms out.]

Hannibal: TAKE THIS!

[Hannibal flew towards their heads, and clapped his hands. This created a sonic boom and it blew their heads off. Their heads shattered into rubble and their bodies collapsed into rubble as Hannibal safely landed on the ground and caught his fall.]


Ethan: WOOO!!!

[The crowd roared in anger, as we cut to the stands with Tezca’s reaction.]

Tezca: WHAT?! AGAIN?! Agh, that’s it. I will not have you make a mockery of our creations! Huitzilopotchli! I demand you let me challenge him next.

Huitzilo: Tezcatlipoca, think for just a moment. It is too soon for you to-

[The song shifted.]

Hannibal: Hey, I don’t mind. I don’t care which of you freaks I take out first. Besides, I’ve got a bone to pick with him.

Huitzilo: Very well. I will accept your request.

Down the Block - Ep 39

[Tezca flew onto the battlefield like a lightning dagger. Tezca stood before Hannibal.]

Tezca: Oh-ho-ho! I can’t wait for this!!!

Huitzilo: And begin!

[A split screen surrounded the scene. Hannibal appeared on the left, with Tezca appearing on the right. The screen faded and Tezca blasted zig-zagging lightning bolts in different directions towards Hannibal. Hannibal flipped in the air and dodged the first one. The second one shot Hannibal and he was sent into the ground. Hannibal stood up as Tezca went up to his face.]

Tezca: Had enough?

Hannibal: AH!

[Hannibal jumped backwards and fired energy bolts. They went through Tezca and yawned, he redirected the blasts, then fired multiple of them. Hannibal continued to jump around to dodge the attacks, while some of them had managed to hit him. We cut to the stands where Ethan was watching.]

Ethan: He can’t go on like this. We’ve got to help him.

Alice: We can’t. Only Hannibal is allowed to fight him.

Ethan: The gods wanted to challenge all of us, not just him. Tezca may be playing with him, but he will kill him. Hannibal won’t last for very long.

Alice: So what do you suggest we do?

Ethan: Hmm… Tezca is made up of electricity, but the worst idea would be to overload him.

Alice: Yeah, and if you went Zerox, he might be expecting you to use Power Spike again and just absorb him.

[Ethan turned the dial and had Lodestar’s icon activated on his playlist.]

Ethan: Hmm…

[Hannibal slid back as he tried to catch his fall.]


[Hannibal groaned. We cut to inside Hannibal’s suit as we see the computer interface beneath his mask.]

A.I.: Power Percentage 45%

[Hannibal kicked himself off the ground, then flew into the air.]

Tezca: Ooooh! One of your flying tricks!

[Tezca flew after Hannibal, to his surprise. The fight took into the skies while Tezca began to smack him repeatedly as Hannibal continued to take the hits.]

Tezca: Face it, human! You can’t stop a god no matter how much you power yourself up!

[Hannibal clenched his fist then tried to smack Tezca, only to have his fist go through him.]


[Tezca bashed him with both fists as he went flying towards the ground at sonic speed. Alice gasped and in slow motion, Ethan jumped off the stage as we cut to a shot of Huitzilo taking notice of this. We cut a shot of an unconscious Hannibal falling towards the ground as his suit turned red, then we cut to a shot of Ethan slamming down onto the Omnitrix as a green light blinded the screen.]

[LODESTAR TRANSFORMATION: A swirling ball zoomed into the screen. We cut to a white flash blinding the scene for a split second, and we cut to small magnetic material beginning to form around Ethan’s hands, and then his entire body. Ethan’s body shapeshifted into Lodestar, as his whole body stood out until he jumped out to the screen. A white light blinded the area and we cut to a yellow spinning background.]

[OMNI-SPLICER LODESTAR TRANSFORMATION: Lodestar’s body floated in the air as golden armor surrounded his chest, it formed up to his shoulder as he spun in a circle while he raised his left arm. Electricity surrounded his claw, forming into a large energy claw. We zoom out from Lodestar’s claw into his full body and a white blinded from the Omnitrix symbol into the screen.]

[Hannibal woke up to notice he was falling and gasped. Hannibal shut his eyes only to realize he stopped moving. Hannibal looked up and noticed Lodestar was using his magnetism to catch him, then set him down gently.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: You okay?

Hannibal: Yeah, I am. Thanks.


Huitzilo: Remain in your seat, shapeshifter or you will be punished.

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: You send three freaky flesh titans after him, and let him get pummeled around by a superpowered god, and I can’t join the battle?! Don’t you think that’s a bit unfair?

Huitzilo: You will remain seated or else I will personally-

Tezca: Actually… Let him join the battle.

Huitzilo: Excuse me?!

Tezca: Yeah. I don’t care which one of them I take on, I’ll kill them either way. Plus now that I think about it, I remember you cutting off my hand and nearly obliterating half my body. I would love to return the favor...

Huitzilo: Very well, I will agree to these terms. But no more interruptions.

[We cut to Terence and Nikki flying out of the tunnels. Nikki sat Terence down as they flew into the arena.]

Nikki (Firefly): Hey, what’s going on here?

[Terence squinted his eyes and looked closer.]

Terence: Wait… is that?!

Nikki (Firefly): [Gasp] HANNY, NO!

[The song shifted.]

Huitzilo: BEGIN!!!

Against the Gods (Full)

[A split screen appeared with Lodestar and Hannibal appearing on the left, and Tezca appearing on the right. We cut to Tezca launching a blast of electricity as Lodestar created a forcefield around them. Lodestar raised his other claw to zap Hannibal.]

Hannibal: Hey!

[To Hannibal’s surprise, this charged his suit’s battery.]

A.I.: Power Battery at 100%

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: You’re welcome.

[Tezca grabbed Lodestar’s forcefield and ripped through it.]


[Lodestar fired a magnetic wave from his chest and sent Tezca backwards. Small parts of metal began to attach to Tezca’s body.]

Tezca: What is this?!

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: Oh so you don’t have the power of magnetism?! Well that's unfortunate for you...

[Electricity charged through Lodestar’s claws as he used this to push himself off the ground. Lodestar flew into the air as he used his diamagnetic abilities to raise a pillar off the ground, and as it swirled its way towards Tezca, he shredded it in half to stop the attack.]

Tezca: It’ll take more than that to stop me!

[Another swirl of the ground attacked Tezca from behind and sent him toward the ground. Hannibal ran over and created another sonic boom, sending Tezca into one of the stands.]

Tezca: UGH!

[Tezca flew over and unleashed lightning bolts towards the group. Lodestar took control of his lightning bolts, then threw them back at Tezca. It hit the damaged part of his body, allowing this to take damage.]

Tezca: Agh!

[Lodestar raised his claws and created a large magnetic wave, as electricity swirled around it and blasted at Tezca.]

Tezca: Hah! What’s that going to do to me?!

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: Electricity…

[Suddenly a bunch of smaller objects attracted to Tezca.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: Meet magnetism!


[Tezca found himself attracted into a magnetic aura-field as to his surprise, larger objects attracted onto Tezca.]

Tezca: AGH! [Tries to throw them off.] GET THIS OFF ME!

[Hannibal found himself floating toward Tezca.]

Hannibal: Whoa…

[Lodestar surrounded Hannibal in an aura to catch him.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: I gotcha! [Turns to Hannibal] Ready to finish him off?

Hannibal: You know it.

[Lodestar freed Hannibal, and Hannibal went flying towards his direction.]

Tezca: I will not be beaten by the likes of you!!!

[Tezca tried ripping off everything as best as he was cluttered with much material. Hannibal charged his fist with energy. Meanwhile, Lodestar flew beside Hannibal as he also charged with his right electrical claw.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar, Hannibal: HAAAAAAA-

[Tezca’s eyes widened and gasped.]

Tezca: NO! NO-NO-NO!

Omni-Splicer Lodestar, Hannibal: -AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

[Lodestar punched him from his left and Hannibal to his right. This threw the objects off Tezca as we zoomed into Tezca’s body as an electrical surge from both sides began to obliterate his atomic structure. They bursted and we zoomed out of Tezca’s body as he grabbed his head, then screamed from the top of his lungs.]


[Tezca’s body turned grey, then turned a bright yellow and exploded. The song ended. Tezca had turned into particles and began to fade in existence. We cut Alice gasping on one end, and to Terence and Nikki gasping on the other. Huitzilo jumped out of his seat with a shocked look on his reaction.]

Huitzilo (Thoughts): How is this possible?!

[The crowd screeched as the electricity surrounding their bodies faded, and began to just lie there as corpses. Lodestar and Hannibal jumped to the ground as Lodestar transformed from his Omni-Splicer state back to Lodestar, then to Ethan in a green light. Ethan and Hannibal each took deep breaths. Nikki and Terence ran to them as Alice flew to them with Hypnotick. Hypnotick sat her down and Alice hugged onto Ethan.]

Alice: You did great, honey.

[Alice kissed Ethan on the cheek.]

Nikki: You too!

[Nikki hugged Hannibal tight.]

Terence: That was really cool!

[Ethan and Terence high fived, as Nikki let go of Hannibal.]

Nikki (Firefly): I knew you were going to make it out of that one.

Hannibal: Yeah, well if it wasn’t for Ethan I’d be toast.

Ethan: Come on now. I can’t take all the credit.

[The group laughed as we cut back to Huitzilo staring at them.]

Huitzilo: First my brother Tlaloc, and then Tezcatlipoca. There’s something about this boy…

[We zoom into the Omnitrix.]

Huitzilo: It’s that watch of his of course... That… Omnitrix…

[We fade back into the group’s conversation.]

Hannibal: And now… I finally avenged my Granny.

Terence: Don’t get too cocky, guys. We’ve still got another fight to win!

Ethan: Yeah, let’s not get hasty, we need to figure out a way to beat Huitzilo before he has a chance to-

[Electricity scattered around the Omnitrix dial. It began to electrocute Ethan.]

This Information & Now We're Only Falling Part, Ep 39

Ethan: AGH… AHHH…

Alice: Ethan!

Ethan: AGH… AHH..

[Ethan’s eyes glowed green, then a green light blinded the screen.]

[GOOP MINI-TRANSFORMATION: A swirling ball spun to the right side of the screen until we cut to particles morphing around the screen, resuming to its normal transformation background. In a green flash, we zoom out of the Omnitrix symbol as electricity surrounded Goop’s chest. A white light surrounded Goop’s body as the background turned yellow.]

[OMNI-SPLICER GOOP TRANSFORMATION: Armor formed around Goop’s chest, as his stomach turned into energy. Reptilian armor formed around his arm, then to his head. His eyes flashed yellow as the yellow light blinded the scene.]

[Goop collapsed to the ground as electricity continued to form around his chest.]

Omni-Splicer Goop: AGGGHH…

Hannibal: Ethan’s watch must be acting up again.

Alice: Ethan talk to me! Ethan, are you okay?!

[Goop went silent, then looked up at Alice as his eyes turned yellow, he roared at the group. Goop raised his arm back and before he could slash Goop, Nikki formed a shield around Alice.]

Nikki (Firefly): Quick, Alice! Get back!

[Alice scooted back toward the rest of the group. Goop threw energy blasts at the group and Nikki created a large shield to block the group.]

Terence: C’mon man, you’ve got to snap out of it.

Hannibal: This isn’t like you, Ethan.

Alice: Please, Ethan! Snap out of it!

[Huitzilo took notice of this and smirked. Huitzilo went flying towards the group.]

Alice: Ethan! Please!

[Goop screeched.]

Alice: Ethan…

Hannibal: [Looks up] Uh oh…

[The others looked up to see Huitzilo fly toward Goop as he grabbed the Omnitrix’s symbol.]

Huitzilo: I see you’re having a bit of a problem with your Omnitrix there, kid. Let me help you with that.

Omni-Splicer Goop: AAAHHH…

[Goop shifted into Four Arms.]

Four Arms: AAAAHHH… [Shifts]

Heatblast: AGH! [Shifts]

XLR8: AGH! [Shifts]

Zerox: OWWWWW… [Shifts]

Goop: AGHH… [Shifts]

Huitzilo: I’m about to take more than what you took from me. Surrender… Give me your power…

Lodestar: NEVER!!! [Shifts]

[Ethan swiftly shifted into all his forms a few times at rapid speed.]

Alice: ETHAN!!!

[Ethan shifted to normal, as his eyes flashed yellow.]


[Huitzilo grabbed a hold of the Omnitrix symbol, still on his chest. It unleashed a massive shock wave, which surrounded the arena in smoke. As the fog began to lift, Nikki placed her dome down.]

Alice: Ethan! Ethan! Where is he?!

Nikki (Firefly): Alice, just stay calm!

Alice: Don’t you dare tell me to stay calm! I just saw my boyfriend nearly blown to bits, and if I find out he’s dead I’ll-

Terence: Hey, there he is!

[They turn over to see Ethan lying on the ground unconscious with his clothes torn.]

Alice: Ethan!

[The group ran toward his direction. As they made their way to him, Alice tried to help him up.]

Ethan: Agh…

Alice: Ethan, are you okay?

Terence: Alice be careful! He might still have that monster-mind set.

[Nikki gave Terence a stern glare.]

Terence: What, I’m just saying!

Ethan: Agh, don’t worry I’m fine… The only thing that’s monstrous around here is this headache..., and man I'm in a lot of pain!

[Ethan collapsed to the ground. Alice caught him before he could completely collapse.]

Alice: Easy.

Ethan: Where’s Huitzilo?

Huitzilo: Right here… [Laughs]

[The fog on the other end of the arena lifted as Huitzilo was floating before them.]

Ethan: Oh, great. Now what did I cause...

Huitzilo: You see, it’s thanks to your device, you have been able to kill off the last remnants of my kind. But now I realize that they were just weak, they were merely fooling around with the abilities of our gods that have fallen before them. Only true gods can wield true power.

Ethan: Don’t tell me…

Huitzilo: Now you’re about to witness true power, as I’ve taken your power and have made it my own.

[We zoomed out to appear the rest of the arena had cleared from the fog. Before them stood mutated versions of Ethan’s aliens. They appeared to be full on species of their homeworlds, surrounded by the same golden armor and energy as the Omni-Splicers. From left to right stood a drooling Four Arms, a serious Heatblast, a hungry Wildmutt, a pulsating Goop, a hissing Ghoulseye flying above, a sparking AmpFibian floating nearby, a large and hungry Diamondhead, a crouching Zerox, and a hunching XLR8 who had his tongue stuck out. XLR8 ran towards Nikki, as she created an energy dome. Nikki used this to push XLR8 back. The other aliens began rampaging throughout the stadium as it began to demolish around them.]

Terence: Oh great, it’s like a rerun of last year, only worse!

Ethan: We’ve got to get them back somehow!


[Hypnotick screeched and sprayed a red powder around some of the aliens. Nothing happened.]

Alice: It’s not working!

[Heatblast threw a fire blast at Hypnotick, and it was sent flying to the ground, near the group.]

Alice: Hypnotick!

Huitzilo: You see! You weren’t able to truly take control of these transformations you spoke of. Now I’ve mastered their power, and made them into the very beings they were supposed to be. Mutants…

[Four Arms demolished a pair of pillars hanging at the top row.]

Huitzilo: ...pets…

[Wildmutt demolished another pair of pillars.]

Huitzilo: ...scavengers…

[XLR8 ran through the corpses as he demolished the entire row.]

Huitzilo: ...destroyers!

[Ghoulseye fired his arrow and it exploded a small portion of the entire arena.]

Huitzilo: I shall do what I’ve carried out since the moment I was born and conquer the universe and everything in it! [Points at Ethan’s direction] And you wouldn’t dare to think to stop me.

[We zoom into Ethan’s face of horror and everything went black.]


Forget me not - ReoNa - E-10 ED 4
E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V2 (Short) AMV

E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V2 (Short) AMV

Episode 40 preview

[We shifted through various scenes where Ethan was inside a dark room while A'taenda yelled at him as Alice watched. The next scene showed an armored Hannibal trying to gather civilians inside a ship while Nikki as Firefly was fighting an Omni-Spliced Heatblast. We cut to Lieutenant Steel in meeting with room with everybody but Ethan inside. We cut to Ethan walking to someone's jail cell as red eyes laid on him.]


Major Events

  • The group manages to exit the caverns and take on Huitzilo's tournament.
  • Terence overcomes his weakness of feeling weak and powerless.
  • Alice defeats Huitzilo's first challenge.
  • Hannibal defeats Tezca's first challenge, and accepts Tezca's challenge to face him head on.
  • Ethan intervenes Hannibal's match and Tezca accepts it.
  • Hannibal and Omni-Splicer Lodestar manage to defeat and destroy Tezca.
  • The Omni-Splicers overwhelm Ethan once again.
  • Huitzilo takes advantage of Ethan's weak state and releases the Omni-Splicers.
  • The Omni-Splicers take on their completely mutated forms and Huitzilo turns them into his minions.
  • Ethan is now unable to transform.


  • Heatblast mentions the stablizer A'taenda placed on him back in the previous episode when he assumes for it to finally be kicking in.
  • After killing Tezca, Hannibal admits to finally avenging his mother.
  • The Omni-Splicers overwhelm Ethan again like it did in the previous episode.



Aliens Used


  • Terence quotes Kevin's "Oh-ho-ho, You are in so much trouble" from the Vengeance of Vilgax, Part 2. This happens when Terence gets his power up, which the same happened for Kevin when he created a mace from his hands.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • A Fight with the Ortus
    • Ideals and Truth
    • Thank Goodness
    • The Protective Pillars


  • This episode is Part 2 of the 3 part E-10 special event "Catch the Moment"
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