Omni-Spell Four Arms
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General Information

Magical Tetramand

Home Planet:



Rocky Four-Armed Humanoid

Other Info

Magic-Based Combat
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Jumping
Sonic Clap
Shock Waves
Heat Resistance



First Appearance:


Omni-Spell Four Arms is the magically enhanced form of Four Arms. He is a free use form made by Alanomaly.


Omni-Spell Four Arms takes the body shape of Heroes United Four Arms. His body is made of rock monster armor, and he has magic energy flowing throughout his body, notable on his shins, belt, arm spikes, wrists, torso and shoulders in the form of his tattoos, face markings, eyes, and ponytail.

Omni-Spell Four Arms wears the magic-infused Omnitrix on his chest.


  • Omni-Spell Four Arms has the powers of his base form.
  • Omni-Spell Four Arms has magic-based combat, allowing him to enhance all of his typical attacks with his newfound magic prowess.


  • Omni-Spell Four Arms has the weaknesses of his base form.


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  • Omni-Spell Four Arms was the first Omni-Spell form to be made.
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