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Omni-Spell Forms are a free use Omnitrix gimmick created by Alanomaly.



The idea behind the Omni-Spell forms is that the Omnitrix in question is somehow infused with magic. Rather than cause the device to glitch like in Destroy All Aliens, the magic would instead grant the user the Omni-Spell forms for their aliens instead.


The Omni-Spell forms play off of the original alien's powers but with magic involved. Each Omni-Spell form gains a type of magic based around the original power. For example, Omni-Spell Four Arms plays off of Four Arms' combat abiliites by giving him magic-based combat, enhancing all of his melee moves with his new magical powers.


The Omni-Spell forms are activated in a similar manner to the Ultimate forms. The user simply hits the Omnitrix with the intent of activating the form. The Omnitrix will then glow pink with magic before creating an energy wave over the alien that changes its form to that of a Ledgerdomain rock monster with pink magic glowing out of its body.

Omni-Spell Forms


  • The Omni-Spell forms were thought up during a conversation with Ethan.
  • An initial idea was to have the Omni-Spell forms have an Omni-Enhanced build, but with the Ledgerdomain rock monster aesthetic. This was scrapped in favor of making the aliens seem as if they originated from Ledgerdomain, somewhat similar to Kevin's rock monster form from Time Heals.
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