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Omni-Kix Nanomech
Omni-Kix Nanomech Alan.png
General Information

1/2 Nanochip
1/2 Human


Winged Robotic Humanoid

Other Info

Size Alteration
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Technological Assimilation
Biomechanical Assimilation
360° Vision
Queen Immunity



First Appearance:


Omni-Kix Nanomech is the Omnitrix's Omni-Kix version of Nanomech. He is a free use alien made by Alan.


Omni-Kix Nanomech appears similar to his default form. However, his body is now covered in armor that is colored half white, half his traditional blue-grey skin color. Glowing green circuits cover his body, all of which have glowing Nanites in them. The palms of his hands, his mouth, and the "visor" wrapped around his head are also glowing and showing these Nanites. Larger nanites can be seen in the stylized Omnitrix on his chest. He has small spikes sticking out from either side of his face, and grey tubes on his forearms. Electricity can be seen between each of the digits on his feet. Omni-Kix Nanomech has four tendrils coming off his back that keep with the aesthetic of the rest of his armor. He has five wings that are folded down into the shapw of a cape. Omni-Kix Nanomech wears the Omni-Kix symbol on his forehead.


  • Omni-Kix Nanomech retains the powers of his default form.
  • Omni-Kix Nanomech's adaptability has greatly improved, happening almost instantaneously and subconsciously. However, he still has some conscious control over this power, as he can use the tendrils on his back to assimilate with nearby technology, permanently upgrading his form.
    • This power is not limited to traditional technology, as Omni-Kix Nanomech can assimilate with biomechanical technology as well, such as the arm of a Talpaedan or key of a Chronosapien.
  • Omni-Kix Nanomech's eyes are replaced with a visor that goes all the way around his head, giving him 360° vision.
  • Omni-Kix Nanomech can use his tendrils for melee attacks or as additional limbs.
  • While Nanomech can still be somewhat influenced by a Nanochip Queen, Omni-Kix Nanomech's armor gives him full immunity from any influence.


  • Omni-Kix Nanomech still retains the size issue, though he can become slightly bigger than Nanomech should he assimilate with the right technology.


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  • Omni-Kix Nanomech's design takes inspiration from Ultron.
    • Omni-Kix Nanomech's Omnitrix placement is not just a nod to his Omniverse design, but also a nod to Vision's Mind Stone in his forehead.
  • Omni-Kix Nanomech's aesthetic Omnitrix on his chest is similar to that of Atomix.
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