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General Information
Original broadcast March 15, 2019
Season 1
Episode number 15
Overall episode number 15
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5 & Runny
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Omni-Hex is the fifteenth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Alice and Nikki join a new fraternity at campus when it promises students to achieve better grades. Meanwhile, Ethan, Terence and Hannibal form their own study group.


E-10, Closed Quarters

[In a dark room, a small white light opens from the side, which was revealed to be a door opening. A student had entered inside the room.]

Student: Hello? Mr. Hammond? I scheduled an appointment with you about a week ago, I needed some help with my midterm assignment and I was wondering if you could help.

[He looked around the room to see his office was a mess. Artifacts and papers were scattered all the room. He saw a chair turned to the other direction, facing the wall. He stepped toward it.]

Student: Mr. Hammond?

[The student grabbed the chair and turned it over slowly, and three rats jumped off of it. The student screamed, and then sighed in relief after realizing there was no danger.]

Student: Maybe I’ll come back another time.

[The student turned towards the door to find Mr. Hammond standing in front of him.]

Student: Ah! Mr. Hammond, sir.

Mr. Hammond: What are you doing in my office?! Did you touch anything?

[Mr. Hammond continued walking toward him and the student was cornered to the wall.]

Student: No! I didn’t! We-we had an appointment scheduled for today, remember? The secretary said I could walk right in, she said you would be back any minute, so I thought I would wait for you. We-we were supposed to be discussing about my midterm.

Mr. Hammond: Your midterm? Ah, yes, that’s right. Have a seat.

[The student stepped away and sat in the seat by his desk. Mr. Hammond sat in his chair and took a good look at him.]

Mr. Hammond: Tell me, what is your name again?

Student: Maxwell, Maxwell Danvers.

Mr. Hammond: Ah, Maxwell, is it? My, wouldn’t you be a good test subject.

Student: Sir?

Mr. Hammond: Let me rephrase that. I’m in the process of developing a fraternity house for only the smartest and brightest beings here at Horizon. How would you like to help me set up the fraternity? You do well, and I’ll bump up your grade by 20 points. How does that sound?

Student: Wait, really?! Awesome!


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows

[Days later, the setting took place outside of Horizon. First Hannibal, then Ethan and lastly Terence fell to the ground in exhaustion.]

Rise to the Challenge! - TSIR (Ep 15)

Hannibal: That midterm…

Ethan: That midterm…

Terence: That midterm…

[Everything zoomed out into the sky as they each screamed from the top of their lungs.]

Hannibal, Ethan, Terence: WAS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

[Nikki and Alice approached the three.]

Nikki: Now what are you loud bozos screaming on about?

Ethan: That midterm...

Terence: It completely screwed us over, man…

Hannibal: I haven’t cried like that since Ash died in the first Pokemon movie.

Nikki: Oh please, you three are overreacting. Besides, I did fine on my midterm. Alice did fine on her midterm too.

Alice: I actually managed to bump my grade up to 104.

Ethan: You evil son of a…

Alice: Finish that sentence and you won’t be hearing from me for a week.

[Ethan stopped and sighed.]

Alice: Besides, the midterm couldn’t have been that bad.

Terence: Oh yeah?

[Hannibal, Ethan and Terence held up their papers as Nikki and Alice read their grades.]

Nikki: 62?!

Alice: 57?!

Nikki and Alice: 43?!!!

Ethan: In my defense, I’m a really bad test taker…

Nikki: How is that your defense?

Alice: Did you three even study for your test?

Hannibal, Ethan, Terence: Umm…

[A swift montage begins as the three were playing video games at Hannibal’s overnight. The next day, they were shoving pizza down their throats. The day after that, Terence and Hannibal continued playing video games as Ethan was trying to hack the Omnitrix with his screwdriver. Later, Terence’s pants were on fire as he was running around screaming. Hannibal kept trying to shoot a fire extinguisher as Heatblast kept trying to absorb the fire out. The next day, the three were laying on the ground exhausted as Ethan’s bag fell on his face. The montage ended.]

Nikki: Wow, you boys never cease to amaze me.

Ethan: I just hope these grades don’t affect our final… Oh, man… I don’t wanna go back to getting F’s again… I don’t wanna retake that class!

Alice: Then why don't you let us tutor you? I'm sure that if we helped you you'd get a passing grade in no time.

Hannibal: No! And while I appreciate the sentiment, a man’s gotta do what he has to do. We are going to fix our grade, and retake that test! And show everybody that I’m not just a dumb jock!

Terence: Yeah! He’s right, man! We can’t let people humiliate us, we have to stick to our guns and show them all! With help or not!

[Ethan scooted over towards the girls as he pouted his lips and twirled his fingers together.]

Ethan: Actually, I could actually use the help.

Hannibal: Nonsense, Ethan! You’ll be fine! As long as you actually start studying with us. We’ll be able to accomplish anything!

Terence: Anything!

Ethan: ...Anything?

[Alice and Nikki rolled their eyes. The song ended.]

Alice: Yeah, good luck with that.

[Suddenly they heard a group of cheery people in the distance. A student was shouting with his megaphone.]

Expand Your Horizons!


[People were cheering around him. Alice and Nikki took a notice to the noise and walked toward the crowd.]

Maxwell: ALRIGHT, THEN! Repeat after me, Horizon Arts rules! Horizon Arts rules!

[The crowd followed along. Soon, Alice and Nikki followed along and everyone screamed.]

Maxwell: In fact, we rule so much that people don’t realize we are not just one of, but the smartest college in the west coast. Am I right?

Crowd: YEAH!

Maxwell: But the real question is, how do we prep each other for our futures? They didn’t do that for us in High School, they just gave a list of colleges we could apply to, and we did everything else! Well, that changes here. With the help of Mr. Hammond and the other directors from the board, we are opening a new fraternity that not only will increase our quality and skills, but it will manage to give us the boost we need for our performance at Horizon. This fraternity will help us with our grades, our studying habits, and our finances.

Background Student: Wait seriously?

Background Student 2: Holy shit.

Student: That’s right! With this help, we can not only work hard, we also get to play hard!

[The crowd cheered again until the student had to interrupt them.]

Maxwell: But! There’s one more thing I have to mention. This fraternity is very exclusive for its selection, so if you really want the help you need. THEN SIGN UP HERE!!!

[The student threw flyers and they rained down on the crowd. Multiple students grabbed as many flyers as they could. Alice and Nikki, laughing with joy, held their flyers and ran back to the group.]

Ethan: What was that all about?

Nikki: Didn’t you hear?! There’s this new fraternity that just opened up, and agh! It sounds super dope!

Ethan: But aren’t fraternities a guy-only thing?

Alice: They can be for both genders too you dingus! Anyway, it’s supposed to help us with our test scores, our finances and increase our GPA numbers. You guys should apply! This might be the help you’ve been looking for! If you get accepted that is.

Hannibal: Oh hell yeah, I’m-

[Terence slapped Hannibal across the face.]

Terence: No! We don’t need their help! Don’t be stupid, Hannibal, there’s no guarantee they’re going to pick us. Like you said, we have to do this in our own and fashioned manly way!

Hannibal: Yeah! That’s right… We have to do this. OUR MANLY WAY!


Ethan: OUR MANLY WAY! Besides, I’m not interested in some stupid fraternity, I’m not exactly the partying type.

Nikki: Not all fraternities party, Ethan.

Ethan: Ehhhh! Whatever! [Turns to the guys.] TO STUDYING!

Hannibal and Terence: TO STUDYING!!!

[Ethan, Terence and Hannibal walked away from the crowd while Alice and Nikki rolled their eyes and headed the other way. Meanwhile, the student had finished throwing the flyers as the last of the crowd tried to reach for more. The song ended.]



[Maxwell jumped off the table and headed toward a building where Mr. Hammond was watching. A random student walked up to him.]

Random Student: Hey, what’s going on?

Mr. Hammond: SCRAM!

[The random student screamed and ran away, while Maxwell had approached Mr. Hammond.]

Mr. Hammond: Excellent work, young man. You managed to really hype up the crowd.

Maxwell: Thank you, Mr. Hammond. But are you sure this is going to work?

Mr. Hammond: No worries, young Maxwell. Everything is going according to plan.

[Meanwhile, Ethan, Terence and Hannibal we’re sitting in their usual spot. Textbooks were laid out while many notebooks, pencils and pens were scattered everywhere. The three were each frustrated and annoyed with their work. Terence laid his head down.]

Terence: Ugh! These questions are hard…

Hannibal: Yeah, man. Any chance can we use XLR8 for this one, Ethan?

[Ethan slumped his head on his fist and rested his elbow on the table. He looked down at the Omnitrix and saw it was still recharging.]

Ethan: I got nothing... Stupid watch.

[Terence and Hannibal groaned.]

Ethan: Let’s go take a break, I’m hungry.

Hannibal: Yeah, me too.

Terence: Besides, greasy food will help us think better.

Awakening and Confrontational (Ep 15)

[Meanwhile, in a dark room with candles lighting the area. The room was surrounded by worshippers in cloaks, while Maxwell was sitting down in the ground.]

Mr. Hammond: Maxwell Danvers, step forward.

[Maxwell stepped toward Mr. Hammond as the worshippers laid their arms out.]

Mr. Hammond: If I remember, you were the first to offer to join my club. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me.

Maxwell: That means a lot, Mr. Hammond.

Mr. Hammond: Now that you’re apart of my special fraternity, I would like you to be the first of my many test subjects for my experiment.

Maxwell: Wow, thanks Mr. Hammond, I’m… wait… experiment?

[Mr. Hammond’s palms glew red and Maxwell was pushed to the middle of the circle. The worshippers laid their arms out as their palms glowed a bright yellow. Maxwell floated in the air as his body was surrounded in a yellow and red mixed aura. Mr. Hammond’s eyes glowed red.]

Mr. Hammond: Atatum...Erangup... Tse Ratsedol...

[The aura around Maxwell glew brighter as his body started shifting.]

Worshippers: Atatum… Erangup... Tse Ratsedol...

Maxwell: What… what are you doing to me?!

Mr. Hammond: Oh, I’m just making…. The magic happen… [Smirks]

[The song ended. Meanwhile, Ethan, Terence and Hannibal left the dining hall, stuffed.]

Terence: Ugh! I told you we ate too much.

Hannibal: You said we needed enough grease to hit our brains.

Terence: Yeah, but now I’m so full I don’t have enough energy to get to work on our assignment.

[Ethan groaned. Suddenly, the three stopped as they heard a rumbling sound. A giant tick bursted from the walls from one of the buildings and jumped out into the crowd and hopped towards the three. It screeches echoed throughout the whole area.]

Ethan: Well, at least I’ll be able to burn off some calories.

Get Race Begin - E-10 Cut

[The creature screeched again as the three took a step back. Ethan popped up the Omnitrix and slammed down. He transformed in a green light.]

Lodestar: Lodestar? Great… At least I’ll be able to squish it to death!

[Lodestar launched magnetic waves at a few signs, and threw them directly at the creature. It hit the creature, creating a minor explosion, but it did no damage.]

Lodestar: What?! No damage, what’s this thing made of?!

[It jumped onto Lodestar and screeched right in his face. Lodestar created a barrier and it threw the creature off him. Lodestar stood back up. The creature shot out a stream of thick liquid at Lodestar. The liquid quickly dried out into a hard substance which coated most of Lodestar. Lodestar tried to attract some metallic objects to free him, but his magnetic powers weren’t working.]

Lodestar: Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!

[The creature rammed into Lodestar as he was immobilized, then went flying into the tables. The creature charged towards Lodestar.]

Lodestar: Alright, if I can’t hit it with objects and it can negate my magnetic attacks, then I’ll just have to use my other trick!

[Lodestar created a magnetic field around the creature and attempted to lift it into the air. It slightly levitated above the ground as Lodestar attempted to throw the creature into the tree. However, Lodestar was struggling as it was too heavy for him to lift.]

Lodestar: Looks like I’m going to need some help, and from my metal friends!

[Lodestar attracted some nearby metallic objects and used them to surround the creature. The metal surrounding the creature made his magnetic field levitation easier to perform. Lodestar lifted the creature high in the air.]

Lodestar: And… blast off!

[Lodestar used all his might and threw the creature to the ground. The area was surrounded with a cloud of dust. As the cloud faded, the creature was revealed to be still standing.]

Lodestar: What?! That’s impossible… Oh no…

[The creature charged towards Lodestar again as Lodestar turned towards the crowd to warn them.]

Lodestar: Everybody get back! Get back!

[The crowd ran away as the creature charged toward Lodestar. Magnetic energy appeared from Lodestar’s claws in defense, but before the creature could hit Lodestar, the spell timed out and the creature turned back into a human in a yellow light. His clothes were torn and his hair was a mess. The human fell down as he looked up at Lodestar and took heavy breaths.]

Lodestar: What?!

[He stood up, looking at Lodestar. The human was revealed to be Maxwell.]

Maxwell: What happened to me?

[Maxwell slammed his face to the ground and fell unconscious. Lodestar looked at Maxwell with surprise and confusion.]

Investigating the Librarian (Ep 15)

[The scene shifted to later where Maxwell talking to Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, and Nikki at their table.]

Alice: So you said you went into a dark room, and saw a bright light flash in front of you?

Maxwell: That’s right, I don’t remember anything else that happened after that.

Nikki: Why would you even walk inside a dark room anyway? Don’t you know what happens in those scary movies? If it’s dark and no one’s in there, and if there’s a menacing vibe, then don’t go in there!

Maxwell: But there was someone, I think…? I think I was supposed to meet Mr. Hammond in there, but I don’t think he ever came.

Terence: You don’t think?

Alice: Wait a minute. Isn’t Mr. Hammond the new teacher who’s setting up that fraternity for everyone?

Hannibal: Something doesn’t add up here. You were supposed to meet a teacher, but he never came, and then some bright light hit you and transformed you into a beast. Doesn’t that sound familiar to any of you?

Ethan: Yeah. It does, but before we run into anymore theories on who we all think it might be, I’m going to take a look around with Wildmutt.

Maxwell: Who?

Ethan: A friend.

[Ethan ran from the scene to begin his investigation.]

Nikki: Okay! But just don’t get yourself kicked out of the library again!

Ethan: Shut up!

[Meanwhile, Mr. Hammond arrived back in his office and pushed everything off his desk. Enraged, Mr. Hammond then punched it as sweat dripped from his face. The song ended.]

Mr. Hammond: Damn it! How could that child be any more utterly humiliating? He always manages to somewhat get the upperhand of me! But, no matter. A good project always has a few hiccups. Besides, that young imbecile of a college student was merely a test subject. Once Ethan faces against my army of monsters, he will be one who suffers from my wraith.

[Mr. Hammond’s made a fist and red aura glowed around it.]

Sharing is Caring (Episode 15)

[The next day, the setting took place outside a building at Horizons. Terence entered inside the building and went into the Library. There, he saw Ethan and Hannibal studying with Alice and Nikki. He made a loud gasp.]

Terence: You!

[They turned over, surprised to see Terence.]

Terence: I can’t believe you two caved in! What happened to not asking for help, our letting our man pride get in the way of our test scores!

Ethan: I have no pride. I actually need help if I’m going to be able to pass the retake. Besides, I never agreed to it in the first place!

Hannibal: And like Granny always said! When the situation gets tough, you never back down an offer for help. And we’re out of options, man!

Terence: You know what? Fine! I’ll do this all by myself, I’ll show you all that I can keep my man pride and pass my test!

[Terence pointed at them as he walked backwards towards the exit. Unknowingly Terence was shouting.]


[Everyone looked at Terence with odd looks, Terence looked around to notice then turned around.]

Terence: Whatever...

[Terence left the library as Alice and Nikki snickered at him.]

Nikki: Actually, that’s our cue to leave too.

Ethan: What?!

Alice: Oh, relax! We’ll only be gone for a few minutes. We’re just turning in our applications into Mr. Hammond’s fraternity.

Hannibal: So you’re really going through with this?

Ethan: Don’t you think we should wait till after my investigation?

Nikki: Boy, knowing you, you won’t be investigating after those test results.

Alice: Besides, we’ll be fine. Just don’t worry about us, okay?

Ethan: Fine.

[Alice and Nikki left the library and Hannibal sighed.]

Hannibal: We should’ve stayed with Terence.

Ethan: Want me to use XLR8?

[Hannibal nodded and Ethan tapped up the button off the Omnitrix and slammed down. A green light blinded the room as the song ended. The scene transitioned to Alice and Nikki arriving inside an empty dark room.]

Discovery (Ep 15)

Nikki: Hello!

Alice: This place gives me the creeps.

Nikki: Girl, you worry too much.

[Nikki and Alice approached a counter where a soulless-looking figure with no shine in his eyes turned over to them. Nikki and Alice became startled by his appearance and jumped back.]

Counterman: You two here to drop off your applications?

Nikki: Uh, yes sir!

Alice: We’ll just be leaving these over here.

Counterman: Wait! [He startled them.] You need to fill out your signatures here to prove that you are sure that if you want to join.

Nikki: Really? We have to prove that we are sure?

Counterman: Don’t ask me, I just work here.

[Nikki grabbed a pen and signed her signature, and then Alice did the same.]

Counterman: Thank you, Mr. Hammond will let you know first thing tomorrow.

Alice: Okay…

[The song ended. Alice and Nikki ran out of the building and the two headed back to the Library.]

Nikki: Man, that countertop guy looked seriously freaky.

Alice: I know right, he looked like he got the life sucked out of him.

Nikki: He was probably on some kind of drug or something.

Alice: I’m just glad we got out when he did. Otherwise, who knows what could’ve happened.

[Alice and Nikki opened the doors to find that the library was on fire. Hannibal kept shooting foam out of the fire extinguisher.]

The Struggle is Real

Hannibal: I can’t believe you went the wrong alien again!

Ethan: It’s not my fault!

Hannibal: Sure it isn’t.

[Ethan held a cup in his hand poured the water down on the small fire. He ran back to the sink to grab some more. Ethan ran back to almost trip over Hannibal.]

Hannibal: Careful! What are you doing?!

Ethan: Stopping the fire! What does it look like I’m doing?

Hannibal: Oh, with that sippy cup? Sure.

Ethan: You got any better ideas!

[Alice and Nikki closed the doors, and walked away acting as if nothing happened. The song ended. The scene shifted to later that afternoon where Ethan and Hannibal were seen leaving out of the building with Alice and Nikki.]

Nikki: I can’t believe you two caught the library on fire! What were you thinking?

Ethan: I was trying to use XLR8 to help us study better!

Hannibal: In his defense, if he actually got the right alien, this would have all worked out.

Alice: Oh and just because you can become a fast reader, makes you think you can study better?

Nikki: Ethan, you are forbidden from ever using your aliens in the library again!

Ethan: But?!

Nikki: No buts, Ethan!

Alice: Come on, let’s just continue studying out here while the janitors finish cleaning up the mess.

[The group sat down at their table and suddenly they felt a chill in the air.]

Alice: Whoa, it just got cold. Did you feel that?

Ethan: Yeah, but it’s early Spring, of course it would still be chilly out. [Shrugs]

Hannibal: Uh, I don’t think it’s the weather Ethan!

It's Action Time - Episode 15 (Heatblast vs Winterus)

[Hannibal pointed to his left and the others turned to see an astonishing sight. A large walrus-like creature with pale blue skin, long icy tusks, and a crown of icicles on its head. It roared and charged towards them. Ethan stood back up as he began to dial an alien.]

Nikki: First a giant tick, now a walrus! Is this animal appreciation week?

Ethan: Get clear, now!

[The three ran away from the tables, as the walrus leaned its head toward Ethan. Ethan had his arm raised over the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Looks like it’s time to put back on my winter coat!

[Ethan had Wildmutt’s icon selected and slammed down. He transformed into Heatblast by mistake.]

Heatblast: Or, Heatblast? Whatever beats the cold weather, I guess!

[The walrus shot a water-like liquid from its mouth. Heatblast attempted to counter it with a flamethrower, but its water blast overpowered Heatblast’s attack. The water began to freeze around Heatblast until it eventually turned him into a frozen statue.]

Alice: Ethan!

Hannibal: Come on dude, melt out of there!

[Nothing happened. Soon, the walrus smacked the Heatblast statue and it shattered as Heatblast flew backgrounds into the ground.]

Heatblast: So… cold…

[Heatblast covered his body for warmth as his body was dark with no flame coming out of his head. The walrus charged towards him. Heatblast stood back up and attempted to shoot fire from his palms. However, to his surprise, only smoke was able to come out.]

Heatblast: What?! Where’s my flames?

[Heatblast looked up to see the walrus was reaching towards him.]

Heatblast: Oh fine, guess I’ll just have to strike it from above!

[Heatblast jumped up to punch the walrus, but it blasted another water attack and it froze Heatblast in mid-air. He fell to the ground and the ice shattered.]

Hannibal: You know, we probably could’ve used this creature to come clean up the mess we made.

[Alice rubbed her fingers between her eyebrows while Nikki punched Hannibal in the shoulder.]

Nikki: Cram it!

[Heatblast was standing beside from the creature as it crawled towards him.]

Heatblast: Come on, I just need to spark up a flame!

[Heatblast’s flames finally came back to his arms and head.]

Heatblast: There!

[The walrus breathed more cold water blasts at Heatblast, but he dodged the attack. Heatblast created a circular firewall around the creature and it roared trying to break free. Heatblast jumped up and struck it in the face a few times. The creature fell backwards into the fire and the firewall had cleared. The walrus transformed back into a human. His eyelids opened and he took a look at himself.]

Student: What? What happened to me?!

[Heatblast flew to the ground and approached him.]

Student: Whoa! You’re that alien hero guy on the news!

Heatblast: Do you recall anything that happened?

Student: No, I don’t remember anything. Can I have your autograph?

[Heatblast smirked. Alice and Nikki glared at him in the background as Hannibal had his arms folded, nodding in shame.]

Heatblast: Another time.

[The student left the scene disappointed as we zoomed into Heatblast’s face. Heatblast’s facial expression changed to a glare. The song ended. The next day, we shift to where Hannibal and Nikki were sitting outside, studying alone. Textbooks were laid out all over the table, as Nikki attempted to show Hannibal a few tricks.]

Heart to Hannibal (Episode 8)

Nikki: See, a Gobo is a piece of metal or glass that fits into the gate of a profile spot and projects a pattern onto the set or stage.

Hannibal: Uh huh?

Nikki: So, let’s say you decide to put a picture plate of… oh I don’t know, Okabe from Warrior Fighters C.

Hannibal: You remember that game?

Nikki: Focus, Hanny. If we put a plate of his face into the light, then…?

Hannibal: Okabe’s face would be shown all over the stage.

Nikki: See, there you go! I swear, Hanny, you said you had hands on experiences with this stuff?

Hannibal: Yeah, but you’re forgetting tests don’t always come easy to me. It always strikes at the heat of the moment when I most forget things.

Nikki: Same.

Hannibal: So, tell me, why did you pick a character from Warrior Fighters C all of the sudden? [Raises eyebrow.]

Nikki: Don’t you remember, we used to play that all the time back when I used to come over.

Hannibal: Right, you would always pick Takagi or Kaori, and I would always kick your butt.

Nikki: Oh yeah? You would always pick Okabe or Zaires, and I would have Takagi Ki-joint you into the floor with a hyperball attack.

Hannibal: Hey, Okabe was still recharging.

Nikki: Oh, yeah? And I remember that situation very differently from my end.

Hannibal: Speaking of which, it has been awhile since you came over.

Nikki: Hanny, I was at your house 4 months ago.

Hannibal: When I was missing. I mean before then, like how we used to hang out back in the old days.

Nikki: Yeah, that’s nice and all, but we’re fully grown adults now who are trying to pursue different career opportunities. And we hang out almost every day, Hanny. What more could you ask?

Hannibal: It’s just, don’t you ever think we could do something more than just school work, or chill, or help Ethan fight in all these missions?

Nikki: I mean it would be nice to but I wouldn’t know what could we do.

Hannibal: Well…

[Nikki’s phone went off in her pocket. She held it to see a text reminder of her fraternity event at 2pm. The time was 1:45pm.]

Nikki: I’m sorry, Hanny, can we finish this later? I’m supposed to be at the ceremony in 15 minutes.

Hannibal: Ceremony?

Nikki: Yeah! I didn’t tell you? Alice and I got accepted into Mr. Hammond’s fraternity!

Hannibal: Really?

[Nikki squealed as she jumped a couple times.]

Hannibal: Congratulations, Nick!

[Nikki jumped into Hannibal’s arms and hugged him tight. The two stopped and took a glance at each other and Nikki took a step back.]

Nikki: Whoa, ummm…. Right. I’ll see you after the ceremony!

Hannibal: Can I meet you?

Nikki: Oh, no. Mr. Hammond said a thing about only club members joining. I don’t know. But I’ll see you later!

[Nikki grabbed her bag and waved him goodbye as she ran towards the other building.]

Hannibal: See you…

[Hannibal’s frowned as everything was dead silent for a moment until a voice called out to him. The song ended.]

Voice: DUDE!

[Hannibal turned and the voice was revealed to be coming from Ethan, as he and Terence ran toward him.]

Hannibal: I told you, Terence, I’m not going back to our man pride idea.

Terence: No, [pants] it’s not [pants] that. [pants]

Ethan: So, [pants] last night, [pants] I went and investigated to see what’s been happening to the students. Maxwell’s connection maybe a coincidence, but get a load of this. I snuck into his office last night after everybody left. I found papers scattered all over his desk containing magical glyphs, and an article he left on his computer containing mutation sorcery.

Terence: Not only that, but I arrived to Horizon early this morning and followed some dudes in the cloak to the same building where that walrus creature jumped out. When I got passed the guards, they spoke about performing some ritual later today at the fraternity.

Ethan: Terence told me and we dug up some information about him. And while although there wasn’t much to find, we did find this. His full name is Xerxes Earl Hammond. When you abbreviate it, you get X.E.H.

Terence: Sound familiar?

Hannibal: No, doesn’t ring a bell… Wait a minute, if you spell that backwards... that’s...

[Hannibal’s eyes widened and he jumped from his seat as he gave the other two a serious look.]

Hannibal: I can’t believe this! And Nikki was just here too!

Terence: Worry about that later, right now we got to save the girls while there’s still time. Come on!

[Ethan, Terence and Hannibal ran toward the direction Nikki left. The scene shifted to Alice, Nikki and 8 other students arriving inside a large circular stone chamber with walls covered in magical glyphs.]

Hex's Theme Ep 15

Alice: It’s weird he’s having us meet here in this room.

Nikki: Yeah, you think he’d have some lights on or something?

[Suddenly the torch sticks on the wall caught on fire. The worshippers in cloaks stepped forward, as well as Mr. Hammond.]

Mr. Hammond: Welcome young students! As you can see, out of the hundreds who had applied, you were the 10 selected to be apart of my fraternity. Now, step forward and form yourselves into the circle.

[The worshippers backed away, as the students stepped forward. The ten members surrounded the circle.]

Nikki: This is exciting…

Alice: I don’t mean to sound clueless, but what does this have to do with improving our grades?

Mr. Hammond: Patience, young child. All will be explained in just a few moments. You see, for generations I’ve wanted to teach this world about the concept of balance. It’s said in Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of motion that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I believe some of that carries over into things besides motion. Karma for instance. A concept that was conceived by Hindus, karma is basically a cause and effect system determined by your morals and actions. You do something good, good things happen. You do something bad, bad things happen. Although this is how things should be, the real world doesn’t seem to get that. Terrible people get rewarded for their bad behavior and good people get punished for doing the right thing. And which is why you’re here, because I cannot conduct that behavior anymore!

[Mr. Hammond raised out his hands at the ten students and his hands glowed red. The cloaked figures around the room raised their hands out at the students and their hands glowed gold.]

Mr. Hammond: Alice Lucinda, Nikki Beecher, Maxwell Danvers, Kara King, Josh Daxon, Catherine O'Neill, Georgia Wilde, Gideon McGregor, Lexi Lofton, and Harold Vincent... Help me bring karma back into this world.

[The ten students floated in the air, as they struggled to move.]

Alice: What is happening?!

Nikki: What’s the deal here? I thought you were trying to help your students!

Mr. Hammond: Oh, but I am. In just a few moments, the world will become a much better place. Before you know it, everyone will see things from my point of view. Oh, the suspense is killing me!

[Mr. Hammond’s body was surrounded by a small red light. Skin began to fall off his body, until eventually he was revealed to be Hex. The girls panicked.]

Alice: Hex?! [Screams]

Nikki: Hey! Put us down!

[The other students cried out for help as Hex began to laugh maniacally.]


[Hex finished laughing as he turned to Alice and Nikki.]

Hex: What’s the matter? Didn’t you say you wanted to be part of the enlightenment?

Alice: Not like this!

Nikki: I can’t believe I fell straight into your trap again!

Alice: How is it that you’re still allowed to teach here?

Hex: I mean you saw me with that disguise, I thought it would’ve been more obvious. I swear, today’s youth, I thought we had taught them to think so much smarter than us. Oh, well. The world will change before you know it.

[The doors busted down as Ethan, Terence and Hannibal ran inside.]

Ethan: It’s over, Hex!

Hannibal: Put the girls down, or I swear all three of us will come over there and give you a major beatdown.

Terence: And coming from us, I say that’s going to hurt a lot.

Hex: You fools. [Whistles]

[The worshippers tackled the Terence into the ground. Hannibal punched two of them until he was tackled into the ground. Ethan attempted to dial an alien but was overthrown and was tackled as well. The worshippers held their arms back for them to watch.]

Hex: You see, Ethan. You’re about to witness the rebirth of Earth! After witnessing you and your transformations, I thought it would be as simple as stealing your device. But I was wrong. So I decided instead of using your own aliens against you, how about I create 10 monstrous creatures of my own, each specifically designed to match and destroy each of your own forms!

Terence: Then what’s with the minions? Were you too scared to face us alone?

Hex: Well, I didn’t want to have any distractions, so I brainwashed these students and taught them magic within a day to help me carry out my plans.

Nikki: Uh! Hello! Aren’t you forgetting something?

[The three boys struggled in the worshippers’ clutches as Hex laughed once more.]

Hex: Now, if you may excuse me, Atatum… Erangup... Ahtem Tnuretrev Muroretxe...

[The worshippers raised out their hands and chanted the spell along with Hex.]

Worshippers: Atatum… Erangup... Ahtem Tnuretrev Muroretxe...

[Ethan grabbed the Omnitrix’s dial from his mouth, and turned the dial with his teeth, then slammed down with his head. In a white flash of light, Ethan became Diamondhead and threw the worshippers off him. Diamondhead ran toward Hex, and as he appeared in the middle of the circle, a bright white light appeared in the duration of the circle, throwing Diamondhead backwards. The students screamed and began transforming. Diamondhead, formerly laying on the ground, he stood up and gasped. Hannibal and Terence later gasped and the three saw ten different monstrous creatures appearing before them.]

[The large tick and walrus were among the group, as well as a large alligator snapping turtle with holes on the sides of its shell, a big cricket-like creature with a clear membrane around its head showing its brain, a black sludge creature with a white mask-like face, a long creature composed of many electric bulbs and a large bell-like shape for a head, a vampire bat-like creature with three eyes, and a large orange predatory bird with a crown of feathers and sharp claws. Nikki mutated into a terrestrial marlin-like creature with black beady eyes, and Alice transformed into a large white creature with a yellow shell, a hood covering a skeletal face, and large white tentacles. Hex laughed once more.]

Hex: You’re too late, Wellington! Your friends and these students have now become the start of my uprising! Now go on, and show the world what we’re really capable of.

Diamondhead: Oh no, I’m not letting you out there that easily!

[Diamondhead created a diamond wall and the bat like creature screamed out sonic waves, shattering Diamondhead’s wall and blowing Diamondhead outside. A hole bursted through the wall and the other creatures began either running or flying outside. The song faded and shifted to the next one.]

Diamondhead: Aw, man!

Shaking the Craters and Shattering the Diamonds! (Ep 15)

[The tick jumped onto Diamondhead, as it was trying to eat its head. Diamondhead kicked the creature off him and ran towards the other monsters. The sludge-monster made its way towards a couple students, as it released a toxic slime. The students dodged in time and the table they were sitting at what was melting in front of them. A large cricket-like insect jumped towards a crowd, and threw them around with its telekinesis. Diamondhead jumped and created a riot shield from his arm and he used it to throw the creature back. A smelly predatory bird creature came and grabbed onto Diamondhead with its beak, it shook Diamondhead and threw him back.]

Diamondhead: WHOAAAA!

[Diamondhead landed on the ground and saw an electrical creature floating in the air. It absorbed the wires from the streetlights and charged itself. It released an electrical wave, to which Diamondhead reflected and released another blast himself. It stunned the people around him.]

Diamondhead: Uh, sorry. Hopefully that blast is temporary… [He turned to the rampaging creatures.] I gotta figure out how to stop them.

Hex: You can’t! As long as I am in control, nothing shall stop me!

[The cricket jumped next to him and telekinetically threw him into a wall. Hex was lying on the ground as Terence and Hannibal watched him struggling.]

Terence: I guess Sir Sorcery here doesn’t have full control after all.

[Hex launched them back with a red blast.]

Hex: No matter, as long as they get the job done, then I will be victorious.

[The white tentacled creature with yellow shells tackled Diamondhead into the ground and attacked him with its tentacles.]

Diamondhead: Agh! Come on! How come every time I fight a rampaging monster, I’m always the one getting thrown into the ground.

[The creature roared and the voice sounded familiar to him.]

Diamondhead: Wait, Alice? Is that you?!

[It screeched again.]

Diamondhead: Come on, Alice! I know you’re in there somewhere, you just gotta talk to me, [it smacked him] and stop crushing me while you’re at it...

Hannibal: Wait a minute, where’s Nikki?!

Terence: Over there!

[Terence pointed towards the terrestrial marlin, and Hannibal ran after her.]

Terence: Wait, Hannibal, I don’t think that’s going to work!

[Hannibal tried to hold her down as she tried to shake him off. She fired several lasers out of her bill while doing so.]

Hannibal: Nikki, are you really just going to let Hex take control of you that easily? Come on, girl, where’s that fighting spirit I saw in you? I know you’re in there.

[The terrestrial marlin turned to Hannibal and stared at him for a second.]

Hannibal: There we go…

[The marlin started to shake as it created several clones of itself.]

Hannibal: Uh oh…

[The marlins scattered and fired lasers everywhere, the last marlin pushed Hannibal backwards, and ran away. Hannibal stood back up with a curious look.]

Terence: Wait a minute, she didn’t attack you?

Hannibal: Yeah, she didn’t…

[Some of the creatures turned to Hex.]

Hex: Stop! Your master orders you to…

[The walrus blasted gallons of freezing water and the electrical creature released a stunning wave, both which Hex narrowly dodged. The sludge creature then gravitated him into the air and thrown onto the ground. Diamondhead ran towards him.]

Diamondhead: Tell us how to change them back, Hex!

Hex: What? And allow you to stop my plans of planetary conquest! Forget it!

Diamondhead: If you don’t, those creatures will destroy the town and Horizon, and you and I both know you can’t control these things anymore.

Hex: Even if I’d wanted to, I no longer have my spellbook.

Diamondhead: What? Then where is it?!

[Hex pointed at the bat flying while carrying the spellbook with its feet.]

Hex: And look at that, that’s the creature I made specifically to defeat the crystalline form you’re currently in.

[Diamondhead sighed and blasted diamonds from the ground to surf towards the bat. The bat turned to Diamondhead and screamed a sound wave at him. Diamondhead jumped off his crystals and created a diamond rope from his hands. It latched onto the creatures legs and Diamondhead pulled onto it. He climbed up the rope and managed to grab the spellbook. The bat notice and unleashed another burst of sound, shattering the rope and sending Diamondhead towards the ground. As Diamondhead was falling, he felt an energy being absorbed from him, and he was left frozen in midair. Below, the giant turtle used its abilities to absorb the kinetic energy of everyone in the nearby screaming crowd, and Diamondhead was in close enough range to be affected. The large predatory bird swooped in and snatched the suspended Diamondhead, landed on the ground. The kinetic absorption effect wore off on Diamondhead.]

Diamondhead: GA- Wait, how did I get here?

[The large bird began to peck in Diamondhead's face, and he fired a few shards from his hands. The shards landed landed on its face and it flew off him, annoyed. Diamondhead checked his hands and saw he still had the book.]

Diamondhead: Whatever just happened, I GOT THE BOO-!

[The white tentacled creature jumped over and tackled Diamondhead to the ground. The book went flying out of Diamondhead’s hand and it flew back into Hex’s clutches.]

Hex: Oh, so close. But thank you for retrieving me my spellbook. Now I will put these creatures back under my control, and put my plans back into action!

Terence: Oh no you don’t!

[Both Hannibal and Terence tackled Hex into the ground, and Terence grabbed the book from his palms. Terence swiftly turned the pages and read out a random spell.]

Terence: Uh, Atatum Musrorter Senmo?

[Everything went silent for a moment, and all ten creatures began to glow in a red and yellow aura. Slowly one by one, they changed back into humans. When the ten changed back, their hair was a mess and their clothes were torn. While Diamondhead powered down back to normal, Alice changed back on top of him. Alice opened her eyes and blushed.]

Alice: Uh, what happened?

Ethan: I’ll explain later.

Terence: Wow, that actually worked.

Hannibal: I’m impressed.

[The song ended. Terence and Hannibal were surrounded in a red aura and were thrown back. Hex stood up with his body covered in a flaming aura. The book floated back to Hex.]

Hex: You may have changed all my monsters back, but your inconvenience won’t stop me from turning the world back to it’s righteousness.

[Alice and Ethan stood back up as Ethan turned toward Hex and activated the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Oh, I’m already on top of that.

I Think I Can - E-10 Cut Ep 15

[Ethan turned the dial, to have Ghoulseye’s icon selected. He raised up his hand above the Omnitrix core and slammed down. A bright light blinded the area. Ethan’s body was surrounded in dust and the cloud faded, revealing he had transformed into Ghoulseye.]

Ghoulseye: ‘Cause you’re about to get, Ghoulseye’d!

[Hex winced with fear and shock. Ghoulseye floated into the air and summoned an arrow from his stomach. Ghoulseye turned his cloak into a bow and fired the arrow, Hex shot a burst of red energy, which destroyed the cape and blasted it backwards.]

Hex: Where’s your bow now, huh? You can’t fire arrows without your bow!

Ghoulseye: Maybe I don’t need one!

[Ghoulseye began whistling, and his arrow began to float on its own. The arrow flew down and continued to repeatedly slash at Hex at high speeds as Ghoulseye’s whistles. Hex fell down, and Ghoulseye summoned the arrow back to him with a whistle and caught it midair. Ghoulseye then flew slowly downward towards Hex.]

Ghoulseye: I’m Mary Poppins, yo!

Terence: Can’t bring yourself to say y’all, huh?

Ghoulseye: Shut up! You know I hate that word!

Hex: Then you’ll really hate this!

[Hex stood up and raised his arms to blast to create a large red energy surge in the shape of a ball, it went flying towards Ghoulseye. Ghoulseye created another bow with his cape and fired an arrow to destroy the energy burst. A smoke cloud appeared, blowing Ghoulseye’s cape back, with everyone else blocking for cover. The smoke cloud faded and Hex appeared to be above Ghoulseye, prepared to strike an attack. Ghoulseye launched his sticky ectoplasm in his face. Hex tried ripping it off his face.]

Hex: What in Merlin’s name is this?

[Ghoulseye punched him in the face and Hex went flying back into one of the buildings and he floated back up.]

Ghoulseye: Time we finished this!

Hex: Indeed!

[Hex wiped the ectoplasm off him and charged his fists with red energy, as Ghoulseye raised out his cloak. In a green spinning background, Ghoulseye created a large bow out of his cloak and ectoplasm and summoned multiple giant arrows. Meanwhile in a red spinning background, Hex summoned a spell as red dust and aura appeared in his hands. While Hex was chanting a spell, Ghoulseye launched the arrows and began to fly towards Hex as he had a spell ready.]


[Hex launched a large energy spell, giving it all his power and the two attacks collided. It created a large explosion appeared. Suddenly, Hex went flying out of the smoke cloud and fell back into the wall. Ghoulseye floated down to him, and trapped him in a sticky ectoplasm.]

Ghoulseye: I hate to burst your bubble, but IT IS O-O-OVER!!!

Hex: You would think that, wouldn’t you…

[Hex’s body glowed.]

Ghoulseye: Oh no, you’re not getting away from me this time!

[Ghoulseye tried floating toward Hex to catch him, but he disappeared in a white light. The ectoplasm dripped off the ground, and Ghoulseye’s Omnitrix symbol began beeping and he transformed back into Ethan. Police cars arrived near the scene and the officers ran outside and aim their guns in the air.]

Officers: Where is he?!

Ethan: Gone...

[The song ended. The next day, janitors were cleaning up the area as Ethan, Alice, Hannibal and Nikki were sitting at their usual spot. Alice and Nikki began eating their lunches like cannibals.]

Little Busters - E-10 Ep 15 cut

Ethan: Are you sure you guys are okay?

Nikki: Yeah. What? Just because we’re eating like monsters doesn’t mean we’re still monsters.

Ethan: No, I know-just…

Alice: Look, we’re fine alright? We just have major headaches after the mutation.

Nikki: So if you wouldn’t mind not asking us the same questions over and over again, we can relax.

[Ethan took a breath of relief.]

Terence: Hey guys! Check it out!

[Terence laid his paper on the table.]

Hannibal: You aced the retake?!

Ethan: You bastard!

Terence: That’s right, I stuck to my man pride, and studied harder like no one ever has before.

Nikki: Oh yeah, and how’d you do that?

Terence: I stayed up all night, and took a bunch of 5 hour energies. I also smoked a joint to take the edge off me, but sure enough, it got me this A!

Ethan: Wait, how many did you take?

Terence: I don’t know, like maybe 4 or 5?

Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Nikki: WHAT?!

Alice: You know that’s going to put you in the hospital, right?

Terence: It’s fine, I didn’t have that mu-

[Terence collapsed to the ground and fell unconscious. Ethan sighed and slammed down on the Omnitrix. Four Arms walked over and carried Terence on his shoulder.]

Four Arms: Come on, I’ll take you back to your dorm.

[Alice snickered and the two walked away from the scene. The song ended.]

I'll Protect You

Nikki: Wow, can you believe him?

Hannibal: Yeah, man. He’s crazy. Actually, this gives us a good chance to be alone. So earlier I was trying to tell you something?

Nikki: Yeah, I remember?

Hannibal: Look, Nikki, there’s something I’ve been needing to tell you for a long time, and I haven’t been able to find the right time to tell you. But the truth is, I like you. I’ve always liked you. Ever since you saved me from those bullies in grade school, and I’ve been trying to ask you out since high school. But every time I’ve tried, you were always either out with someone else or it was always a bad time.

[Nikki’s face turned red.]

Nikki: H-Hannibal, I don’t know what to say… I...

Hannibal: Don’t say anything. I know what I’m saying sounds very sudden to you, but I wanna be sure I give you some time. So, let me know once you’ve made a decision.

[Hannibal grabbed his bag and wrapped it around his one shoulder.]

Hannibal: I’ll see you.

[Hannibal walked away and Nikki was left frozen in shock.]

E-10 ED 2- Star Overhead
E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

Episode 16 preview

Major Events

  • Hex unleashes his army of 10 monsters.
  • Hex witnesses Ghoulseye's power for the first time.
  • Hex gets away.
  • Hannibal confesses his feelings for Nikki and gives her time to think.


  • Nikki tells Ethan to not get banned from the library again, nodding back to the events of Behind the Shelves.
  • Nikki and Alice reveal to be both working at the library.
  • Hannibal brings up how often he and Nikki used to hang out with each other when they were kids.
  • Nikki mentions the last time she was at Hannibal's house was when he went missing in Hannibal: The Choice He Makes.
  • Warrior Fighters C is brought back up in this episode.
  • Hannibal after years of struggle, finally urges to tell Nikki his feelings for her.
  • This episode has similarities to Behind the Shelves.
    • Hex disguises himself as a professor.
    • Ethan goes off to investigate.



Aliens Used

Used by Ethan

Made by Hex

  • Plastick x2 (used by Maxwell, transformed by Hex)
  • Winterus x2
  • Kinetuga
  • Telecricket
  • Gravasludge
  • Siphonoflight
  • Frequenscreech
  • Huntzin
  • Laserfin (used by Nikki, transformed by Hex)
  • Phantacle (used by Alice, transformed by Hex)


  • Ethan makes a reference to FLCL when he twirls his fingers and when pouts his lips.
  • Ghoulseye makes a reference to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 when he quotes Yondu's "I'm Mary Poppins Yo!"
    • Ghoulseye also uses Yondu's whistling arrow trick to attack Hex.
  • Warrior Fighters C is brought back up again.
    • The characters they reference are Okabe from Steins;Gate, Takagi from Master Teaser Takagi, and Kaori from Your Lie in April.
  • I Think I Can, and Little Busters are used as an insert song in the episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Closed Heart
    • Get Race... Begin!


  • This episode was promoted under the title: Ten VS Ten.
    • Fans were left with confusion when they mistaken the premise of the episode to focus on the previous E-10 character, Nahte, who has not been seen since the original timeline was released on Supreme Action.
  • Omni-Hex was composed by Razzle Dazzle, as a guest-composer, as User:Ebomnitrix wanted to do a remix for Hex's theme.
  • Despite not being the episode, Wildmutt and XLR8 are each used offscreen, while Heatblast's second appearance in the episode is offscreen.
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