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Live Long or Omni-Hard

Omni-Hard is a superhero team created by Ditto and Eyeguy in Omni-World.


Glowing Red, who uses his fists and fire powers to conquer villains. He combines the two for fire punches and fire launchers.

Georock, who uses rock towers to entrap bad guys. He clones himself for confusion to bad guys and to take on more villains at a time such as henchmen.

Doomer, who is the main flying alien of the group. He sneaks up on them while intangible and then entraps them with him so he can shock them unconscious.

Clawnormous, who is the giant one. He takes on the main villains or huge robots.


While I mentioned most abilities before, and they are probably better explained in their own pages, some of their abilities go good together. For example, the three can ride Clawnormous and fire randomly. Georock can make towers for the three to stand on so Glowing Red can set the ground aflame. Georock can make a sort of tent for the three to stand in, so Glowing Red can make a vulcano out of the tent. Georock also can place this vulcano on top of Clawnormous so they can run around with it.


  • In Live Long or Omni-Hard, the team was first created by Ditto and Eyeguy. They battle Ghostfreak (as Rath) and his followers (as Echo Echo clones).



  • They where originally supposed to be original aliens, with Diamondhead as Georock, ChamAlien as Glowing Red, Chromastone as Doomer, and Waybig as Clawnormous. However, they where changed to wiki aliens so that everybody was happy with new aliens in the show.
  • They probably will return in other episodes.
  • One of the ideas for the Omni-World spin-off was a show focusing on Omni-Hard fighting villains.
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