Omni-Freak is the DNA sample of an evolved Ectonurite form the planet Anur Phaetos of Earth-63.
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Jack as Omni-Freak

Omni-Freak's cloak is white and has a blue eye as well as blue chains. He has long claw-Like hands.

His Xotrix symbol is covered by chains. Despite this, his true form has yet to be revealed.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Freak powers are composed of several aspects of traditional ghosts from myths and lore, such as hovering and phasing through solid matter, making his intangibility a powerful defense as well as a means of infiltrating high-security locations. He has been shown to be capable of making other objects or people intangible and transparent as well through physical contact. Also, he can phase parts of himself through people to cause them pain and suffering.


Omni Freaks skin is vurnrable to sunlight.

He is not that fast in the air.

he can not possesess people who wield another xotrix. this was seen in s2 E9

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