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Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey
Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey Glowing.png
General Information

Omni-Enhanced Arachnichimp

Home Planet:



Four-Armed Monkey w/ Spider Legs

Other Info

Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Acrobatics
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Strength
Sticky Fur
Wall Scaling
Energy Spider Legs
Shapeshifting Tail
Electric Webs


Tangled in Webs
Webs Can be Absorbed

First Appearance:


Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey is the Omni-Enhanced form of Spidermonkey. He is a free use alien made by Alan.


Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey retains some elements of his Earth-2018 look. However, most of his body, mainly his torso, is covered in Fulmini rock armor. His forearms are also covered in this armor, and there is some on his legs, as well. The moss on his torso armor takes on a web pattern. His tail has changed shape and is now made of energy. His forearms and fingers are also made of energy, and the web design from his fur has carried over to his forearm armor, though now giving off the glow of the energy. He has two sets of giant spider legs coming from his sides made of his Fulmini energy. He wears the Omnitrix on his chest.


  • Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey retains the majority of his normal form's powers.
  • Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey's webs no longer come out of his tail. Rather, they are replaced with electrical energy webs that come from the patterns on his arms. These webs can electrocute whoever or whatever they wrap around, and the electricity can be controlled by Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey himself.
  • Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey's energy spider legs help him in combat and give him more mobility.
  • Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey's tail is able to shapeshift into different weapons, similar to the tail weapons on the Reboot's Vaxasaurians.


  • Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey can still be tangled in his own webs.
  • While Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey no longer has to worry about his webs being frozen or absorbed, he now has to worry about them being absorbed.


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  • Omni-Enhanced Spidermonkey's legs come from his Ultimate Alien Ultimate Form, and the web designs on his chest come from Spider-Man.
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