Omni-Enhanced Snare-Oh
General Information
Species Fulmini-Infused Thep Khufan
Home World Anur Khufos
Body Humanoid Mummy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Limited Shapeshifting
Stretchable Limbs
Bandage Generation
Bandage Physiology
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Speed (Bandages)
Space Survivability
Shoulder Eyes
First Appearance TBA

Omni-Enhanced Snare-Oh is the Omni-Enhanced form of Snare-Oh.


Omni-Enhanced Snare-Oh looks like his default form but his chest is covered in gray rock armor with green moss-like substance. Blue energy glows in the gapes between his bandages. His greaves and braces are covered in the same gray armor. His face trim is covered in gray rock and energy flows in the shape of a samurai helmet horns. His chin spike is made of rock with energy lines. His shoulder eyes' pupils are made of rock while the green part is replaced by energy. His back tendrils are made of gray rock that each ends with huge energy maces covered in rock with multiple energy spikes.

He wears the Omnitrix symbol on a mini brace under his right shoulder eye.

Powers and Abilities

He has standard Thep Khufan abilities.

Due to his bandages are made of rock they don't dissolve with water and being burned.

Due to his rock bandages he can't fly easily with drafts.

If he's spinning, his energy maces would cause a energy tornado to form.

He can shoot an energy beam if he opens his chest bandages.


Can be immobile if his bandages get stuck easily.

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