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Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws
Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws Alan.png
General Information

Enhanced Piscciss Volann

Home Planet:



Humanoid Angler Fish

Other Info

Steel-Bending Jaws
Electric Teeth Teeth
Sharp Claws
Underwater Respiration
Tail Formation
Glowing Lure
Harpoon Lure
Trident Tail
Enhanced Swimming
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Agility (underwater)
Enhanced Speed (underwater)
Hydroelectric Immunity


Energy Drained

First Appearance:


Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws is the Omni-Enhanced form of Ripjaws. He is a free use Omni-Enhanced form made by Alan.


Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws has the base build of Ripjaws. He has Fulmini rock armor on his shoulders and fore arms, as well as his tailfin being rocky armor, and having armor on his head, torso, and back. His lure and dorsal fin have become one long wave of energy, along with his arm fins changing shape. He has additional dorsal fins of energy, and two spots of energy on the sides of his head. His teeth, eyes, and tail stripes are energy. He has a darker rock armor belt with a mossy green symbol on the front of it.

Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws wears the Omnitrix on his left pectoral.


  • Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws retains the powers of Ripjaws.
  • Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws' teeth are now enhanced with Fulmini energy.
  • Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws can shoot off his lure like an electric harpoon. This can be done as a means of a projectile, or can be used as bait by cutting off the light of the rest of his body.
  • When in water, Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws' tailfin is in the form of an electric trident which he can use in combat.
  • All of Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws' fins can be used in combat.
  • Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws' armor has hydroelectric power near his gills allowing him to survive on land.


  • Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws can have his energy drained. If this happens while he is on land, then his hydroelectric respiration will be cancelled out.


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  • Omni-Enhanced Ripjaws was made for Ripjaws Fest.
  • The trident tailfins and belt symbol were obviously inspired by Aquaman.
  • The trident tailfins are similar to the trident tail of Dragon Rush.
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