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Omni-Enhanced Lodestar
Enhanced Lodestar.png
General Information
Species Omni-Enhanced Biosovortian
Body Magnetic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magnetokinesis
Magnetic Forcefields
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Limited Electrokinesis
Electrostatic Manipulation
Weaknesses Explosive

Omni-Enhanced Lodestar is the Omnitrix's enhanced form of Lodestar. He is an Omni-Enhanced Biosovortian from an unknown planet. He is a free use Omni-Enhanced alien.


Omni-Enhanced Lodestar retains the general bodyshape of his un-enhanced form. As far as Omni-Enhanced forms go, he has one of the least drastic design changes.

Lodestar's head is now a darker grey, with white eyes and a blue-plasma crest on his forehead. Lodestar's shoulders are now made of plasma, and his chest is now also at least partially made of plasma. Green spots have formed underneath Lodestar's head on his body.

His hands are made of the same blue plasma, connected to the body at the wrists by grey stone bracelets. His hands can now freely move and pivot about, no longer being made of rigid metal.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Enhanced Lodestar retains all the abilities of his un-enhanced form.

Omni-Enhanced Lodestar can now generate electricity from his hands by spinning them rapidly. Although his ability to generate and manipulate raw electricity is fairly poor, Lodestar excels at manipulating static fields. To this end he can add static to his magnetic fields that will zap anyone that strays within them, to varying degrees of strength. He also has the ability to harvest latent static electricity from the environment using his magnetic powers.

A side effect of having less rigid hands is that he can now use his claws as fingers to grab things, although not very well.


Omni-Enhanced Lodestar is no better at manipulating non-magnetic materials than regular Lodestar.

Unlike regular Lodestar, Omni-Enhanced Lodestar will explode if physically compromised (such as being shattered) due to the plasma making up considerable portions of his body.



Omni-Enhanced Lodestar is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series.


  • Keeping with the theme of both Omni-Enhanced Wildvine and Omni-Enhanced XLR8, Omni-Enhanced Lodestar regains an element of his old designs. In this case, he regains the head crest from Omniverse (assuming that, like me, the version of Lodestar you use in your series doesn't have that crest).
  • Omni-Enhanced Lodestar's hands spinning to generate electricity is a reference to how real-life magnets can be used to generate electricity inside a power plant.
  • By sheer coincidence, the first canon alien to get an Ultimate form in Aaronbill3's Alien Arsenal! was also Lodestar.
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