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Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk
Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk Glowing.png
General Information

Enhanced Plumavem (Earth-2018)

Home Planet:

Fugna (Earth-2018)


Humanoid Hawk

Other Info

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Speed
Retractable Talons
Body Spinning
Limited Space Survivability
Energy Wings
Electric Kicks
Electric Punches
Electric Headbutts
Rooster Boosters


Energy Being Absorbed

Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk is the Omni-Enhanced form of Kickin Hawk. He is a free use alien.


Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk appears like Kickin Hawk's Earth-2018 counterpart. He has rock armor on his arms, ankles, and face. His mowhawk, wings, hands, and feet are made of Fulmini energy. He has little rockets on the backside of the armor on his ankles. His talons are all made of his rock armor.


  • Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk retains the powers of his base form.
  • Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk's rockets on his ankles are dubbed "Rooster Boosters." They are able to rocket him up into the air so he can face flying opponents, as his base form can't fly. The Rooster Boosters can also be used to blast opponents.
  • Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk's hands and feet are made of Fulmini energy, letting his punches and kicks be charged with electricity.
  • Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk has two Fulmini energy wings on either arm, one wing on each being smaller than the other. These wings replace the feathers of his base form, but are still just as sharp while also being enhanced with the energy and electricity of the Fulmini.


  • Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk's energy powers can be absorbed.


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  • Omni-Enhanced Kickin Hawk's Rooster Boosters are similar to Star-Lord's rocket boots in Guardians of the Galaxy.
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