Omni-Enhanced Jetray
Omni-Enhanced Jetray Glowing.png
General Information

Omni-Enhanced Aerophibian

Home Planet:



Humanoid Manta Ray

Other Info

Enhanced Speed
Hyperspace Entrance
Underwater Breathing
Explosive Neuroshock Blasts
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Space Survivability
Energy Waves
Elastic Tail
Anchor on Tail


Energy Absorbed
Anchor Being Pulled

First Appearance:


Omni-Enhanced Jetray is the Omni-Enhanced form of Jetray. He is a free use alien made by Alan.


Omni-Enhanced Jetray takes on an appearance mostly similar to his original self in terms of body shape. However, almost all of his body is covered in rock armor, as it covers his torso, arms, head, and he has some armor on his calves. His crest, wings, gills, feet, and part of his tail are Fulmini energy. His tail has an anchor-shaped piece of rock armor on the end of it. He has moss replacing the black markings on his chest/back and his face.


  • Omni-Enhanced Jetray retains the powers of his original form.
  • Omni-Enhanced Jetray's neuroshock blasts are explosive, and attack the nervous system rather than being generic lasers. They no longer have an effect on himself.
  • Omni-Enhanced Jetray can create a large energy wave by flapping his wings.
  • Omni-Enhanced Jetray's tail can be used in melee, by swinging it around and using the elasticity of the energy portion to hit opponents with the anchor. It can also be used as a literal anchor if he chooses to anchor vehicles, locomotives, aircrafts, submarines, etc.
  • Omni-Enhanced Jetray is much more durable than his default form.


  • Omni-Enhanced Jetray retains most of his original weaknesses.
  • Omni-Enhanced Jetray's neuroshock blasts can be absorbed.
  • Omni-Enhanced Jetray can be pulled down by his tail by enemies.


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  • Adding the anchor to Omni-Enhanced Jetray's design was an idea by Ethan. It somewhat ties into his water abilities.
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