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Omni-Enhanced Gutrot
Omni-Enhanced Gutrot Glowing.png
General Information

Enhanced Gastulence (Earth-2018)

Home Planet:

Gasceomestry (Earth-2018)



Other Info

Gas Manipulation
Gas Projection
Gas Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Intelligence
Gas Bomb Generation
Electric Bomb Generation
Plasma Bomb Generation


Bomb Malfunction

First Appearance:


Omni-Enhanced Gutrot is the Omni-Enhanced form of Gutrot. He is a free use alien made by Alan for Gutrot Fest.


Omni-Enhanced Gutrot appears like reguar Gutrot, though most of his clothing, his shoulder nodes, and his head are now covered in Fulmini rock armor. The insides of his nodes, the entirety of the nodes between his head and shoulders, and his innards are made of Fulmini energy. He has two small nodes near the Omnitrix that give the look of a gas mask. There is a rectangular panel made of Fulmini energy on each of his forearms.


  • Omni-Enhanced Gutrot retains the powers of Gutrot.
  • Omni-Enhanced Gutrot's abilities now include being able to generate bombs that are any combination of gas, plasma, and electricity. These bombs are quite dangerous and get even more so if the combination of gases is made more potent. The panels on Omni-Enhanced Gutrot's arms allow him to control these bombs with ease so he can redirect them to their target if they miss. This also allows him to bypass Gutrot's weakness to wind powers for the most part.


  • Omni-Enhanced Gutrot's bombs are dangerous, exploding on contact. If one of his bombs misses the intended target and hits something else before he can redirect it, serious damage will be done to whatever is hit unintentionally. He also must be careful to not have two of his bombs touch one another, as that could lead to even more disastrous consequences.


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  • Aside from just befitting a gas alien in general, Omni-Enhanced Gutrot's face having two nodes in the style of a gas mask (along with the Omnitrix to complete it) was a nod to KJMarch's Atomix design.
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