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Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter
Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter Glowing.png
General Information

Enhanced Galvan

Home Planet:

Galvan Prime


Humanoid Frog w/ Energy Arms

Alternate Counterparts Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter
Other Info

Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Jumping
Wall Crawling
Sharp Teeth
Underwater Breathing
Prehensile Tongue
Sticky Skin
Energy Arms
Technology Enhancement


Arms Being Absorbed
Tech Being Absorbed

Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter is the Omni-Enhanced form of Grey Matter, and is a free use variant of Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter, made by Alanomaly.


Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter appears similar to his Earth-2018 variant. However, most of his suit is now covered in Fulmini rock armor, with the stripe down his chest having Fulmini energy. He has four extra arms made of Fulmini energy coming out from underneath the Omnitrix on his back.


  • Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter retains the powers of his original form.
  • Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter has four energy arms that can help him do multiple tasks at once, usually when trying to mess with technology. These arms, being made of Fulmini energy, can also grant enhancements to whatever technology he's working on.


  • Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter retains the weaknesses of his original form.
  • Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter's energy arms, and the energy in technology he enhances, can be absorbed.


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  • Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter's extra arms were inspired by the Spider-Man villain, Doctor Octopus.
  • Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter was made because of Alan's dislike for the mech suit OE form that Grey Matter actually got.
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