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Omni-Enhanced Coffeeshark
General Information
Species Omni-Enhanced Requin-Cafean
Home World Yuja
Body Humanoid Shark-like
Alternate Counterparts Coffeeshark - Normal Form
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shooting coffee and coffee beans from turrets
Caffeinated electricity blasts
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Users Ben Tennyson (BTSF)
Series Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future
First Appearance Bellwood Reunion

Omni-Enhanced Coffeeshark is the Omni-Enhanced form of Coffeeshark in Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future. He is the first Omni-Enhanced form in the series.


Omni-Enhanced Coffeeshark appears similar to Coffeeshark, but has his body covered underneath Fulmini armor, similar to Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter's armor. His head pops out of the armor, while his turrets are set on both of his shoulders. Unlike most Fulmini armor, Omni-Enhanced Coffeeshark's electricity is brown colored, to symbolize his caffeinated electricity.


  • Enhanced Swimming

Omni-Enhanced Coffeeshark retains his swimming abilities despite his new form.

  • Coffee Manipulation and Firing
    • Coffeekinesis
    • Coffee Turrets
    • Coffee Bean firing

Omni-Enhanced Coffeeshark can fire out boiling coffee or normal coffee from his turrets, like his normal form. He can also telekinetically manipulate the trajectory of the coffee he shoots.

  • Biting

Coffeeshark's shark head allows him to bite enemies, although his awkward body shape makes that harder for him.

  • Caffeinated Electricity Manipulation
    • Caffeinated Electricity Constructs

Omni-Enhanced Coffeeshark's Fulmini armor allows him to fire out caffeinated electricity, which functions similarly to normal electricity, but also injects massive amounts of caffeine into any enemy hit, causing them to get ridiculously hyperactive. He can also use this electricity to create weaponry and constructs, which will has the same effects.

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Stretching

Omni-Enhanced Coffeeshark's armor grants him strength and stretchable limbs, which are very powerful in combat.


Despite his previous weakness, his lack of mobility outside liquid, being nullified, Omni-Enhanced Coffeeshark's Fulmini armor shoulder plates severely limit his vision, due to his shark head being awkwardly placed between them.


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