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Omni-Enhanced Big Chill
Omni-Enhanced Big Chill Glowing.png
General Information

Enhanced Necrofriggian

Home Planet:




Other Info

Freezing Breath
Wind Breath
Ice Generation
Temperature Resistance
Density Shifting
Underwater Breathing
Space Survivability
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Thunder Snow Storm Generation
Fan Blade Fingers
Blizzard Generation

Omni-Enhanced Big Chill is the Omni-Enhanced Form of Big Chill. He is a free Omni-Enhanced form made by Blake.


Omni-Enhanced Big Chill appears like his normal form (from Earth-2018, specifically). However, he has rocky Fulmini armor on his forearms, shoulders, and chest. He also has a rock mask. His armor has three spikes on his left shoulder and two on his right, each highlighted with some blue rock. His armor on his forearms each have two energy spikes protruding from them. His fingers, anetennae, and wings are all charged with Fulmini plasma.


  • Omni-Enhanced Big Chill retains all of his default form's powers.
  • Omni-Enhanced Big Chill's Fulmini charged wings are capable of producing thunder snow storms, as well as blizzards.
  • Omni-Enhanced Big Chill's plasma fingers are able to shape shift into fan blades, shooting ice faster than his freezing breath.


  • Omni-Enhanced Big Chill retains his original form's weaknesses.


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  • Omni-Enhanced Big Chill's armor was designed by Ebomnitrix.
  • Omni-Enhanced Big Chill's mask protruding from his face around his eyes is an homage to both Ultimate Big Chill, and Big Chill's Omniverse design.
  • Omni-Enhanced Big Chill was designed as a part of Big Chill Fest.
  • Omni-Enhanced Big Chill's asymmetrical shoulders are similar to the asymmetrical shoulders of Daedric Armor from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
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