General Information
Species Mothman
Home World Interdimensional
DNA source Mothman
Body Winged Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Telepathy and Mind Control
Voice Actor Michael Dobson

Omen is the Knock Off Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Mothman from the planet Earth in Ben 10: Haunted.


Omen is a seemingly pitch black entity with glowing red eyes. If you get close enough, some gray can be seen on him. He resembles a humanoid with wings.

Transformation Sequence

Ghost King sprouts wings from his back, he then loses all of his features until he's an black and gray humanoid with the aforementioned wings and giant, glowing red eyes.


Powers and Abilities

Omen is Omnipotent, this comes in his "Prophecies" in which he is psychically shown certain things.

Omen can Fly.

Omen can Mind Control others if they look at his eyes.

Omen is a Telepath since he has no mouth.


Omen has no known weaknesses.


Omen was unlocked offscreen by scanning a Mothman in "The Mothman's Prophecy"

Omen is used offscreen to instill fear into the Null Void inhabitants in Null and Voided over many months.

Omen physically debuts in Secret of the Skin Walker: Where he flees Ben and Kai Green after telling them where to find Yenaldooshi.

In Ben Goes Evil: Omen is used to escape Waybig's grasp. He is then informed by "The Prophecy" that this is actually Albedo. Once Albedo confirms this by peeling off a green decal he placed on his Ultimatrix and turns Ultimate, Omen is squashed into the ground like a bug.

He is used offscreen in Undertown Mystery to hypnotize Rojo in a dark alleyway into being complicit since she tried to scam Ghost King out of more money than her services were worth. Only his eyes are seen due to the alley's darkness.

He is used in War of the Villains to flee from the Plumbers when they finally arrive to break up the warring villains.

In House Pest: He mind controls Subdora after she attempts to do Ghost King in, making her his spy within the new Negative 10.

In Bad Jersey, Good Devil: He chases after J.D., only to be defeated quickly for underestimating his strength.

In The Sasquatch Factor: He terrorizes Bigfoot hunters offscreen. He later flies off into the night after Bigfoot is safe.

Omen appears in "Movie Set of Horrors" where he is shown off to the Director. He was later used offscreen to help film the horror movie.


  • Secret of the Skin Walker
  • Ben Goes Evil
  • Undertown Mystery (eyes only)
  • War of the Villains
  • House Pest
  • Bad Jersey, Good Devil
  • The Sasquatch Factor
  • Etc.




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