It is a watch from this series used by Ben.

The Omegatrix is the final version of the Omnimatrix created by Azmuth before his death. It was designed to be the ultimate form of all the omnitrix and the most powerful.


The Omegatrix was desgined during the events of Ben 10 Team Tennyson, but was not given to Courtney until her Omnitrix was destroyed.

Abilities and Powers

  • The Omegatrix has all the orginal D.N.A samples of the previous omnitrix including a master control
  • The Omegatrix has all the functions and workings of the omnitrix
  • The Omegatrix has the unique feature called "Fuse" which allows Ben to fuse two aliens into a single form with all the strenght( and weaknesses)
  • It allows Ben to change several features of the aliens, such as increasing strenght and size
  • The Omegatrix can work as a universal computer and instantly locate and give knoweldge via a telepathic like communication
  • The Omegatrix can enhance the abilities of aliens, such as making Four Arms stronger or XLR8 faster
  • The Omegatrix allows Ben to gain the powers of his aliens without having to transform( this only lasts for ten minutes per alien and takes a twenty minute recharge)
  • The Omegatrix can fuse ten aliens together into one form for ten minutes
  • Prehaps the greatest and most powerful function of the Omegatrix is the ability to combine every single one of the aliens into one single "Omega Form" which is virtually unstoppable. This form lasts for a variable amount of time from ten minutes to ten seconds. Once Ben reverts to his human form the Omegatrix neads an entire day to reacharge.
  1. The Omegatrix has a control which allows evolved forms of the aliens similiar to the Ultimatrix but takes an advanced code to unlock
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