Omega Upgrade
General Information
Species 75% Galvanic Mechamorph
25% Demon
Home World Galvan B
Body Malware Form 4
Normal Form Malware
Predator None (Omega forms are stripped of their natural predator)
Alternate Counterparts Upgrade
Powers and Abilities

Omega Upgrade is the Omega Form of a DNA sample of a Galvanic Mechamorph from the planet Galvan B in Ben 10: Omniverse Traveler.


It appears like Malware's final form, but teal.

Transformation Sequence

Normal Upgrade appears near Neo Dagon, and the two merge, creating a huge burst of Mechamorph material, forming into Omega Upgrade.

Powers and Abilities

Like Upgrade, Omega Upgrade has the power to merge with technology. Omega Upgrade an also merge with devices that are merged with by other mechamorphs, killing them. It can melt to get under tiny gaps, and can fire energy blasts that could melt Way Big. He can power up Technology to cosmic levels, and grow it to vast sizes. He can also split at will into an army of much smaller Dagon-enhanced mechamorphs, called Lucubramorphs, and turn inanimate metal into an army of lucubramorphs. Said Lucubramorphs are bigger and more powerful than Upgrade individually

A Lucubramorph


He appears to be weak to powerful enough electrical attacks.





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