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rendering of Omega Megawatt. Credits to creator

Ben 10: Superverse season 1, episode 8

Air Date[]

March 13, 2012


This episode starts off with the gang fighting Trumbipulor. Ben (as Terraspin) gets out off the ground and blows him down. Gwen ties him up in a mana sheild and Rook takes him to plumber jail. Just then a huge spaceship lands on Earth and a megawatt comes out and zaps Ben. Gwen shields him for a while and Kevin tries fighting him off. ben turns into Shocksquatch and is easily defeated by Omega Megawatt. He zaps Kevin to death but she saves him just in time. Omega grabs Gwen and Kevin and Ben gets up to see them being shocked. He turns into Way Big and blasts Omega down. Gwen and Kevin lay down defeated and Omega goes after Ben. Way Big punches him a lot and Omega zaps Way Big. He turns into Jetray without a plan and gets badly electricuted. Jetray turns into Ben and falls down. Omega aims his fist at Ben but Rook shoots him in the back numerous times. Omega falls down and Rook once again goes back to the jail to set him there. Omega vows for revenge as he's taken away. The team smiles and walks to Mr. Smoothy's. Just then Omega comes flying at them. Ben turns into AmpFibian and zaps Omega. He falls down defeated again and Ben angrily turns back and looks at him. Rook flies down and stares at him. He knocks him out with his ray gun and takes him to plumber jail. Ben looks up at Omega and shouts "And don't ever set foot on this planet again!"



  • Trumbipulor
  • Omega Megawatt

Aliens Used[]


  • This is Omega Megawatt's first appearence.
  • Omega will appear in another episode later.
  • Trumbipulor returns since Ultimate Alien.

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