Well, well, it has been a while! If I didn’t have the Magisters’ memories of you trying to kill them, I’d be positively ecstatic!

–Omega speaking with Alpha, Rise of Gamma: Part 2

General Information
Species Synthetic Lifeform Fusion
Home World N/A
Part In Team Is the team.
Age N/A; Technically 10,000+
Status Unfused
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Super Strength
Heightened Durability
Summoning the Gattai Corseque
Equipment Gattai Corseque
First Appearance The Measure Of A Man: Part 1

Omega is a fusion of Magisters Blue, Red, and Yellow from Tech 10: Rebooted.



Omega's history pre-series is mostly unknown. It was formed occasionally throughout the decades until the Magisters were defeated in the ancient Galvan-Human War and placed in stasis.

During Series

Omega was first mentioned by Magister Red in Hope Nevermore, but the Magisters were defeated before they could form it.

In The Measure Of A Man: Part 1, Omega was formed by the Magisters to combat The Puppet Master's giant robot.

In The Measure Of A Man: Part 2, Omega continued battling the mecha, but was defeated and unfused after being struck by a replicated Omega Beam.


Omega is an eighteen-foot, robotic, jet-black humanoid, with the Magister's Data Crystals, now white, placed on its head, chest, and body. His limbs float apart from his body, suspended by a purple-black energy. His face has a glowing white visor.


Omega's Corseque

Being a fusion of all three synthetic Magisters, Omega's abilities include:

  • Immense Strength
  • Flight
  • Heightened Durability
  • Summon a sword-like corseque, named the Gattai Corseque, with the properties of the separate Magister's abilities.


Omega's personality is a combination of all three Magister's personalities, being bold, efficient, and alway raring for a fight. It has a good heart, and will help whomever and however it can.


  • Omega's design was partially inspired by Optimus Prime.
  • The 'Gattai' part of the Gattai Corseque's name is the Japanese word for 'fusion'.
  • Omega's color scheme was canonically modeled after Celestialsapiens.

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