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Oliviay , Olivia Tennyson , also known she a little girl age10 years old , she a daughter Ben Tennyson and alpha Adam , she a normal kid but if she angry she will be turn to Anodite / human like Gwen Tennyson, she can fly with her power Anodite she can turn to evil Anodite if she angry


she have a long brown hair like her father Ben and she have a pink eyes like her mother alpha she have a red-dress not very long she use a Mustaches short in her leg's and red shoes


Olivia is very much like his father was when he was 10 years old. One example of this was his immediate friendship with fellow troublemaker  her brother Devlin Levin.


in the Vilgax's Ship She take all care's with her brother ken to attacks vilgax in 1:00 AM in the morning .

she transfer to Anodite she take's all Mortgaging and help them out .

after that ken take vilgax's when he transfer to alien and attack vilgax to let olivia help everyone .


Olivia she He led the armies of seven armies uncle Veen Adam

she take all army's to attac ks vilgax ship , and its work , olivia she can kill all human's in 5 sec

she may conceal themselves for a period of three months, it is one of their capabilities.Come from the proposed to Gwen that are trained on magic and Gwen made her a small book containing rendered all the small and large capacity and the supernatural. Let's ability provided to her mother and that was amazing. Olivia met Julie and says it has become a "big sister Julie" Come play with an animal become a pet Julie is married to Julie boyfriend Herb ..

ken and Olivia take all cares to take all ben timeline to attacks the vilgax ship

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