Olivia Hawking is an unknown species. You can use her in your series.


  • Knowing everything
  • Administrating the rules of reality
  • Flash sideways (Going into crosstime)
  • Immortality
  • Immune to the effects of time travellers
  • She can freeze time
  • Reversing the effects if time manipulation
  • Healing powers
  • Teleporting


None known yet


She looks like an elderly human lady. She always wears a necklace with an Egyptian ankh on it. It has been revealed that this isn't her real form.


These are the series she appears in and what she does.


  • She looks like a human but is confirmed not to be one.
  • She knows what happens in the future and what happened in the past.
  • She is the keeper of the hands of Armaggedon.
  • She is most famous with quoting 'The universe has a way of course correcting itself' and 'Paradox, Eon, Timeking. Time Travellers. I keep them from doing something stupid.'
  • She doesn't like omnitrixes, stating 'Making DNA twist into another is unnatural. Azmuth should have known better then to play with those things'
  • She has a british accent
  • It has been confirmed that she was born at the begginning of time in the forge of creation, but is not a Celestialsapien.
  • She enjoys living on earth among humans as she quotes, 'I find their ignorance quite enlightening to my old soul."
  • She is the only copy of herself in all of crosstime.
  • She is usually only seen in an old pawn shop or at a church
  • Despite not liking omnitrixes she seems to have a very good understanding of how they work.
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