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Okey, Dokey! Literature Club
General Information
Original broadcast September 26, 2019 (Sneak Peek)
October 11, 2019 (Official Release)
Season 2
Episode number 2
Overall episode number 22
Written by Ebomnitrix, Stingray66, Runny, Kakapokid5 & TranswiththePlans
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Okey, Dokey! Literature Club is the twenty-second episode of E-10: Horizons.


Alice invites Ethan to join her new literature club in hopes of gaining writing experience. Meanwhile, Ethan finds his life changing before his eye, leading for him to investigate.


Hero's Counter Attack! (Ep 22)

[The setting took place on a cloudy day at Downtown Merridale. It was mid-afternoon. While the streets were empty, everything seemed rather calm until a stone-like creature went flying back into the road. A cloud of dust surrounded the rock monster. It stood up on all fours, revealing that it was covered in pink magical glyphs. Before it had time to move, the rock monster was pelted by lasers. We panned to the SACT Soldiers shooting at the rock monster. A metallic navy shotgun was cocked, and the camera zoomed out to Lieutenant Steel preparing to fire. He shot a red laser beam, destroying another rock monster. A group of rock monsters began charging towards the soldiers.]

Lieutenant Steel: How’s your watch holding up there, kid?

[The scene panned over to Ethan as he was turning the dial on the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Almost done! I just need about a few more seconds.

[Lieutenant Steel smirked and he ran to the side of the road, firing more lasers at the rock monsters.]

Lieutenant Steel: You always say that, but it’s never just a few seconds.

[Lieutenant Steel blew up one of the rock monsters.]

Ethan (Background): Hey, it’s not like I know how to tell alien time!

[Lieutenant Steel was tackled to the ground by a rock monster, who then began trying to bite his face off. We cut to Ethan.]

Ethan: Actually, I should ask A’taenda to get right on that.

[One of the Rock Monsters tried to nip at Ethan, who jumped back in shock. The Omnitrix blinked green, signalling that it had completed recharging.]

Ethan: Okay, you! I don’t know what your deal is, but it’s time I Omni-Splice you out of here!

[Lieutenant Steel looked up, confused. Ethan turned the dial and selected Goop’s icon. He raised his arm up in the air and slammed down, creating a green flash.]

[GOOP TRANSFORMATION: As the background began spinning, slime began flowing out of the Omnitrix and it surrounded Ethan’s hand. It began moving up to his shoulder, then to his head. Ethan shut his eye and opened it, revealing his eyes changed to green. He spun around, began to melt, and splatted into the ground. The background stopped spinning and a UFO appeared above the slime and shaped the pile of goo into a humanoid form, finishing the transformation into Goop. Goop raised his arms out.]


[The background faded behind him, ending the transformation. Goop took a look at himself.]

Goop: Hey? What?!

[The rock monster charged towards Goop. We zoom into his terrified face.]

Goop: Uh… I should have thought this through!!!

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
Initial Intrusion - Battle

[The rock monster made its way towards Goop. Goop began screaming and slithered out of the way. The rock monster kept charging and rammed into a car, instantly smashing it. The alarm went off and the owner of the vehicle ran out to his car.]

Car Owner: DUDE, MY CAR!!!

[Lieutenant Steel blasted the rock monster off him and stood back up.]

Lieutenant Steel: What happened back there? Wrong alien again?

Goop: I guess you can say that...

Lieutenant Steel: Well, you better think of a way to wrap this up, Ethan. I’m not paying for all your damage!

Goop: Aw man…

[Goop took a look at himself and spontaneously came up with an idea.]

Goop: Actually, wrapping things up is exactly what we need!

[Goop slithered toward one of the rock monsters and began wrapping himself around the rock monster.]

Goop: Got you now!

[Goop began to melt the rock monster.]

Goop: Whoops!

[The rock monster screamed in pain.]

Goop: Hey, check it out, acid rock!

[The rock monster melted until it was reduced into nothing but a puddle of sludge. Goop morphed back into his humanoid form. He waved the other rock monsters to come at his direction.]

Goop: C’mon, bring it on! Who else wants some?

[The rock monsters winced in fear and tried to run away. Goop stretched his arm towards them and moved the rest of his body to block the path of the few remaining rock monsters. Lieutenant Steel inserted a few pistol rounds into his glock, then fired his weapon. The bullets were launched with great speed and created small explosions on impact, turning the rock monsters into rubble.]

Lieutenant Steel: Phew… Finally we can call it a day. Glad you were able to pull yourself together, even if it was a bit last minute…

[Goop morphed his body back to a humanoid shape.]

Goop: These rock monsters kind of look familiar…

[Goop stepped closer towards the rumble and saw a familiar pink glyph on one of the pieces.]

Goop: Hey, these look like Hex’s symbols! I thought he was locked up back at HQ!

Lieutenant Steel: He is… We specialized his containment cell so that no magic would enter in or out.

Goop: Then who else could’ve sent them?

[From a nearby rooftop, a figure was watching them from afar. The figure turned around and ran away from the scene. The song shifted.]

Another Day at Horizon - S2 (Ep 22)

[We shifted to outside Horizon Arts, where Ethan arrived with his hands in his pockets and his backpack strapped to his shoulders. Ethan was walking down the sidewalk heading towards class. On the way he saw couples walking, talking or hanging around the campus. Ethan spotted Hannibal and Nikki flirting with each other in the tables, then Terence giving May flowers as she took them and hugged him tightly. A vein popped out to the side of Ethan’s head as he made a fist. He saw another couple walking nearby, and eventually Ethan made it to a table and screamed out to his frustration.]


[Ethan groaned and laid his head on the table.]

Ethan (Thoughts): I’ve been waiting for years for something to finally happen to me. No matter what moves I use, and no matter what I do, nothing ever happens. I just wish for once that there was someone out there to finally notice and take an interest in me.

[Ethan sat back up with his eyes looking dim and Alice swiftly approached the table.]

Alice: Hey, Ethan!

Ethan: Ah! Hey… Alice… what’s up?

[Alice’s voice faded into the background, and for a moment, a small group of birds were bathing in the nearby fountain as another petal flew into the fountain.]

Ethan: You want me to do what?!

[Ethan’s scream made the birds fly away from the fountain. We shifted mid-way into Ethan and Alice’s conversation.]

Alice: C’mon, please Ethan!

Ethan: I don’t know Alice, after school clubs aren’t usually my thing.

Alice: We’re at a campus, you dingus. And it’s a literature club. It’s experience to help us expand our capabilities for our writing careers. Plus, isn’t that what you’re trying to do?

Ethan: Yeah, but a literature club? You know that I am terrible at phrasing the correct things, not to mention making a complete sentence.

Alice: That’s what this club is for. It’s to expand our horizons and help us become better writers! Just think of all the stories you could tell!

Ethan: I don’t know…

Alice: Please?! I’m asking you as my best friend!

[Ethan turned red and thought to himself for a moment. Ethan was silent and Alice sighed.]

Alice: There’s… also a lot of pretty girls who are willing to join the club. It’ll help you on your never-ending quest for a girlfriend!

[Ethan jumped out of his seat and laid his hands on the table.]

Ethan: Alright! I’m in! Just where do I sign up?!

[Alice smiled and handed him the clipboard. Ethan signed it.]

Ethan: Alright, there, so I guess I’ll see you on opening day then!

Alice: Right, see you! [Glares intensely] And you’ll be sure to remember this time, right?

Ethan: Uh, right! You have my word.

[Ethan nervously walked away and Alice stared at him. She put her hand against her chest, her face was red and she took a small deep breath. The song ended.]

Ideals and Truth, Hex's Theme - Ep 22

[The scene then cut to inside a dark hallway in a high-tech prison. Each of the cells were lit with a dim green light. The camera panned to a particular cell with glowing indigo rocks surrounding the perimeter. A female approached the cell. She looked up at the cameras that were monitoring that particular cell. She snapped her fingers, and the footage was altered to look as if she wasn’t there. Her palms glowed a pink sort of color and she phased through the cell.]

Female: Hello, uncle.

[We panned over to the prisoner sitting in his cell. He moved his head up and was revealed to be a figure wearing a dark hood on his face.]

Prisoner: Hello, niece. It took you long enough to come and visit me. How long has it been, 5 months?

Female: I’m sorry, I was gathering all the tools you needed for your escape.

[The prisoner began to laugh.]

Female: What… what’s so funny?

Prisoner: You are a kind one, young Charmcaster, but I do not require your assistance.

Charmcaster: Uncle, you’ve been here for 5 months, someone’s got to bust you out.

Prisoner: Indeed, but I can easily escape without the assistance of my niece. It is just simply not the time for my escape.

Charmcaster: Then at least let me help you! You’re stuck here all alone, uncle, you’re the only family I have left and I can’t just sit here while you waste away in this cell!

[Charmcaster dropped to her knees and tried to hold back her tears. The prisoner stepped forward into the light, revealing to be Hex. Hex bent down and wiped her tear away.]

Hex: There’s nothing for you to worry about. I won’t be here for the rest of my life. But for now, I must stay here to keep the E-10 boy and his friends off my back. If word got out about my escape, he’ll have his government friends hunting me for weeks until I’ve been captured again.

Charmcaster: E-10?

Hex: Oh yes, have you not heard of him? He’s the alien changeling that’s been all over the news. He’s held back my plans of world domination ever since he first attended that dreaded art school. His real name is Ethan Wellington, but he doesn’t want anybody to know that. Although the pseudonym makes it quite obvious it’s him.

Charmcaster: So what do I do?

Hex: If you want to help me so badly, you will extinguish him immediately. Do that, and it might just make it easier for me when I escape.

[Charmcaster looked in her bag and grabbed her grimoire. She turned to a few pages.]

Charmcaster: I think I have just the spell that will help me do just that…

[Charmcaster grinned deviously. The scene shifted to inside a classroom. Ethan and Alice stepped inside.]

Welcome to Okey Dokey! (Misint-Info X LGOT X CTTU)

Alice: Welcome to the Okey, Dokey, Literature Club!

[Ethan looked around and saw three girls sitting in their desks. One gave Ethan a nasty look, another girl was reading through a manga, and a third girl was sleeping on her desk.]

Ethan: So this is your Literature Club? Honestly, I expected more people…

Anastasia: [Approaching Ethan] Yeah, so what? Four people isn’t enough to satisfy you?!

Ethan: No, it’s just…

Anastasia: Do you have a problem with that?

Alice: Why don’t we go and introduce ourselves! So you already know me, but what you didn’t know was that I’m the president of this club.

Ethan: Gee, I wonder why…

[Alice punched Ethan in the shoulder. Ethan held his shoulder as Alice continued to introduce him to other members.]

Alice: This is Anastasia, she is the vice president of the club. I’ve had a couple classes with her and she’s fun to talk to! But be careful, she can be a bit sassy sometimes.

Anastasia: I’m only sassy because I like to make my point across!

Alice: The one with her head buried in her manga is Mary.

Mary: Hey.

Alice: She’s a friend of May’s, and we thought she could use more friends, so we invited her here! Although, she can get a little too into her readings sometimes.

Ethan: I can tell...

Alice: And sleepyhead over here is… Hilary.

Anastasia: Hey, Mary, can I borrow this for a second?

Mary: Um, sure? But don’t bend the edges, it’s in mint condition!

[Anastasia smacked Hilary upside the head and she woke up surprised.]

Hilary: Agh! What the hell?!

Alice: Anastasia, was that really necessary?

Anastasia: Yes, yes it was.

[Mary grabbed her manga and saw the edges were bent. She sobbed gracefully.]

Mary: My poor, sweet Hunter x Hunter!!!

Hilary: What’s happening?

Alice: We got a new member. Everybody, this is Ethan! He thought it would be nice to expand his writing skills and join the club.

Ethan: You practically begged me!

[A flaming background appeared behind Alice, and she smiled maliciously.]

Alice: Say anything and I’ll beat you with your Omnitrix!

Ethan: Yes! Because that’s even more convincing! [Sigh] Well, anyway. Yeah, I’m just doing a favor for Alice, and thought I’d give this place a try.

Mary: Well it’s very nice to meet you.

Hilary: Yeah.

Anastasia: And if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Ethan: Yeah, got it. So why is this place so empty?

Anastasia: Well, it is a new club, and people aren’t as interested in putting their efforts into something brand new. Not to mention, people are more focused on other things at this art school, and literature isn’t exactly the most popular subject.

Mary: Plus you have to convince people your club is fun and worthwhile.

Ethan: Makes sense. And for writers to expand themselves, this is pretty much the place to do it. Although Horizon is more focused on its art and theater department rather than writing. And most people would rather use their time to goof off or binge watch a series rather than perfect their skills.

Alice: Which is exactly what this club is all about. And I’m confident that before we graduate, we will all become better writers.

Anastasia: Not better, the best. I don’t want to become better, I want to be the best. I want to tell stories in ways that nobody can ever see possible, and I won’t accept anything less that’s given to me. That’s why I’m here.

Hilary: Absolutely, what’s the point of being at this Literature Club if we don’t work hard enough to achieve what we want?

Alice: You see, Ethan, we have to push ourselves to get what we want, and that’s another reason why I asked you here. Because I wanna see where you can go with your talent. So, will you stay with us?

Ethan: Yeah, why not? You guys seem very invested in what you’re trying to do. I’ve never actually been around such motivators before. So you know damn well that I have to say yes.

Hilary: Woooo!

Mary: Awesome!

Anastasia: Yes!

Alice: Thanks, Ethan.

Mary: You know, Anastasia, while you might end being the best, I’m going to become better than the best!

Anastasia: Oh, no way!

Mary: Yes way.

Anastasia: I’d like to see you try!

Mary: I’m going to, and I’m going to go at it with full force!

Anastasia: Then I’m just going to have to push myself until I’m in sweat and tears!

Mary: Please, I’m going to keep going until I’m coughing up blood!

Anastasia: Ethan, who do you think is going to become the best writer here?

[The two girls eyed Ethan and he looked at the both of them back and forth a couple times. Ethan sweat dropped and scratched the back of his head.]

Ethan: Uh, I need to see your guys’ writing styles before I can make a decision.

Alice: Which is what I thought should be our first assignment! We’re going to come up with poems!

Anastasia, Mary, Hilary: Awesome!

Ethan: Fuck me…

Alice: We’re going to spend the rest of today and tonight developing our poems. Once that’s done we’ll present them to each other and see what each of us thinks of it. Sound good?

Anastasia, Mary, Hilary: Yeah!

Ethan: Dammit!

Alice: Alright guys, see you tomorrow! Oh, Ethan, can you come and help me hang some flyers around the building?

Ethan: Yeah, not like I got anything else better to do…

[The song ended. Ethan walked over to grab the flyers. The scene shifted to Ethan and Alice leaving Horizon.]

Alice: So, how’d you like the club?

Ethan: It’s alright. The girls seem nice, and I like that they have the same ambitions as I do. It actually helps motivate me to becoming a better writer.

Alice: See, that’s what I wanted to hear. I knew this club would do you some good.

The Lost Genesect (E-10 Cut)

Ethan: Yeah, I guess. Now I just have to come up with a poem.

Alice: Well, I can’t help you with that. But what I will say.

[Ethan turned over to Alice as she smiled.]

Alice: Just write something that inspires and emotionally connects with you. Something that makes you feel very special deep down inside. Just be you. I’m sure you can do it.

Ethan: Now it feels like you’re ripping off what I said that helped you decide to become a writer.

Alice: Maybe, or maybe it inspired me to do better.

Ethan: Well, if I’m going to get this poem thing done tonight, I better get going. But thanks, Alice, that does help me a lot.

[The two gazed into each others eyes. Ethan turned around and walked away.]

Ethan: Good night, Alice.

Alice: Good night!

[The scene shifted to inside Ethan’s house at nightfall. Ethan was sitting on his couch with his laptop laid out. His eyes stared blankly at the blinking cursor on his document. Nothing was there.]

Ethan: Okay, brain… let’s go over this again. I need an idea for this club now. I’ve treated you nicely, now give me a concept I can work with!

[Ethan sat for a moment as silence filled the room. He glanced up at his forehead, a bit annoyed.]

Ethan: Well, thanks for nothing. Luckily, I know just the alien to get this done in no time!

[Ethan turned the dial to XLR8’s icon. He paused for a moment.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Wait a minute… What if I trigger my new Omni-Splicing ability? I don’t have full control over this yet. But I think the stress of that battle with Tattooed Man might’ve triggered that transformation. Maybe since I’m stressing over this, it’ll happen again…

[Ethan continued to stare at the Omnitrix, but to his surprise, an explosion went off in the background. It shook Ethan’s room, causing him to snap out of his thoughts. Ethan looked out his window.]

The Echoing Distraction - Episode 22 (AmpFibian VS Charmcaster)

Ethan: … So I can either check that explosion out, or stress over this poem some more. [Smirks] Well, that’s a no brainer!

[Meanwhile, in the main streets of downtown, a few security guards were thrown into a wall. Charmcaster and a group of rock monsters left a jewelry store as she levitated a few charms from her fingertips.]

Charmcaster: Wow, that was pretty pathetic for professional security. Now, I wonder if this diamond necklace would look good on me…

[AmpFibian wooshed into the scene, his tentacles sparking with electricity.]

AmpFibian: Not so fast, girl. Didn’t you hear? The Black Friday sale isn’t for another two months!

Charmcaster: You!

[She grabbed her staff and fired a pink energy blast at AmpFibian. AmpFibian avoided the attack and flew around her.]

AmpFibian: Hey, those are the same rock dudes I just fought earlier today! So you’re the one that sent them!

Charmcaster: Yeah, so?

[Charmcaster fired another blast and AmpFibian flew out of the way.]

AmpFibian: It’s going to take a construction crew two whole weeks to repave that!

Charmcaster: Don’t care.

[Charmcaster unleashed another energy blast at AmpFibian. AmpFibian absorbed the energy using his tentacles, then shot it back out as his own electrical blast. Charmcaster was electrocuted by the attack and fell to the ground. As she attempted to stand up, AmpFibian floated toward her.]

Charmcaster: So, you can absorb energy?

AmpFibian: Yeah, girl! And if you think that’s all it takes to defeat AmpFibian, then you’re in for a big surprise, yo!

Charmcaster: Oh, I have some tricks up my sleeve, too!

AmpFibian: Bring it, little miss sorceress! Let’s see whatcha got!

Charmcaster: TURBO!

[Charmcaster created a gust of pink wind, which threw AmpFibian towards a parking lot. AmpFibian screamed at the top of his lungs as he landed on hard concrete. AmpFibian attempted to move, but was stopped by Charmcaster, aiming her staff in his face.]

Charmcaster: I can’t believe you were this easy to take out. I’m going to enjoy this… Eiditoc Chilgt Merol!

[A large pink light blinded AmpFibian, and he screamed. We cut to Ethan finishing his scream as he jumped out of his bed. The song ended. Ethan looked around to notice he was in his PJs and sitting in his bedroom. It was broad daylight.]

Ethan: What… [Looks at himself.] How, did I…?

[Ethan’s phone alarm went off, and he shrieked and jumped onto the floor. Ethan quickly turned it off and panted heavily.]

Ethan: Phew, it’s just the alarm. Guess I should get going to school.

[Ethan got up from his bed.]

Sharing is Caring, and Ethan Forgot his Poem

[The scene shifted to hours later when Ethan had just arrived into the Literature Club. Anastasia was standing above Mary’s desk as Anastasia appeared to be bickering at Mary while she hid in her books. Alice was standing between the two to stop the argument, while Hilary was sleeping at her desk.]

Anastasia: C’mon, please let me borrow your issue for Tokyo Ghoul!

Mary: No.

Anastasia: I just need to use it for my horror club.

Mary: You’ll lose it.

Anastasia: I swear, I’m not going to lose your issues again.

Alice: Maybe we can work something out!

[Hilary’s snores grew louder. Alice turned over and snapped at her.]


[Hilary woke up, frightened. The two girls continued to argue.]

Mary: It cost me $200 dollars to rebuy my copy, and that includes the cost of out of country.

Anastasia: And I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Mary: No.

Anastasia: C’mon, please?

Mary: NO!

Ethan: [Sigh] I’m either an isekai that jumped straight into a harem anime, or this is the start of my never ending hell.

[The four girls turned to notice how loud Ethan was as he stood confused in the doorway. Alice walked over and dragged Ethan to the two.]

Alice: We have a problem...

Anastasia: Tell Mary that she should let me borrow her issue of Tokyo Ghoul!

Mary: No, you’ll just lose it like you always do!

Anastasia: I will not!

Ethan: Okay! Look, why don’t you let her borrow the issue and if she doesn’t return it to you within 72 hours, then you can make her pay you back.

[Mary made a devious smirk as shadows began to envelop her. Anastasia shook with fear.]

Mary: Oh, I think that sounds lovely…

Anastasia: You-you can’t be serious?!

Mary: If you want the issue so badly then you should do as we say.

Anastasia: Ugh, fine.

Mary: Good, I’ll give it to you tomorrow before class starts.

Alice: I’m glad that’s all settled!

Hilary: Yeah, you two were starting to give me a major migraine…

[Alice stood up to the front of the room.]

Alice: Alright guys, it’s time to share our poems.

[While Hilary, Anastasia and Mary were grabbing their poems from their backpack, Ethan was sitting on his desk, shaking with fear.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Oh crap, I forgot to do my poem last night! Dammit, what am I going to do? If I tell Alice that I forgot to do my poem, I’m never going to hear the end of it. Maybe she’ll be understanding because I was fighting that witch lady. Wait… what did happen to her? Never mind that! I just gotta think of something… just think…

Alice: So who wants to go first?

[A nervous Ethan was breaking in sweat as his body shook with fear. The song ended.]

Anastasia: Well since nobody’s offering, I guess I’ll go.

I'll Protect You

[Anastasia stepped up and held her paper in the air as she read through it.]

Anastasia: My shadow that follows me,

Slowly it dissolved from me,

And then, I escaped.

Just within a small glimpse

The flowers fell all right down

And now, It made me jump.

At the corner of this long street

I began to smell a scent

And then I heard a cry as if I

Heard it before.

Riding on these faded hopes

that’s carried by the wind at night

Just how long and far can we go?

You deny this shaking world,

But inside you know what is true

That all it does is take us away...

If this was really a dream,

And you could never awake

But you wanted to see

Just keep on looking forward ahead.

[The girls clapped for Anastasia’s poem and Ethan was surprised. The song ended.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Oh I am so screwed…

Alice: Alright, I guess I’ll go next!

[Alice walked up to the room, and held her paper as she read through it.]

Alice's Memories (Ortus Mix) - Ep 22

Alice: A single flame to light the dark

I wear it every day everywhere that I go

There’s a dream for peace within my heart

But now it fades every day without any hope

There’s a single flame to light the dark

Is this the path you take? ‘Cause I don’t know where to go

Doesn’t matter ‘cause we’re always stuck

A heart that’s so warm can never help it

The fire lights our way

Guides us when we’re led astray

Like a melody for us to follow every day…

[The girls clapped. Ethan had his face buried in his fists.]

Mary: That was so moving...

Anastasia: I love it!

Hilary: [Wipes her face] I did not expect this today.

[The song ended.]

Alice: Thank you. So who wants to go next?

[She looked at Ethan. Ethan had a frightened look on his face. Alice made a devious smirk.]

Alice: Hey, Ethan, you wanna just get this over with? You look pretty nervous.

[The background shattered behind Ethan like glass.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Oh shit. Don’t do it, Ethan. Don’t say yes, don’t do it, DON’T DO IT!!!

[Ethan flung his head upwards and stared Alice straight in the eye as he put on a fake smile.]

Ethan: Yeah, sure!

Ethan (Thoughts): YOU IDIOT!!!

[Ethan walked to the front of the class. There was a moment of silence, as Ethan secretly grabbed his phone from his pocket and began to scroll for a good poem secretly. Ethan was sweating nervously.]

A Road The Heart Brings (Long Version)

Ethan: Umm… yeah so...

[Ethan unknowingly tapped a website and saw a poem given to him. Ethan cleared his throat as he began to read.]

Ethan: Life is a sea, the majestic waters. It is beautiful and delightful.

Creatures that live within are varied and bountiful.

The colorful fishes that are just so plentiful.

The secrets of the ocean yet to be uncovered,

Finding a life that has never been discovered.

Curiosities drive us to uncover more and more.

Waves of the sea lapping against the sandy shores.

The shells littered across the ocean floor.

But what is beautiful can be dangerous.

The unknown dangers lurking underneath the surface.

Myths and legends striking fear has been less than gracious.

Monsters and serpents hunting their prey.

The confused fish scurry away from all possible danger.

Right into the jaws of a predator unknown.

We may not know all, but this we do know.

Be careful of who you trust, whether they be friend or foe.

Even if you don’t know what might await you.

It’s best to keep your eye out, before you’re hurt too.

[The girls were silent. They stared at him in shock.]

Alice: Ethan… you… wrote that?

Ethan: Uh… yeah, yeah I did! It just sorta came to me last night I guess.

[Anastasia leapt up.]

Anastasia: Wow, Ethan! I didn’t think you’d be a freakin’ prodigy! You could totally become famous with that!

Ethan: Hehe. You think so?...

Alice: Yeah, she’s right! Ethan, that was incredible!

[Mary, Anastasia and Alice continued to praise Ethan with indiscernible words.]

Mary: Yeah, I didn’t believe you had such passion for writing.

Ethan: Oh come on, it wasn’t that great!

Alice: Are you kidding?!

[The conversation faded in the background as Hilary remained in her seat and looked at the group. She made a malicious grin. The song ended. The scene shifted to Ethan and Alice walking down a sidewalk at sunset as they were making conversation.]

Alice: I still can’t believe you wrote that.

Ethan: Really?

Gather Your Blossoms

Alice: Yeah. I’ve seen your work and it’s never that good.

Ethan: What can I say, summer changed me. [Crosses arms behind his head.] Guess the magnificent E-10 knows how to surprise his audience.

Alice: Okay, now you’re just being full of yourself.

Ethan: Am I? Or am I just that good?

[Ethan stopped walking and turned to see Alice crossing her arms. Ethan scratched the back of his head and took a deep breath.]

Ethan: Okay, I need to be honest with you. I didn’t write that thing. I used Google to find that poem, because I couldn’t come up with anything that sounded good. I would’ve had something if I hadn’t been knocked out by this witch at a bank robbery, but after that I found myself awake in my bed with nothing prepared. I’m sorry. But what I did search, I was giving it my all, I didn’t want to give you guys a poem you thought was completely terrible. I had to find something I knew I could pour my heart out with, so I grabbed the best one I could. I just hope you can forgive me for that.

Alice: [Smiled] You know you have a pretty easy pokerface to pin out. I knew you weren’t being honest with me after you said all that. You should’ve told us from the beginning that you didn’t have something prepared. You didn’t have to go the extra mile to give us something. You can be so silly sometimes.

Ethan: Yeah, I’m sorry.

Alice: Look, there’s no need to apologize. Next time, just try to tell us what you’re feeling from within your heart, not from your phone.

Ethan: Okay, I will. Do you mind not telling anybody about this?

Alice: As long as you don’t do it again, it’ll be our little secret.

Ethan: Thanks.

[The song shifted. Ethan and Alice continued walking, but Alice paused for a second and her body began to glow in a small pink aura.]

My First Friend at Horizon - Episode 22

Alice: Actually, why should I?

[Ethan stopped walking, and made a confused look.]

Alice: You’re trying so hard to impress them. Don’t you think they should actually know the truth?

Ethan: I mean, I guess I should come out and say something eventually…

Alice: That’s not the point. If you can’t even be honest with me, why should you be honest with them?!

Ethan: Alice!?

Alice: I’ve seen how you’ve acted around them, Ethan. You spent the last two days just talking to them, and ignoring me.

Ethan: What?! Alice, that’s not true! I-

Alice: After everything we’ve been through together this past year, after risking our lives together, saving the world, and you try to pretend that I don’t even exist? Honestly! I’m the one who got you in this club, too!

Ethan: What are you talking about?! Alice, you’re overreacting over nothing! If I was really trying to ignore you, I wouldn’t be walking with you right now!

Alice: Only because the other three aren’t here right now, right? If they were here, I wouldn’t be. Heck, I might as well not even be in the club, either.

[As Alice spoke, we flashed back to Ethan talking with Anastasia, Mary and Hilary individually. Alice from the side turned to notice Ethan was laughing and flirting with each of them and her eyes turned to the side, looking upset. The flashback ended.]

Ethan: You said you needed my help to expand your writing capabilities!

Alice: Maybe I don’t. I can’t believe I thought inviting you into the club would be such a good idea if all you were going to do was flirt with girls.

Ethan: You’re the one who said that it would be a good opportunity to meet people anyway. I don’t see why you’re making such a big deal about this.

Alice: Because maybe I thought we would spend time together to talk about what happened that day.

[Ethan’s eyes widened.]

Alice: After all the time we’ve spent together, that kiss, I thought you were finally showing me your true feelings for me, that you liked me.

Ethan: I do!

Alice: Then why didn’t you say anything?!

Ethan: You’re the one who never replied back to my messages. We both agreed we would talk about this once we got back to campus, and never once did you come up and talked to me.

Alice: Because I thought you would talk to me!

Ethan: How can I when you know I’m a nervous wreck about these things! Why do you think I never tried anything last year?! Alice, you were my first kiss, and I didn’t wanna screw up anything we had. You’re my best friend, and I didn’t want to risk our relationship because you didn’t have feelings back for me.

Alice: You’re stupid. You’re stupid-stupid-stupid-stupid stupid! You think I don’t feel the same way about you? You were my first kiss, too.

Ethan: What?! But you told me you’ve had boyfriends!

Alice: Online! You’re not the only one who’s been socially pushed aside, especially since I spent most of my life inside with my mother telling me what to do and barely even having the time for my online friends… After everything we’ve been through together, you were my first real friend, I thought you would understand more than anybody. To think I even had any feelings for you!

[Alice walked over to Ethan and smacked him across the face. Ethan felt the pain on his face and looked up, surprised. Alice in tears, turned around and walked away from him.]

Ethan: Wait, Alice… Alice!

[Alice walked further into the sunlight and moments later, the sun was set. Ethan standing there, completely frozen, looked down with an upset look on his face.]

Ethan: Aw, man…

[The song ended. The setting changed to a few days later at Alice’s apartment. Ethan stood outside her door holding flowers. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door.]

Ethan: Alice, open up, it’s me! Alice, c’mon, we have to talk about this! You’ve been ignoring my texts and you haven’t came to school in the last couple days!

[Ethan tried grabbing the knob and noticed it was very hot, but not locked. Ethan burned his hand.]

Ethan: Ah! That’s weird… [Looks up] Alice, I’m coming in!

Scavenging the Evidence (Alice's Okey-Dokey Death)

[Ethan opened the door and stepped inside to notice the air was very humid. Ethan began to sweat and took his off jacket. He wiped the sweat off his face.]

Ethan: Man, it’s hot in here…

[Ethan searched around the apartment for Alice.]

Ethan: Alice! Alice!

[Ethan then looked up to find the smoke detector was smashed to bits and on the ground. He looked down on the carpet to see several scorch marks.]

Ethan: Alice…? What is this?

[Ethan looked over to the end of the room to find a burnt corpse on the floor, to reveal it was Alice. What was still visible of her face appeared to be in agony and shock. In her hands was a lighter. Ethan’s pupils shook in fear.]

Ethan: Alice… Alice…

[Tears fell down Ethan’s eyes and he took a few steps back. Ethan screamed from the top of his lungs and everything zoomed into his mouth.]

Ethan: ALICE!!!

[Suddenly we cut to a sweating Ethan waking up from his bed, as he took heavy breaths.]

Ethan: A...Alice?

[The next day, Ethan arrived to Alice’s apartment and knocked on the door.]

Ethan: Alice! Alice, c’mon I need to talk to you about something, it’s important! I’ve tried reaching you by text for the past two days, but you wouldn’t answer!

[Ethan knocked harder.]

Ethan: Alice!

[The door opened revealing to be a middle aged man with long hair, a fully grown beard, and a white tank top.]

Ethan: Ah! Who are you?

Middle Aged Man: Who are you and what are you doing knocking on my door at 8:30 in the morning?

GoaDL Cinematic - E-10 Variant

Ethan: Well, it is a school day. Look, I was just looking for my friend Alice, is she in there?

Middle Aged Man: No, I’ve never met an Alice in my life.

Ethan: What?! But this is Alice’s apartment! This is 202B isn’t it?

Middle Aged Man: Yes.

Ethan: Then this is-

Middle Aged Man: Look, this isn’t Alice’s apartment, whoever that is. If you don’t leave now, I am calling the cops.

Ethan: But…

[He grabbed his phone and started to dial.]

Ethan: Alright, alright! Yeesh!

[Ethan walked away with his hands in his pocket.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Alice, where did you go...

[The setting changed to Ethan arriving at the Literature Club. He saw Hilary, Anastasia and Mary making conversation. Hilary turned to notice Ethan had arrived.]

Hilary: Oh, Ethan. Glad you could come!

Ethan: Huh, you’re more upbeat than usual…

[Ethan put his bag aside.]

Hilary: Yeah, well I am the club president after all. I have to be at least somewhat awake in order to keep this club alive.

Ethan: Say what?

Hilary: Alright everyone, let’s move! We don’t have all day!

Ethan: Uh, isn’t Alice the club president?

Anastasia: Who’s Alice?

Ethan: Uh, Alice! Orange hair, tall, about my height. The girl next door type!

Mary: Not anyone I’ve ever met.

Anastasia: Are you feeling alright? How much sleep did you get last night? Sometimes I make up people when I don’t get a lot of sleep, too.

Ethan: Um… no. Excuse me, I’ll be right back!

[Ethan grabbed his backpack and began to walk out of the room.]

Hilary: [Hollering] Okay, but don’t take too long! The festival is only just a couple days away!

[The scene transitioned to Ethan meeting Hannibal, Terence, May and Nikki at their usual spot. Ethan had a concerned look on his face.]

Ethan: Hey guys!

Terence: Hey, where you’ve been? We haven’t seen you for the last week.

Ethan: Not important. Have you guys seen Alice around?

Terence: Alice? Who’s Alice?

Ethan: You know? Alice! She’s in our friend group! Have you seen her? [Turns to May] C’mon you’ve had to see Alice at least once this week, right?

[May shook her head.]

Terence: Look, I don’t know who you’re talking about, but we were in the middle of an important conversation. So if you wouldn’t mind?

[Ethan groaned and ran off.]

Terence: So, as I was saying…

[We cut back to the Literature Club the next day where Mary cornered Anastasia at her desk. Hilary tried to separate the two as they bickered at each other.]

Mary: Where’s the manga, Anny?!

Anastasia: I told you, I’m almost finished. I just need a bit more time...

Mary: We had a deal, you would give me back the manga within 72 hours or you would pay me back the money!

Hilary: You did say that…

Mary: QUIET!

[Ethan walked inside, yawning with a depressed look on his face. Ethan then looked up to notice the arguing.]

Anastasia: I’m sorry, I’d give it back if I had it on me… but its at home.

Mary: Then I’ll just follow you home and wait for you to give me back the manga.

Anastasia: You know how my dad is about visitors!

Mary: You know there are other ways for you to pay me back!

[Mary grabbed her taser from her pocket and the girls freaked out and stepped back. Ethan ran over and grabbed Mary’s hand.]

Ethan: Stop! There are other ways we can handle this! Just put down the taser, alright? There’s no need to get violent.

[Mary put down the taser and took a deep breath.]

Ethan: I know how much this issue means to you, Mary. But you can’t hurt somebody, even if she does have a terrible history of borrowing things.

Anastasia: Hey!

Ethan: That’s enough!

[The song ended. Ethan took a deep breath, then groaned.]

Ethan: If Alice were here, she would’ve probably prevented this from happening… But since she’s not, I’ll go back with Anastasia to grab your issue.

Anastasia: But my dad!

Ethan: Don't worry, when it comes to sneaking into places, I'm pretty fast.

Mary: Oh my…

Hilary: Great! Now that that’s settled. Places people! [Claps hands] We have a festival coming up, so we have to be sure our poems are perfect. Does anybody wanna go first?

Mary: I guess I will.

[Mary walked to the front of the classroom and grabbed her poem.]

E-10 - The Ortus (Short)

Mary: My emotion is glittering, it's glittering now

This is the sole time when I am "me"

I don't want anything else

That reveals this sweet world is a fantasy

Let's smile,

I don't want gray feelings

Let's keep on singing songs of love

Let's stay in this bright room

[As Mary continued her poem, her words faded out as we focused on a distracted Ethan as he thought to himself.]

Ethan (Thoughts): I can’t believe I’m sitting here. I have to find a way to save Alice and put things right. But how can I do that when she doesn’t exist? I’d contact the Agent, but he’s busy off at another mission. Dammit, what do I do…

[Ethan heard a noise and he looked up to notice Hilary and Anastasia were applauding for Mary.]

Hilary: That was wonderful, Mary. Now, I’ll go next, I’ve been dying to read this out loud.

Anastasia: Sure, Hilary.

Mary: Let’s hear it!

[Hilary stood up to the front of the classroom and read her poem.]

Hilary's Poem

Hilary: The girl with the sharp thorn in her flesh

I met you at your story

Behind the hatred there lies a murderous love

[Ethan turned to notice how strange Hilary’s words were. Ethan was frightened and suspicious of her words. Hilary read further.]

Hilary: Do you kill, if you think it can fulfill your wish?

Can you die for someone?

They are synonymous words.

[Ethan made a stern glare. The song ended. The scene shifted to outside the Horizon Arts campus, as Ethan and Anastasia were having a conversation down the sidewalk at sunset.]

Let's Take A Moment

Anastasia: My house shouldn’t be too far from here. I would drive, but my dad prohibits me from driving.

Ethan: Yeesh, that’s rough.

Anastasia: Well, that’s life for ya. What about you?

Ethan: I do drive, but I like to stretch my legs every now and then. And since campus isn’t too far from where I live, I don’t have to worry about driving unless I want to.

Anastasia: Really? How far do you live?

[Ethan scratched the back of his head.]

Ethan: I’d rather not say…

Anastasia: On the bright side, at least that means I get to stay out a little longer before he gets angry. Though, if I come home too late he’ll get even angrier.

Ethan: Your father isn’t so much of a friendly guy is he?

Anastasia: Well, he can be nice at times… At other times I just go hide in my room and pray he doesn’t decide to come in. Sometimes I even keep a stash of my booze under my bed so I can drink off the pain.

Ethan: I’m sorry… How long has this been going on?

Anastasia: Ever since my mother died when I was a freshman in high school. He wasn’t as bad until that happened.

[The two appeared in front of a set of railroad tracks and stopped walking.]

Anastasia: Now… I’m lucky to ever get out of the house…

Ethan: Has anybody ever tried to help you? Have you tried doing something for your-

Anastasia: How can I?! He’s the only family I have left! If I do something, I’ll only make things worse, so what’s the point?! I can’t lose anyone else… Not now…

[Anastasia bursted into tears as her fist shook.]

Ethan: I know what it’s like to lose those you care about. I’ve had a ton of people come and go in my life, and just recently I lost somebody who was very important to me. But you can’t let that defy who you are or what you could become in the future. You shouldn’t let others treat you like that. I can’t speak for what it’s like to be abused that way, but I know there’s people who can help.

Anastasia: Oh yeah, like who? Who would want a thing to do with me?

Ethan: I would.

[Anastasia widened her eyes. There was a pause between the two as they stared directly into each other’s eyes. The song ended. Before anything could happen, Mary had arrived from a few feet behind them.]

Mary: Are you really going to fall for that crap?

[Ethan and Anastasia turned to Mary. She had a pink aura coming from her.]

Ethan: What are you talking about, Mary?

Horror's Eye

Mary: I mean all that she’s saying. Can you really trust her word for it? You’ve only known her for about a week. You can’t believe all of this garbage, can you?

Anastasia: Mary, I don’t know what this is about, but why don’t you turn back and mind your own business? I promise we’ll give you your issue back tomorrow.

Mary: This isn’t even about that! We’ve only known each other for about a week, and suddenly you’re letting her manipulate you like that! I just can’t stand to see it anymore… How do you know if her parents really even are like that?

Anastasia: Excuse me? How dare you accuse me of lying!

Mary: You are! You’ve been lying to us for the past week! I found this in her bag today.

[Mary held out her manga issues of Tokyo Ghoul.]

Ethan: Anastasia…

The Only Way to Win (Ep 22, Mary's Death, Ghoulseye vs Charmcaster)

[Ethan turned to Anastasia, and noticed her body was glowing pink as she appeared to have a frightened look on her face. The song shifted.]

Mary: You can’t trust her, Ethan. She’s a delinquent! She might just be using you.

Anastasia: And what would you know?! You don’t know anything about me! Honestly, can you really assume that I’m a liar because I lied about one thing. Maybe I just wanted to keep the issues for myself a little longer. Maybe it was because I was actually enjoying what I was reading. Maybe I was really using these issues as a chance to get some inspiration for once in my damn life.

[Anastasia began to tear up again. The crossbuck signal went off as the sound of a train was starting to approach near them.]

Anastasia: You are just a lying, naive, attention-seeking, stupid whore. You can’t stand it when anyone else that isn't you is seeking attention. So you just butt into other people’s problems and make them your own!

Mary: Oh, do I?!

[Mary, enraged, pushed Anastasia back. In slow motion, she went flying into the train tracks. Ethan and Mary slowly made surprised looks as a train ran over her at high speed. Everything resumed to normal speed as Ethan screamed from the top of his lungs. Mary dropped to the ground and her body shook with intense fear.]

Mary: What have I done…? What kind of a friend am I…

[Mary bursted into tears.]

Mary: I would never do such a thing… Why…?

[Mary grabbed her bag and opened it up. Mary pulled out a knife.]

Mary: I don’t deserve to live anymore, not like this…

[Mary stood up and raised her knife before her. Ethan turned around.]

Ethan: Mary, what are you-?!

[Mary stabbed herself in the chest and blood poured out from her wound. Mary fell to the ground and the blood continued to flow out from her. Ethan’s face was shook and he immediately pulled out his phone.]

Ethan: H-hold on! I’ll call an ambulance!

[Ethan checked his phone to see there was no battery.]

Ethan: Agh, of course. They wouldn’t make it in time anyway. Guess I have no choice but to use XLR8!

Voice: Oh, don’t bother to use your crummy little aliens…

Ethan: What?! Who said that?!

[Ethan then turned to Mary to see her evaporate into energy. He circled around to see everything around him also vaporize, until Ethan found himself in a mysterious realm. The realm looked like the classroom, only the lighting was very dim. There was nothing but cosmic energy outside of the windows.]

Hilary: I did…

[Ethan looked up to see Hilary sitting over by a desk.]

Ethan: Hilary? What are you doing here?

Hilary: This is my realm. And I’ve decided to invite you to it.

Ethan: What?!

Hilary: Oh, that’s right, you probably don’t know who I am, do you? Allow me to properly introduce myself!

[Hilary snapped her fingers and pink winds surrounded her entire body as a white light transformed her body. Ethan blocked the light, then turned back as the light faded. It was revealed that Hilary was Charmcaster.]

Ethan: You! You’re the witch from before!

Charmcaster: Witch, hmm? I don’t think that’s the proper term. I like to think of myself as a sorceress!

Ethan: Who are you?!

Charmcaster: The name’s Charmcaster, and I’m here to get my revenge.

Ethan: What?! But you won last time!

Charmcaster: Not what I meant, shit for brains. You put my Uncle Hex in prison, and even though he could escape his cell at any time, he chooses not to! Why? Because you hurt him! You ruined his life, so now I’m destroying everything you’ve ever cared about.

Ethan: Wait a minute, you killed Alice!

Charmcaster: That’s right, as well as your other two friends. And not just them. When we last fought, I put you under a spell that altered your everyday life, including your friends and their personalities. I destroyed and manipulated them by bringing out their innermost angers. Although that Alice girl couldn’t bring herself to do it, so I used a little fire spell on her and framed it as a torturous suicide! You should have seen her burning, it was priceless.

[Charmcaster laughed. Ethan clenched his fist and began turning the dial on the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: You… You hurt my friends, so now I’m going to make sure you regret what you've done.

[GHOULSEYE TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s body floated back in a green spinning background. With his mouth wide open, a green spirit was unleashed from within his body, flashing out of his eyes and mouth. The transformation resumed to normal background, as Ethan grew a pink exoskeleton armor from his chest and forearms. Ethan’s hands both changed simultaneously. Ethan spun around at a fast speed as a black cloak with green ectoplasm dripping from the edges and spun to the front, raising his arms in a stance, striking a pose. Ghoulseye laughed maniacally. The transformation background turned from green to gold, and yellow electricity began to spark around Ghoulseye. A white light surrounded Ghoulseye’s body.]

Ghoulseye: Ooooh! Hahahaha!

[GHOULSEYE OMNI-SPLICER TRANSFORMATION: Golden armor began to surround through his entire chest. Ghoulseye’s face changed as his jaw and chin stuck out, resembling a horse. Ghoulseye’s cloak changed color as it turned into yellow energy. Ghoulseye spun around as skeleton parts surrounded his different parts of his body. Ghoulseye spun to the front and struck a pose as a yellow light blinded the screen.]

[A dust cloud was formed around where Ethan was standing. The cloud lifted revealing Ghoulseye was Omni-Spliced.]

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: If you thought Ghoulseye was bad before, wait until you get a load of the new Ghoulseye!

Charmcaster: Impressive, but not that impressive.

[Charmcaster aimed her staff and fired pink energy beams at Ghoulseye. Ghoulseye dodged the attack. Static electricity came from the star on his belly button. Ghoulseye created star-shaped arrows and attached them to his cloak. He fired his arrows at Charmcaster, who created a forcefield to block the attack. The arrows went through her shield.]

Charmcaster: What?!

[They exploded and her forcefield went down as she collapsed, seemingly defeated.]

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: That went easier than I thought.

[Ghoulseye floated toward Charmcaster and without his attention, Charmcaster raised her hand.]

Charmcaster: Ocktoon Eradiko!

[The desks grabbed Ghoulseye and he began struggling to break free. Charmcaster floated up into the air.]

Charmcaster: You really thought you could defeat me? Fool! Nobody hurts my uncle and gets away with it!

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Oh yeah? Well nobody hurts my friends and gets away with it either!

[Ghoulseye unleashed a static charge and threw the desks back to her surprise. Ghoulseye went flying toward Charmcaster and before she could unleash a spell, Ghoulseye phased into her body. Charmcaster’s eyes glowed green.]

Charmcaster: What are you doing?!

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Hey, I didn’t know Ghoulseye could possess people! It must be my new Omni-Splicer ability!

Charmcaster: Get out of me…

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Not until we clean up the damage you’ve done first!

[Ghoulseye lifted Charmcaster’s hands and a green energy came from her palms. The green energy blinded the screen.]

Charmcaster: No!!!

[The color turned from green to white and the setting shifted to Charmcaster awakening in a cell. She looked around and tried to use her magic to break free. It didn’t work, and the camera zoomed out to the outside of the cell, which had indigo rocks surrounding the perimeter.]

Charmcaster: No… No… NOOOO!!!

[A white light blinded the screen and Ethan woke up from a bed. The song ended.]

Ethan: What?! What happened?

[Ethan looked around to see he was in his bedroom.]

Ethan: I’m home? Wait a minute…

[Ethan got up from his bed as sheets were thrown into the screen. We cut to outside the Horizon campus. We zoom inside to reveal a group of girls were engaging a conversation outside the Literature Club classroom. Ethan arrived to notice Anastasia, Mary and Alice were alive. Ethan noticed their smiles and he shed a tear, and ran to them.]

Ethan: Guys!

Alice: There you are, where have you been?

Where the Ortus Bloom - Ep 22 (E-10)

Ethan: Uh, sleeping. What’s going on?

Anastasia: We had to shut down the Literature Club because we weren’t getting enough people.

Mary: Besides, we’re all too busy with our other extracurricular activities to keep this club going. It’s for the best.

Ethan: I see.

Anastasia: Well, it’s been fun guys, but I’ve gotta get back to my friends. Apparently the new issue of Versailles of the Dead just came out, I’ve been dying to finish it! You coming, Mary?

Mary: Yeah, I’ll see you guys around!

[Anastasia and Mary walked down the hall as Ethan and Alice watched them leave.]

Alice: On the bright side, at least we got those two to be friends.

Ethan: Yeah.

Alice: Not to mention, I had so much fun! I finally gained more writing experience, so now I can tell my stories in a whole different light. I can’t wait to share my ideas with the others!

Ethan: [Turns to Alice] Um, Alice? Do you have any memories about over what happened the last week?

Alice: All I remember was meeting you in classes and hanging out at the club. It took me forever just to help you write that one poem, I swear you can be such a pain sometimes.

[Tears flowed down Ethan’s eyes. Ethan jumped onto Alice as he wrapped his arms around her to hug her and sobbed down her shoulder.]

Alice: Ethan? What’s wrong?

Ethan: Nothing, I’ll tell you about it later. Just right now… I really missed you, that’s all.

[Alice blushing, she grabbed Ethan and had her hands between his shoulders.]

Alice: You idiot, I’m right here. And I’m not going anywhere.

Ethan: You mean it?

Alice: Yeah.

[The two pulled away and Alice adjusted the strap on her bag.]

Alice: Now c’mon, we said we would meet the others for lunch.

Ethan: Right.

[Ethan wiped his tears and smiled. Ethan and Alice walked down the hallway as we zoom out, with everything fading to black.]

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

Episode 23 preview

[We shifted through scenes of Ethan speaking with Lieutenant Steel inside a new area in the SACT base. The group walks into the room as they speak with Maria. We shift into an office where Lieutenant Steel and Maria give them an offer. Then we cut to Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki going up an elevator in different colored armors.


Major Events

  • Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye makes his Omni-Splicer Debut.
  • Alice gains more experience in becoming a top writer.
  • Ethan realizes he needs to talk to Alice about his feelings soon.


  • This episode involves the aftermath of Hex's defeat, which has reflected on Charmcaster to engage her revenge scheme.
  • Ethan is still investigating how to activate the Omni-Splicers.
  • Alice persuades Ethan into joining the club for his search for a girlfriend.
  • Ethan and Alice talk about their kiss from Spirited Away, Part 2.
  • They both revealed they were too afraid to talk to each other about it, due to not knowing where it was going to go.
    • However, Alice forgets about the whole event due to Charmcaster altering with time.
  • Ethan reveals he tried to contact the Agent, but had no luck.
  • Ethan decides to wait for the right time to talk to Alice about it.



  • Charmcaster (first appearance)
  • Hex

Aliens Used


  • This episode is a play on Doki Doki Literature Club.
  • Goop makes a reference to his counterpart in Alien Force when he melts one of Charmcaster's rock monsters and quotes "Hey check it out, acid rock!"
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Ideals and Truth
    • The Lost Genesect
    • The Ortus
    • Where the Ortus Bloom


  • This episode was made as an 2 year anniversary episode to Doki Doki Literature Club.
  • This episode airs as the second sneak peek to the second season.
  • This episode was guest written by Stingray66.
  • The Agent was originally set to make a cameo in the episode, but the episode turned out to be long, so it had to be cut.
    • However, the scene is actually written on Google Docs.
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