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Puzzle Piece: Infinity
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date July 31st 2020
Written by SpookyLaundry
Directed by SpookyLaundry
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[The camera opens to a city sign reading ‘Welcome to Paradise Valley’ on a sunny day. A dark shadow is cast over the sign. The camera turns to reveal a white blonde male with blue eyes who is around his early 20s. A smile grows over his face. He drops his bags as he takes out his phone beginning to text someone.]

Unknown: “Finally. After all this time I have found her. It is time for a little homecoming party.”

-Opening Theme-

[The camera tunes back to Dalton’s dorm room where Iris, Angel, Dalton, and Lily are watching a scary movie with the lights up. Lily and Angel are laying together on his bed with Dalton and Iris on Dalton’s bed. The dramatic scary music could be heard as the climax kill was about to happen. As the killer popped up in the movie with a jumpscare, both girls jumped onto their respective boy in fright. The movie eventually ends and Angel turns the lights on as he goes to his computer to turn the player off. A vibration goes off on Angel’s bed as it is a notification from Lily’s phone. She picks it up with curiosity but quickly is on the verge of tears when she sees what the notification is from. Angel quickly is at her side trying to comfort her.]

Angel: “Hey, hey. Don’t worry, you’re fine. He can’t get you. He’s in New York and you are here across the country.”

[Iris and Dalton look confused as to what they are talking about. Iris gets up to help Angel comfort Lily. Dalton decides to break the ice and try to get information.]

Dalton: “What’s wrong Lily?”

[Angel and Iris both look at Dalton with an upset look on their faces.]

Angel: “Dude, not the time.”

Lily: “No, it’s fine. I might as well tell them since we are becoming close friends. Only a matter of time before it came up anyways.”

Angel: “Are you sure, Lily?”

[Lily nodded as she wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes that had started to form. She cleared her throat and showed Dalton and Iris the notification on her phone. It read : Micheal: Hey Lily, I’m in town for a visit. *smiley emoji*. Dalton looked puzzled from this and looked at Iris then Lily.]

Lily: “This is my brother, Micheal Morningstar. He’s a grade-A asswipe that goes to Frekdin University in New York. He’s a dangerous psychopath that’s here to kidnap me and take me back home if he actually is in town.”

Dalton: “What the hell? How come he hasn’t been imprisoned?”

Lily: “Cops have never been involved that’s why.”

[Lily looks saddened by the topic of her family. Angel hugs her some more as Dalton and Iris go back to their side of the room.]

Dalton: ‘Don’t worry Lily, we will protect you if he does show up.”

Lily: “I don’t want to burden you guys…. Look can we just drop it and go to sleep?”

[Angel nodded as Lily slumped over to go to bed. Dalton and Iris laid in their bed as Angel turned off the light and went to sleep with Lily. The room eventually turns to morning where Dalton is woken up by a knock at his door. He sees that everyone else is either asleep or just waking up as well, so he gets up to answer the door. He opens it to see a white, blonde, blue-eyed male at the door. Dalton assumes it is Micheal and tries to close the door on him. Micheal fights back pushing his way inside. Micheal breaks past Dalton, making Malware take over for a split moment before Dalton shakes it off.]

Dalton: “Dude, get the fuck out of my room. You were not welcomed in.”

Micheal: “Shut up. I want to see my sister. It’s urgent.”

[Lily sees Micheal and screams. Angel and Iris both wake up to scream. Iris goes to guard Lily while Angel tackles him to the ground. Dalton rushes over to help Angel drag him out. Micheal kicks and screams.]

Micheal: “I will call the cops and have them arrest you!”

Angel: “Hey dumbass, they would arrest you for trespassing. We are within the law and have the right to use force to remove you from our room.”

Micheal: “I did not want to have to do this.”

Lily: “Micheal, please don’t! Just leave!”

[Micheal’s eyes glowed gold as a burst of energy blasted Dalton and Angel off of him, binding them to the wall. Micheal lifts himself up as his attention turns to Lily. Iris grabs a frying pan from under Angel’s desk to defend themselves with.]

Dalton: “Don’t you lay a fucking finger on them!”

Angel: “Dalton, don’t you think now is a good time to go hero?”

Dalton: “Yeah, yeah, I know. I can’t reach the Omnitrix from here though.”

Micheal: “Lily, you know nothing on Earth can stop us. So I will give you until tonight to pack your things. Meet me for dinner. Alone. Or else I will turn this entire joke of a university into a crater.”

[Micheal leaves and the bindings on the boys fade away. Angel rushes to Lily who has started to cry. Dalton runs to the door to fight Micheal, but he has already disappeared. Dalton comes back in shutting the door joining everyone in comforting Lily.]

Lily: “I think it's time I share the real story behind my family. The one I haven’t even told you, Angel.”

[Lily looks worried to tell this story as Angel looks at her in confusion. Lily tries to get words out but chokes on her tears.]

Lily: “My family…. is clearly not normal. We all have powers you could say. Magic is the simplest way to describe it, but it's a lot deeper than that. My family is evil, they are bent on taking over someplace called Ledgerdomain, some magic realm. My father was imprisoned when I was around 10. When my family found out I was coming here for college, they did a ritual to free him. My family thinks I am some special chosen one to fulfill some procephy, but I don’t even have powers like the rest of them. I… I just want a normal life away from all that. A chance to be an adult, meet new people, date,... marry….. have a family… grow old.”

[Lily goes back to crying as the group sits in silence. Dalton, Angel, and Iris look at each other nodding. Dalton gets up pulling out his phone to call Codon.]

Dalton: “Don’t worry, Lily. I gotcha covered.”

[The scene transitions to Codon’s base as DAIL have just arrived. Lily looks astonished and quickly cleans her bleeding mascara. The four aliens walk up to them as Tetrax retracts his helmet.]

Tetrax: “Greetings, Lily. Dalton has told me of your situation. Allow me to introduce the team. I am Tetrax. The human-looking one is Albedo. The three-eyed one is Xylene and the squid is Myaxx. We are here to help.”

Lily: “How- how- no why- actually what is happening? Can someone please explain this?”

Dalton: “Well… let's do this one last time.”

[The scene transitions a little bit later as Dalton wraps up his origin story and brings Lily up to speed about almost everything.]

Lily: “Woah, that is wicked. Angel, you knew about this? Why am I always the last to know important stuff?”

[Angel laughs as Dalton chats with the Codon Collective.]

Dalton: “You guys will stay here. We can’t risk you guys being seen. You are plan B in case I fail. I will go with Lily and hide and when Micheal tries to take her, WHAM! He gets a little alien power blasted at him.”

Tetrax: “That does not seem like a well laid out plan for yourself.”

Dalton: “It’s a plan.”

Albedo: “No, Tetrax is right. That is not even half of a plan.”

Dalton: “It’s like 40% of a plan.”

Myaxx: “That doesn’t make it a plan.”

Dalton: “Look, it’s better than nothing, okay guys?”

[Codon breaks off as DAIL gets ready to leave. Lily hugs Angel tight while she waves goodbye to her new alien friends. The scene fades into a restaurant where Lily is sitting alone waiting for her brother, while Iris, Angel, and Dalton are several tables over. Finally, Micheal arrives sitting with Lily.]

Micheal: “Oh good, you decided to be smart and stop fighting. Now order whatever you’d like. Father says you get one last meal before fasting.”

[The meal plays out with Micheal going on about Frekdin and the family, while Lily just sits there sad as can be. Lily’s mind starts to wonder about what’s about to happen, either her friends save her or they die trying. Lily starts crying again from thinking about her friends dying for her. Micheal stops talking and looks at her.]

Micheal: “Well, that’s it. I am getting sick and tired of your bitching and crying. We are leaving now, so I don’t have to listen to you any longer! Check, please!”

Dalton: “Guys, cover me. I’m going hero.”

[Dalton rushes into the bathroom hallway and into a restroom. He goes in quickly changing into an alien. A green light from the hallway catches Micheal’s attention as he looks towards it noticing Iris and Angel. He laughs and changes his clothes in a bright golden light, causing the restaurant to evacuate from the pending danger. Micheal was now wearing a cloak with metal accessories complete with a metal mask.]

Micheal: “Lily, for being dumb enough to involve your friends, they shall die by the power of Darkstar!”

[Micheal warms up an energy blast and fires it at Angel and Iris, only for it to be eaten by Upchuck who came running out of the bathroom. Upchuck propels it back at him.]

Upchuck: “I don’t think so, Dr.Doom.”

Darkstar: “My name IS Darkstar!”

[With his growing anger, Darkstar’s energy turns to black as he fires at Upchuck who either eats the blasts or manages to dodge them. Iris and Angel ran over to Lily to evacuate her as well. Darkstar takes notice and tries to go after them, but gets wrapped up in Upchuck’s tongues. Darkstar puts his hands on them and sends a shock to Upchuck damaging him. While Upchuck recovers, Darkstar quickly flies to Angel, Lily, and Iris.]

Darkstar: “Lily will be coming with me. Sorry, you can’t come to the family reunion. You two will be busy with your funerals.”

[Darkstar grabs Lily attempting to take her from Angel’s grasp, but he has a strong hold on her against Darkstar. Darkstar proceeds to use both hands prompting Angel to lose his grip sending Lily into Darkstar’s arms. Lily starts to cry as she fights her way back to Angel. Darkstar pulls her along until a purple burst of energy comes from Lily sending them in opposite directions. Angel rushes to Lily helping her up. Darkstar tries to get up but is suddenly grabbed by black and red lassos. He looks over to see they are Upchuck’s tongue.]

Upchuck: “Just a little upgrade to give you a major hangover tomorrow.”

[Upchuck’s tongues then sent a yellow and red electric shock through them shocking Darkstar’s body knocking him out. Upchuck unwraps his tongues as he turns back into Dalton with a red flash. Dalton is wearing his Malware suit as he goes over to the others. When he gets to them, his suit starts to fade back into the watch.]

Dalton: “Come on, we gotta get the hell out of here.”

[The scene fades to black as it changes back to Codon with Lily hooked up in Dalton’s chair to Xylene’s machines. Xylene was looking at her tablet reading the charts while Angel held Lily’s hand. Xylene gasped as she turned to Lily.]

Xylene: “Lily, it appears that you do in fact have powers. Your powers erupted when in an elevated state of emotion such as your brother coming for you. It is likely your father would have forced your powers to erupt, likely with what he did to Micheal. I suggest coming here for monitorization and training.”

[Lily nods and looks to Angel who awkwardly smiles at her to try to ease her. Dalton looks to Codon and looks to the exit.]

Dalton: “We should get going. We have class tomorrow.”

[Everyone says their goodbyes as the humans make their way back to campus. LIly looks on edge while the rest are silent. The scene transitions to a few days later as Lily is seen walking about campus in between class. She lets out a sigh of relief and relaxation that soon fades when she hears a voice.]

Darkstar: “No changeling to save you now, Lily.”

[Lily tries to start running but is grabbed by Darkstar. Lily struggles to break free from his grasp while Darkstar laughs at her weakness.]

Darkstar: “No use fighting. You are coming back home to New York, regardless.”

Lily: “No, I’m not!”

[Lily’s eyes glowed purple as a burst of energy separated her from Darkstar. Darkstar laughs as he sends a gold energy whip towards her.]

Darkstar: “It seems your powers have erupted. No worries, we need that to happen. It just makes taking you back a little more difficult.”

Lily: “I am not going with you. You can tell that piece of shit that is our dad, to leave me alone. I want nothing to do with any of it.”

Darkstar: “Unfortunately sister, you don’t get to decide that.”

[Lily unleashes several energy blasts at Darkstar as she brings up a shield to block from the whips.]

Lily: “Wrong! I do get to decide that. It’s my life and I get to choose what I want to do. Not you. Not mother. Not father. They kiss my ass if they think I am helping them.”

[Lily’s eyes glowed purple as another burst shot at Darkstar hitting him. Darkstar laughs at her.]

Darkstar: “You really think that you can beat me? I have had years of training under Mother and Father. You have had your powers for less than a week.”

[Darkstar throws multiple yellow discs at Lily with all successfully hitting. Darkstar moves in on her, touching her face. Lily’s eyes go full purple while Darkstar’s goes full yellow. They appear to be at a standoff. The yellow on Darkstar slowly starts to infect Lily’s body, covering her purple. Lily is about to lose until she suddenly bursts into a purple energy being. She successfully beats Darkstar, whose yellow energy has now permanently changed to black. Lily turns back to human as she throws Darkstar aside, accidentally knocking his helmet off to reveal his face is severely scarred now.]

Lily: “What… what the fuck was that?”

[Lily looks freaked out and looks at her hands. She hears Darkstar moaning, she looks over to see him getting up and touching his face. He gasps as his hands glow black in anger. He turns to Lily about to fire at her.]

Darkstar: “My face! My beautiful face!”

[Darkstar starts firing at Lily but is suddenly trapped in vines. Lily looks confused and looks over, seeing Dalton as Wildvine. Darkstar burns through the vines and throws energy blasts at Wildvine who dodges by going underground. Lily grabs ahold of Darkstar with a purple energy whip holding him tight.]

Lily: “You know what Micheal? I think it's time you had a timeout for once so you can think about your actions.”

[Darkstar breaks free and starts to fire energy blasts. Wildvine unearths beneath Darkstar grabbing him.]

Wildvine: “I don’t think so Mikey.”

[Darkstar burns through Wildine’s hands kicking away from him. Lily panics and loses her focus as her eyes turn back to normal. Darkstar looks drained as he unleashes a wave of energy hitting both Lily and Wildvine. Wildvine shakes it off swinging over to Lily.]

Wildvine: “I have a plan, but I am going to need your help. You in?”

Lily: “Duh. What’s the plan?”

Wildvine: “These seeds, or whatever they are, act as explosives. When I throw them, I need you to hit it when it is next to Darkstar.”

[Lily nods as WIldvine starts to reach for his back. Wildvine grabs a seed from his back and throws it towards Darkstar. Lily throws an energy blast at the seed, managing to hit it as it explodes, knocking out Darkstar. Wildvine implants his hand into the ground causing vines to grow near Darkstar. The vines wrap around him trapping him in place. Wildvine swings away as Lily stays there looking at her ensnared brother.]

LIly: “You may have been brainwashed by dad’s bullshit, but I haven't. I hope one day I can convince you that Dad is a monster.”

[Lily hears sirens and runs away. The cops grab Darkstar and take him into the back of their squad car. Darkstar regains consciousness and grabs a rock out of his pocket which teleports him away in a pink flash transitioning the scene back into Dalton’s dorm. Dalton and Iris are sitting with Angel and Lily. Dalton is explaining what happened with a smile, he looks really pleased with Lily.]

Dalton: “Lily was the true hero today. That was wicked. She can be a really helpful team member.”

Lily: “I think I want to hold back on that. I need some time to think about this.”

Dalton: “Understandable, you know where to find me or Codon.”

Lily: “Yeah…”

[Lily slowly grows silent as the scene fades to black. The scene fades into Darkstar appearing in a temple setting with a pink flash. He catches his breath and gets up. His dad appears before him as a shadowy figure.]

Darkstar’s Dad: “You return empty-handed?”

Darkstar: “Her powers emerged and she had help from a changeling. I can get her.”

Darkstar’s Dad: “No. It seems you need at least another year of training. I shall need to punish you for the failure.”


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Lily's powers erupt.
  • Micheal gets scarred.

Minor Events

  • Darkstar and Mr. Sunshine debut.



  • Darkstar (debut)
  • Mr. Sunshine (debut, cameo)

Aliens Used


  • Micheal's college 'Frekdin University' is the same as the one from Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • Iris grabbing a frying pan to fight Micheal off is an allusion to Disney's Tangled.
  • Dalton saying "Let's do this one last time" is an allusion to Into the Spiderverse.


  • It is revealed that Lily is from New York.
  • Dalton saying he has 40% of a plan is a nod to Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Dalton calling Darkstar 'Dr.Doom' is due to his design taking from the character.
  • This is the first episode to not have a transformation sequence.
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