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Odutset is a villain in the series Den -10. Odutset is part of Oculus's villains team. His full name is Odutset Symelcalam. His name is Testudo spelled backwards, testudo meaning "turtle" in Latin. He is the opposite of Testudo.

Biography and Personality

Odutset is a war-loving alien, like the rest of his species. He will be loyal to anyone if he lets him fight and destroy for no suitable reason. He often thinks his powers suck. His best friend is Larberec.

Odutset was born on Arbadla at a unknown date. Sometime in his life he found a wormhole that led him to the Yaw Yklim galaxy to the planet Emirp Navlag, where he met Larberec. After sometime on that planet, they met Mudigirf and Ari, who said he will take them to a place they could destroy without anyone stopping them. When they reached Thrae, Ari took the machine they were working on, the Xirtisop, and he ran away from the ship. When Odutset and the others landed, they discovered Ari gave it to a Namuh, and then they started destroying the city until Ari will give it back, but the namuh used it to fight them, and Den (the namuh) became a hero. They went on a regular routine, the villains fought, destroying the city, and the heroes won at the end. But that changed when a spaceship from the matter dimension appeared...

(to be continued as the series progresses)


  • Turning into a flying fan and sucking stuff into him to slice
  • Good Swimmer
  • Very agile and fast
  • Odutset can also blow out air, shown in some episodes


  • Quite stupid

Species and Planet

Species: Oirea Enolechoeg

Planet: Arbadla


Odutset is a opposite Geochelone Aerio, which means he looks like one just color swapped

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