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Oculus is a villain in the series Den -10. He was one of the Contrairo's ship crew, but unlike the rest of it he became evil. He is the leader of his small team of villains Larberec, Mudigirf and Odutset. His full name is Oculus Sclera. His name comes from the word oculus, the latin word for "eye."

Biography and Personality

Oculus is, obviously, evil. He is treacherous, shown when he left his teammates to be a commander of a villain's team. He, like Vroma Myga, thought he should be the leader of the team, but he kept it inside of him until they landed on Thrae. He made himself the leader of the villains so he could be the leader of something. He is a good leader, the only reason why Ebenso didn't want him to be a leader be of his evilness. He also has a greed to power.

Oculus was born in a unknown date on the planet Sightra. He was orphan, and his millionaire uncle raised him, which is why he had a greed for power. After he was mature enough to get a job, he wanted to start with something little, a cargo ship, and then go to bigger jobs. When he started working there, he met Ebenso, Vroma Myga and Ptyon. He wanted to be the leader, but he never said it. But one day, the ship flew near a black hole, that sucked him into the opposite dimension...

(to be continued asa the series progresses)


  • 360 vision
  • Sticking to walls
  • Shooting lasers from any of his eyes

By combining some of the eyes, he can create different lasers:

  • Freeze rays
  • Super big laser from his belly
  • Telekinetic rays to hold stuff in the air
  • Melting rays
  • Forcefields
  • (more will be added as the series progresses)

Species and Planet

Species: Opticoid

Planet: Sightra


Oculus is a normal Opticoid, nothing special.

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