Brandon 10 (Reboot)
Season 2, Episode 10
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Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Ocean Land is the 23rd episode of the rebooted series, Brandon 10.


In the middle of the ocean, on a dark and stormy night, thunder erupts through the skies as lightning flashes within the clouds above. A boat can then be seen drifting ahead on the rising tides. On the boat, a couple of worse for wear looking sailors can be seen moving around some cargo. One of the men is dressed in a dark navy blue coat over his brown turtleneck. He watches the waves. One of the crewmen rush over to the man.

Crewman: Captain, this storm doesn't look like it's going to let up any time soon. Perhaps we should head back and-

Captain: Nonsense, boy. We're nearly there so what's the point in turning back. We'll make it to the dock and hand them this cargo. The storm should clear before we head back, anyways.

Crewman: I know the plan, sir, I'm just- well-

Captain: Well, what? Spit it out, man.

Crewman: It's just- what exactly are we carrying?

The crewman turns to the cargo. It's labeled, "Handle with Caution" and "Live Specimen exported exclusively to Ocean Land Resorts Inc."

Captain: None of our business, yes? We only get paid for the job- to hand over the cargo after lugging it around for hours on the open sea. What does it matter what's inside?

Crewman: It usually doesn't, sir, it's just- well- the cargo is a bit unsettling. It makes these noises in the night and whatever was inside nearly got out a couple of times.

Captain: You worry too much, boy. Like I said, we're nearly there. In fact, we should be already on their property by now. We'll have those shipments in before you know it.

As the boat continues sailing forwards, lightning strikes close by. The waves then swish and curve as the winds pick up. The Captain and the crewman hold onto the railing as the boat rocks against the waves.

Crewman 2: Captain, we've got ourselves a situation here!

Captain: On my way!

The captain of the ship rushes to the wheel and takes over. The crewman remains at the railing but then turns his head when hearing the noises coming from the cargo. The crate then shakes as the noises- which sound like chattering- grow in intensity. The crewman covers his ears and holds his head down. The cargo then starts to slide as water pours onto the ship's deck. The cargo continues sliding towards the crewman. The Captain looks up from the wheel and sees the cargo heading right for him.

Captain: Watch out!

The crewman looks up in surprise as the cargo comes right for him. He leaps out of the way as the cargo slams against the railing, getting knocked over the edge of the railing and into the water. The cargo then sinks beneath the surface. The Captain rushes out of the wheelhouse and over to the crewman, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Captain: What just happened?! Are you alright?

Crewman: I'm fine, Captain. I just- I heard those noises again and the cargo-

Captain: It's fine... the cargo- it went overboard. I guess our trip here was just a waste of t-

Before he can finish his sentence, the boat rocks violently, causing the Captain and the crewman to bump into the railing, holding on tightly.

Crewman: Captain! What-What's going on?!

A ghastly roar is then heard, echoing from the water, itself. The Captain and the crewman then turn to the water as a figure starts to emerge from the sea. They look up as it grows over them.

Captain: By Neptune's Beard!

The two of them then yell out as a part of the figure slams into the ship. In the instance, the ship can be seen entangled in long tendrils as it gets dragged down slowly into the water.

Theme Song

Now in the day, over the very same waters, a helicopter- with the letters "OL" printed in light blue on the side- can be seen flying over the sea. On board, a girl in a pink shirt and brown shorts can be seen taking pictures out the window, with an instant-film camera. Next to her, a boy in a blue shirt with grey pants, checking his phone. And across from them, a full-figured man who is dressed in a blue and white uniform with the letters, "OL" snitched on his chest pocket. He has semi-round glasses and a grey beard.

Tour Guide, pointing out the window: And on your right, more water. Ha! I'm just kidding around. We should actually be close to our destination. Again, I'd like to say that it's an honor to welcome you three to the latest development from Venusio Industries and thank you for participating in the contest. Now does anyone have any questions before we land?

Brandon, unseen: I've got one.

The tour guide turns to Brandon who is sitting on the other side of the bench. He's looking at a brochure.

Brandon: I'm looking through this thing and they keep mentioning the parts of the resort but I thought this was supposed to be a theme park.

Tour Guide: Well, there's a simple answer to that question-

Boy: It's both.

Brandon: Huh?

Boy: It's a resort and a theme park. I can't be the only one who did my research, can I?

The girl turns from the window, apparently excited.

Girl: Oh! Oh! I did my research too. I'm all about the Venusio design. Did you know that Mr. Venusio designed the Cuori pendenti restaurant all on his own? It's one of the best buildings in Italy!

Brandon: Is that the building that everyone's taking pictures of? You know, the leaning tower?

Girl: (giggles) What? No! But you're not too far off from the name. I believe it translates to Leaning Hearts. Kinda poetic, huh?

Brandon: I guess it is. I'm more into a different kind of designing...

Girl: Innovative minds united! I'm Cindy, by the way. Cindy Marshall! And this is my friend, Paul!

Paul: Eh...

Cindy, pouting: Mr. Grant, you introduce yourself, right now!

Paul: Hi, I'm Paul...

He then looks back down at his phone, seemingly without a care to give. Cindy turns back to Brandon with a nervous smile.

Cindy: He's just shy.

Brandon: Uh huh... Well, I'm Brandon. Nice to meet you.

Tour Guide, with a big grin: And I'm Dennis!

Everyone in the copter turns to look at Dennis. After a short moment, he looks down in shame.

Dennis: (sigh) And nobody cares...

Brandon: Nah, it's not that. We just all saw your name tag, that's all.

Dennis: Huh? Oh! That reminds me where's my-

He turns and shows his name tag on his back. Brandon and Cindy start laughing while Paul sighs to himself, turning to the window.

Paul: Hey... uh- I think we're here.

Brandon and Cindy stop and turn to the same window.

Both: Whoa...

The helicopter is then seen flying towards a tropical island. The water also looks really clear with some kind of metallic structure just barely seen underneath the island. The helicopter then comes in for a landing, close by the beach, where two people are seen waiting. One of which is a young woman with long black hair in a teal suit, carrying a clipboard in her hands. The other is an older man wearing a dark velvet coat with red lining and a top hat. He has a cane in his hands. The helicopter then lands on the landing pad and the engines start to wind down. When they finally settle, the doors of the copter open and everyone steps out- approaching the two of the docks.

Older Man: Welcome, one and all, to Ocean Land.

Cindy: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! It's really him!

Brandon: That's Mr. Venusio?

Mr. Venusio: Quite right, my dear young man. I take it that you're Brandon.

Brandon: Well, y-yeah. How did you know?

Mr. Venusio: I have a very keen attention to the details. There's also a picture of you with your name next to it on the guest list.

The dark haired woman shows a page on her clipboard that indeed has a list of names with pictures of faces next to it. There are quite a few people on the guest lists.

Brandon, nervously: Oh... right. Heh, heh.

Woman: If anyone else has any questions for Mr. Venusio, now would be the time to ask them as Mr. Venusio has a pretty... erm- busy schedule.

Paul: Well, here's one- (looks up from his phone) Just who are you?

Mr. Venusio: This is my assistant, Alice Hall. She'll be assisting you and the other guests almost as well as she assists me.

Brandon: Other guests? Yeah, now that you mention it, that guest list looked a lot longer than just the three of us.

Paul: Not all of us came here without adults.

Brandon: Oh right... sorry, I just kinda got used to it after a while.

Mr. Venusio: The young lad is right. There are other copters coming in and some have already landed as you can see.

He extends his arm out to the other docks, showing some other helicopters that have already landed. He turns back to the children.

Mr. Venusio: The other guests have already met and will be meeting in the central hall where you'll be organized into groups for the official tour of the facility.

Cindy: An actual tour of a Venusio design? This day couldn't get any better.

Mr. Venusio: Oh but it can. Because I will personally be joining you on the tour at a later point in time. (chuckles)

Alice turns to Venusio, with only a smidge of doubt on her face. Brandon notices this and turns to Mr. Venusio. He looks out at them again.

Cindy: Wow! That's incredible! I always wanted to get to know what you think about your own designs- No! What you think during your own designs. Although I had just assumed a mind as complex as your own could not be explained it words but-

Mr. Venusio: -only in design? Ha, ha. It seems someone follows my work quite passionately. I'm very impressive, little one.

Cindy: Wow! He's actually impressed in me!

Paul: So are we just going to stand out here all day?

Mr. Venusio: I like your spunk, young lad. Indeed, we should definitely proceed inside. I just wanted to greet you three to Ocean Land. In fact, I must say that you three are exactly the type of target audience I wanted for this place.

Brandon: Really? So it's catered to kids like us?

Mr. Venusio: Well, Ocean Land is meant to be enjoyed by everyone but I wanted something that would really capture something that has evaded me so many long years. The imagination of a child. It's nice to impress them but what I really want is to hold their attention on something other than details. Because even those tend to be uninteresting after a while. No... an entire facility with a design that kids would absolutely love is just what I needed. So, on my personal behalf, I hope that you all enjoy your time here at Ocean Land before it becomes open to the public. Now Alice here will take you to the central hall so you can get nice and comfortable.

Alice nods and extends her arm out to her side, as if to suggest them to move ahead of her. The kids look amongst themselves and then do as she suggests. Mr. Venusio is about to turn back when Alice turns to him.

Alice: Sir, there is still that matter that we have failed to talk about. About the missing shipment.

Mr. Venusio: We can discuss that later, Alice. Please... I just- (sigh) I need some time.

Alice: ...Of course, sir.

Alice turns back to the children and walks with them further into the island. Mr. Venusio then turns slowly to water and looks up at the sky, possibly for any more approaching helicopters. However, bubbles appear to be rising from the water and, beneath the surface, a herd of figures swim past at an incredible speed. On the island, there's a small facility with a large dome at the center. Inside, Alice can be seen leading Brandon, Paul and Cindy inside and escorting them to a table.

Alice: This is the Central Hall, all parts of the ground facility converge at this point making it easy for guests to navigate their way through the resort at this level. Dennis will continue with the tour soon enough. I must return to Mr. Venusio in case he needs me for anything.

Alice turns to leave- leaving the three of them by the table. Paul is the first to sit down followed by Brandon and Cindy.

Cindy: When is this tour going to start already? A chance to meet and talk with Mr. Venusio while exploring his new facility? It's like a dream come true!

Paul: Didn't you just hear the lady, Cindy? She said the tour will start soon with that Dennis guy.

Brandon: Which gives us some time to get to know each other.

Paul: I'll pass. Look, we're only here for just today. It's not like we're ever going to see each other again.

Brandon: I guess you're right but still- there's plenty of time left in the day and getting to know each other might make hanging out better.

Cindy: He's right, Paul. Getting to know your team is essential for working together, even if they are people you've never met before.

Paul: Whatever. I just- don't like answering questions.

Brandon: If it makes you feel better, you can ask me questions.

Paul looks up from his phone at Brandon then puts his phone down.

Paul: Alright... How'd you really win this contest?

Brandon: H-Huh?

Paul: Most of the contest winners are either kids enrolled in a Venusio program or adults who paid plenty of money just to get in. And I don't recognize you from the program.

Brandon: Well...

Paul: Well what? Are you some kind of newly enlisted kid or are you secretly rich or something? Well?

Brandon: I'm actually erm-

Cindy: Oh! I know! You won the trip through cereal!

Paul, surprised: C-C-Cereal?!

Brandon: (sigh) Yeah... you've got me. I was picking up groceries and saw some cereal that offered me a chance to head to a supreme aquatic theme park resort. I just had to go so I kept on getting cereal. (nervous laugh)

Paul: Well... guess you have a lot of cereal on your hands.

Brandon: Yeah... sure do...

Paul: Hmph. I'm gonna go check up on our parents, Cindy. You know- before they come over here.

Cindy: Good idea, Paul!

Paul gets up and takes his phone with him as he walks over to the other tables, leaving Cindy with Brandon. She turns from Paul, excitingly, to Brandon and leans in with a smile.

Cindy: Did you really get the cereal?

Brandon: Heh. Yeah, I did.

Cindy: But aren't the chances pretty slim through just buying cereal alone?

Brandon: Yeah, that's kinda why I bought all the cereal in the store. I'm eating them with a friend although he doesn't really like the marshmallow bits.

Cindy: You bought a whole store's worth of cereal? For that you should have just did it that way the adults do it and buy a spot here without any hassle?

Brandon: I guess I just didn't think of that. I'm not an adult, after all.

Cindy: Heh, guess not. But that does make you super rich or something.

Brandon, nervously: Eh...

Cindy: Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. (grins)

Brandon: (smiles) Thanks, Cindy.

Paul then walks back to the table.

Paul: They're fine... also, they said the tour will start soon as soon as the last helicopter lands.

Cindy: Yes! This is gonna be so much fun!

Paul, unenthusiastic: Woo.

Later, the tour can be seen having been already commenced. Dennis the Tour Guide is showing the group of contest winners the ground level of the facility which has paintings of aquatic life and posters with descriptive info on them. Cindy is taking plenty of pictures with her instant-film camera. The group then comes across one of the maintenance areas of the facility. There are several large pipes with valves attached to them. The floor is also a metallic grid with water underneath.

Dennis: This is the water regulation room. In here, we maintain the water pressure surrounding the resort. Too much water pressure could cause the glass around us to break and water to seep in.

Brandon turns his head and sees a diver, cleaning out a fan outside. He turns his head and sees Brandon watching him. Brandon gives the diver a wave and the diver waves back. Outside, in the water, the diver chuckles to himself and goes back to cleaning the fans. However, before he really gets the chance to, something swims past him at high speeds. The diver turns back to look at the object but it is no longer there. He does, however, see something approaching him. The water makes the object somewhat unclear to see. The diver leans in to get a better look. The object then swims forward, showing that it's some kind of creature- ready to attack him. The diver steps back in surprise, accidentally pushing his cable off the platform and into the fan below him. The cable wraps around the fan blades, causing them to stop. The cable yanks the diver off of the platform which causes him to fall through the water. Cindy turns to the window and sees the diver getting dragged down.

Cindy: Sir, I think that man's in trouble!

Dennis turns to the window and sees the diver dangling from the fan. The fan blades turn slowly, pulling more of the cable into it which drags the diver closer to the fan blades. The diver, himself, is unconscious with a crack in his diving helmet. Dennis looks out in surprise and turns to the group.

Dennis: Okay, everybody stay calm! I'm going to get some help!

Dennis runs off. Brandon turns to see Dennis running off. He then turns back to see the crowd, watching the diver slowly getting dragged into the fan. Amongst the people in the crowd is Cindy, practically shaking in her shoes. Brandon then runs off down a different hallway. Paul looks away from the window to see Brandon go. He looks confused and then turns back to the window. Brandon then stops before a door with a sign next to it reading, "Divers Only".

Brandon: Alright, perfect. Now I just need that one fish guy I never really use.

Brandon activates the Omnitrix and turns the dial to the Ripjaws silhouette. He then smacks down the column and a green flash overcomes him. He transforms into Cannonbolt, who can barely fit within the hall.

Cannonbolt: Aw come on!

Cannonbolt wobbles his way through the hall to get to a more open space. He then looks at his paw-like arms and sighs.

Cannonbolt: Now how am I supposed to get that diver out of the water?

Cannonbolt turns his head and sees a large circular port at the end of the corridor he's found himself in. Outside of the port is a view of the water. Cannonbolt then smirks. Two of the Ocean Land staff then exit from one of the rooms in the middle of conversion when Cannonbolt whizzing by them in his sphere form. They hug the walls as to avoid him. Cannonbolt continues wheeling towards the port until he smashes through it, leaving a considerable hole where the port used to be. Cannonbolt then rolls onto the water and crashes on the side of a beach. He then unrolls and looks at the hole that he had left.

Cannonbolt: Oooh. My bad.

Cannonbolt then rolls again and drives into the water. Back at the fan, the blades are picking up more speed, dragging in more and more of the diver's cable. The diver remains unconscious.

Cindy: Paul, someone's gotta do something. Otherwise that diver, he'll- (groans)

Paul, pointing: Wait, what's that?

Cannonbolt then drops down in sphere form and unrolls. Cannonbolt can be seen holding his breath and looking out at the diver. He waves his arms back as if to push himself towards the diver. He then takes hold of the diver and grabs him. The diver then stirs awake and looks up, seeing a blurred Cannonbolt becoming clearer and clearer. Cannonbolt gives him a smile while still holding his breath. The diver then yells out, pushing Cannonbolt away. The cable shakes due to his movements, becoming less wrapped around the fan blades- becoming it easier to drag into the fan itself. Cannonbolt quickly tries to swim up to the diver as he gets dragged closer to the fan blades however, his weight seems to be dragged him down. Cannonbolt looks to the side and sees an excess fan covered by a filter. He then tries to kick the filter off but his feet are too far apart. He then rolls up into a sphere and starts to drop down. Cannonbolt drops down onto the filter, busting it. The sudden water pressure blows against Cannonbolt's shell- blasting him upwards. Cannonbolt then unrolls, letting out a muffled yell. He then tackles the diver and the force disconnects him from the cable which gets shredded up by the accelerating fan blades. Cannonbolt then rolls up around the diver and is shot through the water. He then splashes down on the water and unrolls. He lays on the water's surface with the diver resting on his stomach. The diver looks at Cannonbolt again.

Cannonbolt: Hi.

The diver then passes out on top of Cannonbolt.

Cannonbolt: Nice one... (sigh)

A moment later, Dennis can be seen rushing back into the room with some security agents. Dennis looks out of the window in worry.

Dennis: W-What? Where's the diver? Are we too late?

Cindy turns her head and points in surprise.

Cindy: Look!

Dennis and the security team turn and see the Diver wobble out of the hall. The security agents rush over to him and help the diver stand, escorting him out of the room.

Diver: Alien... There was an alien... and then there was the big shell thing that just- ugh...

Dennis: Get him to the infirmary. Phew! That could have gone very badly. (turning back to the group) Now then, let's get this tour back on track, shall we?

Brandon walks out of the same hall and looks at the security agents guiding the diver out of the room.

Diver: That alien fish! It just kept on coming...

Brandon looks worried when Paul comes up to him.

Paul: Hey, did you just come out of there?

Brandon: Uh, yeah. I guess I did.

Paul: But isn't that where the diver just came from?

Brandon: Y-Yeah. Uh- I went to the bathroom. It was just back there. I guess we just came back at the same time.

Paul: Right... Well, come on, the tour's picking up again.

Paul walks back to the group and Brandon sighs in relief before walking over to them also. Later on, the tour can be seen being lead to an elevator. They step on board a platform. The adults crowd around, making sure there is room for everyone. Cindy bumps into Brandon and smiles. Brandon chuckles softly and looks away nervously. Dennis is the last one to board the elevator before he nods to one of the staff members. He nods back and flips a large lever which activates the elevator, causing it to start its descent. The elevator clanks slightly, causing some people to mutter. Brandon look ahead as their view of the facility is traded in for darkness. Soon enough, however, the darkness is replaced with a more aquatic one. Brandon's eyes widen.

Brandon: Whoa...

Outside the elevator, the ocean can be seen with schools of fish swimming by and turtles drifting through the water. The water is just so clear and majestic looking. Even Paul steps forward and take in the view. Brandon looks down slightly, seeing that they're approaching a bright and glass building that looks like a combination of a science facility and an expensive resort. The elevator continues its descent towards the Ocean Land resort, sitting comfortably at the sea floor. A strange looking figure watching the elevator descend in the distance though. Yellow eyes can then be seen piercing the darkness of an abyss before fading back into the darkness again. The elevator is then seen entering the resort and touching down. The doors then open and Dennis steps out, escorting the group into the resort. Brandon follows along with the group and looks around the metallic corridor. There are some glass sections in the ceiling and walls that show the ocean outside.

Dennis: Now if you'll come this way, we can show you more of the facility. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a swim to get to the actual resort part but, luckily for us, this resort is equipped with the finest submarines for quick travel. It offers a comfortable and relaxing journey to a comfortable and relaxing spot. Heh.

Some of the crowd laugh with Dennis at his little joke while they all follow him to the submarine room. Inside the room, there are three submarines parked in three long pools. The crowds are then seen being divided up into smaller groups so they can enter the submarine. Brandon is about to go into the second submarine with a voice calls out to him.

Cindy: Hey!

Brandon turns and sees Cindy waving as Paul tries pulling her inside.

Cindy: You should join us, it'd be fun!

Brandon: Uh sure. Why not?

Brandon looks around and rushes over. Cindy pulls him in as the door soon closes behind him. Inside the submarine, it almost looks like the inside of a limousine. The cushions are blue and there are even televisions built inside. Brandon sits down next to Cindy who turns to him excitingly.

Cindy: So... you said you were into designs? I'd love to hear about it. If not architecture, I'm thinking um...

She ponders thoughtfully about what she's going to say. Brandon turns to Paul who sighs. He checks his phone but it has no reception.

Paul: Ugh. No reception. Luckily, I prepared for this.

He puts his phone back into his pocket and whips out a handheld game console.

Brandon: Hey, is that the new Gamepal system? What games do you have for it?

Paul: Just the basic stuff.

He leaves his answer at that as he continues playing his game silently.

Brandon: Right...

Cindy: ...Oh! I know now. Interior design? Oh wait, maybe art design. You kinda look like an artist to me.

Brandon: Invention design, actually.

Cindy: (gasp) You make inventions? That's so cool!

Brandon: And here I thought I was the only one that thought it was cool.

Cindy: No way. Anything that has the word design in it is really cool. It's like your own way of expressing yourself. I don't know if you noticed but I really wanna be an architecture just like Mr. Venusio. Well- that's actually putting it plainly. Mr. Venusio is way more than just an architecture. He's the supreme designer. I mean I heard even starting designing spaceships.

Paul looks up from his game system slightly then looks back down at it to resume playing.

Cindy: He's a pretty talented man is all I'm saying.

Brandon: You seem to have a real thing going on for Mr. Venusio.

Cindy, blushing: W-What?!

Brandon, nervously: Agh! I mean you just seem to praise him a lot is all! Not like you like him or anything. (sighs)

Cindy: Oh. Well, he's sort of an idol for me. And I've just always wanted to meet him y'know? I'm still hoping that we'll be meeting during this tour so that way I can ask him if there's any chance I can be like him. I'm just super duper excited for his response!

Paul: You know what they say, never meet your heroes.

Cindy sighs and slouches back. Brandon glares over at Paul, who keeps looking down at his game system. Outside, in the water, a swarm of objects race towards the submarine before slamming straight into them. The submarine then shakes.

Cindy, looking around: W-What was that?

Paul: Some kind of earthquake?

Brandon: Uh- we're in the middle of the ocean.

Paul: Earthquakes can affect the water!

Brandon: Hmph.

Cindy, looking out of the window behind them: Look!

Brandon turns and sees alien fish-like creatures swimming towards them and smacking against the glass. They latch their tentacles onto the glass and slam their bottom shells against it.

Paul: What are those things?!

Brandon: Aliens. Probably...

Cindy: Alien Fish? Really? What are they doing here then?

Paul: Aliens...

Brandon looks down at the Omnitrix; it's already green and ready for use. He then looks back at Cindy and Paul.

Brandon: Look, we need to stay calm and find some cover in case the glass breaks. I'll go and let the other know we need some help back here.

Brandon rushes over the door and opens it, entering the small room between the cabins. He closes the door behind him and turns to the side, seeing a door which looks as if it leads out to the water. Brandon then looks down at the Omnitrix.

Brandon: Alright you, no more accidental transformations. I'm serious this time.

He looks back at the door and lets out a sigh as the submarine shakes once more. He then turns quickly back to the Omnitrix and activates it. He then turns the dial to the Ripjaws silhouette again and presses the column down carefully. He then transforms into Ripjaws. Ripjaws looks down at his arms and punches the air.

Ripjaws: Oh yeah, who's the boss!

Outside, the door can be seen opening and Ripjaws jumps out into the water, closing it behind him. He swims down the side of the submarine and strikes the alien fish off of the side. The alien fish swim back and latch onto Ripjaws, wrapping their tentacles around his arms. A portion of the shell unfolds and a mouth can be seen as if ready to eat at him. Ripjaws then opens his mouth and bites on the alien fish throwing it off and away with a quick head jerk. He then uses his free arm to punch the other alien fish off of him. He swims to the other side of the submarine. Inside, Cindy and Paul cower in a corner as the alien fish continue smacking against the glass. They are abruptly grabbed and thrown off from the glass by Ripjaws and throws them away from the submarine. He looks at the two inside and gives them a thumbs up before swimming away. Cindy and Paul look out at the window in disbelief before turning to one another. Back in the water, Ripjaws swims over to the top of the sub and swipes at one of the squid-like alien fish. He then bites down on another, tearing it from the ship. The other alien fish detach from the sub and start to swarm towards Ripjaws. Ripjaws turns back and swims away from the submarine as the alien fish continue chasing after him. He turns back, seeing the submarine moving forward now that they no longer have to deal with any more alien fish. He then looks ahead and sees a cavern. Ripjaws swims ahead and goes into the cavern, with the alien fish chasing after him. Through the cavern, there's a tunnel which seems to come up from the other side. Ripjaws swims ahead faster and comes out through the other side. He turns back, seeing the swarm of alien fish approaching quickly behind him. He then slashes against the rocks above the cavern exit- causing them to collapse on the opening.

Ripjaws: Phew! Now just what were those things and why were they attacking that submarine... Hmm...

Ripjaws ponders to himself for a moment but then the Omnitrix starts beeping and flashing red.

Ripjaws: Gah! I'll think about that later, right now I need to get my butt back on that submarine!

Ripjaws swims upwards and towards the submarine. The Omnitrix starts beeping and flashing quicker. Ripjaws reaches for the submarine, letting out a gasp as bubbles escape from his extended mouth. Inside the submarine, Dennis can be seen rushing over to the door and pulling it open. He then opens the door and water splashes into the room. Dennis looks down at the water and looks back into the small space in between the rooms, seeing Brandon soaked and coughing.

Dennis: A-Are you alright? What happened?

Brandon: Guess I- (cough) I was caught in the splash zone. Uh...

He lets out a dry chuckle as Dennis wraps a towel around him. The submarine is then seen drifting into a port on another part of the underwater resort. Inside the resort, the group is being led by Dennis who meets with Mr. Venusio and Alice in a larger and more open space.

Mr. Venusio: I heard something happened to your sub.

Dennis: Y-yes, sir. We were attacked by a bunch of creatures.

Brandon: Kinda like the one that attacked that diver.

Paul: Wait, you saw it?

Brandon: Not by then, no. But I heard him talking about it while they were leaving.

Alice: It's worse than it seems, Mr. Venusio.

Mr. Venusio: I know, I know. Oh... this is a disaster. If only that shipment would have just arrived here instead of... oh...

Brandon: What package?

Mr. Venusio looks over at Brandon, as if surprised that there were people around him. He then turns to Dennis, fiercely.

Mr. Venusio: Get these good people somewhere they'll be safe and comfortable.

Dennis nods and escorts the group ahead. Brandon, Cindy and Paul stay behind with Mr. Venusio and Alice.

Alice: I believe you're meant to follow the group.

Paul: Something's going on here that you don't want us to find out about, isn't it?

Mr. Venusio: The kids already suspect something... and if Dennis is correct, then it won't take them long to figure it out.

Brandon: Figure what out?

Mr. Venusio: Alice, tell them.

Alice: (sigh) About a week ago, there was an object that had crashed down into the ocean. It was gathered by fishermen. This object was strange and appeared to continue usual specimen within. Aliens.

Paul: A-Aliens?

Alice: We called them the Mollusks because of the way they looked and functioned in water. They mainly took on a crustacean appearance but some of them diverted into a more fish-like appearance. With one in particular looking like a massive egg. We have no idea what was inside that one. Before we could do any more research on the specimen, the boat delivering them had suddenly disappeared. We believe it may have crashed and the aliens have escaped their hold.

Mr. Venusio: I thought that it would be the perfect specimen for my latest design. Ocean Land's mascot or something of the sort.

Brandon: So before you even knew what you had, you packaged it and now you want to sell it.

Alice: You're not giving Mr. Venusio the proper credit he deserves. He wanted to do something the world has never seen before.

Brandon: But maybe this is something the world shouldn't have seen. There is life out there that can be peaceful and even fun-loving like us. But there are also the creatures, the monsters and the dangers that are out there in the universe. These fish-squid things attacked the sub... and I don't think they're through with us yet.

The entire place rocks subtly.

Mr. Venusio: What was that?

Cindy: That's them! This is just like the submarine! Oh no!

Brandon: Mr. Venusio, I know how much this means to you but there are people in danger here. We have to get out of here.

Mr. Venusio looks out at the resort around him- at Ocean Land. He then turns back to the children before him; they're scared, shaken and worried. Mr. Venusio lowers his head to let out a sigh. He then turns to Alice.

Mr. Venusio: Give the order. Call for a full evacuation.

Alice nods and reaches into her side pocket, retrieving a small handheld radio.

Alice, using the radio: This is Alice Hall. On behalf of Mr. Venusio, execute evacuation protocol one. I repeat execute evacuation protocol one. Mr. Venusio sits down on the floor and puts his head between his knees.

Mr. Venusio: It's over... it's finally over. Heh. I knew one of these days one of my designs would fail. It's over for me.

Cindy: T-that's not true, Mr. Venusio! If there's anything that your work has taught me it's that we can always improve upon our last design. You just made a mistake but you're doing the right thing and you can always learn from your mistakes just like everyone else.

Mr. Venusio: R-right. I suppose that's true indeed.

Brandon: Alright, let's get out of here.

Mr. Venusio, getting up: Right. This way. The platform should be just over here.

The five of them rush down the hall as the place shakes again. Outside, in the water, more of the alien fish creatures latch onto the outer dome with their tentacles- slamming their lower shells against the dome as if to break the glass. Back inside, the platform can be seen loaded up with contest winners- raising through the air. One person is particular- a woman- looks around cautiously.

Woman: Has anyone seen my daughter? Sh-She was supposed to be with me! Cindy?!

Cindy: Mom, I'm here!

The woman looks over, seeing Cindy along with the others rushing over the platforms.

Mr. Venusio: That one has already taken off to the surface. We'll have to take the other platform.

They all get onto the platform and start it up, leading to their slow ascension. The glass then finally gives in, and plenty of water rushes into the resort- bringing it those alien creatures with it. The water then reaches the platform room, flooding it entirely. Mr. Venusio looks out at Ocean Land, getting flooded, with a painful look on his face. The platform that they're on is just above the water level which is slowly rising. The creatures then start to latch onto the platform, pulling it down with them.

Paul: Those things- they've got the platform!

Mr. Venusio: Hold on! I'll just-

The platform then starts to break in half. Brandon trips and nearly falls as the other side of the platform gives way. He hangs onto the edge where Mr. Venusio and Alice help him up. He catches his breath for a moment but then widens his eyes in surprise. He turns back, seeing the other side of the platform drop down into the water... with Cindy and Paul still on it.

Brandon: Cindy! Paul! Ngh! I have to go after them.

Brandon rushes forward but Mr. Venusio puts his arm on his shoulder, stopping him.

Mr. Venusio: What are you doing?! You're just a kid, and I won't let someone else get hurt because of something I did.

Brandon: I'm not going to just leave them behind. That's not what a hero would do. And yeah, I might just be a kid but they're kids too. Someone's got to do something so it might as well be me.

Brandon jumps off of the platform with Mr. Venusio failing to stop him like before.

Mr. Venusio: NO!

Brandon falls down towards the water and activates the Omnitrix. He smacks against the column and a green flash erupts as something impacts the water. Mr. Venusio lets out another sigh and turns away. Alice places her hand on his back, comforting him. On the platform, however, one of the creatures remains latched onto the bottom of the platform. It raises one of its tentacles into up over the edge of the platform and reaches for Alice, wrapping its tentacle around her ankle. She looks down but is jerked off of the platform, itself.


She falls down to the water but is caught in mid-air. She hovers over the water before slowly rising over to the platform. Big Boo then becomes visible as he lets Alice back onto the platform.

Alice: An-Another alien?

Big Boo: You're welcome, by the way.

Alice: Ahem... thank you.

Mr. Venusio: Are the kids alright? That boy that leaped off the platform-!

Big Boo: He's fine. I'll get the others, you just call for help when you reach the surface.

Mr. Venusio nods as the platform rises. Big Boo swings back and floats down to the water. He looks around for the other half of the platform but then stops upon hearing a distant yell. He then turns his head to a tunnel- with a sign indicating that the theme park is down there.

Big Boo: I finally get to go to that theme park and I hear screams of terror rather than joy.

Big Boo floats over to the tunnel. Down the tunnel, Cindy screams out as Paul kicks the creatures back. One of them starts to wrap its tentacles around his leg and climbs up. Paul yells out as he tries kicking it off. The creature then leaps at Paul but is caught by Big Boo, who throws the creature back into the water. He slashes at two trying to climb up the side of the platform but notices that the platform is completely surrounded.

Big Boo, turning to them: I'm going to do something risky but I need you both to keep your heads down.

The two of them look a little frightened and confused but hesitantly nod before putting their heads down like he asked. Big Boo then turns back to the Mollusks and reaches under his skin, drawing out some dark energy. He then spreads it around the platform which forms a dark cloud around them. The creatures then start to climb onto the platform, getting into the dark cloud. They then look around and pop off of the platform as the distorted sound of jaws chopping can be heard. They then swim off, leaving the platform alone. Big Boo then dissolves the dark cloud and looks as the water become more clear.

Big Boo: Okay, looks like they're gone. You can look up now.

Big Boo is then hit with a piece of the platform.

Big Boo: Ow! (turning back to them) What was that for?

Paul: I'm not scared of you, alien! What do you want?

Big Boo: To get you two out of here.

Cindy: Why- Why have you been helping us? You're the same as those other aliens, aren't you?

Paul: Are you like those aliens on the news?

Big Boo: Yes...

Cindy: So, you're here to save us.

Big Boo: Yes.

Cindy: Well, you could have just said that from the beginning...

Big Boo lets out an exhausted sigh. He then turns back, seeing the water behind them.

Big Boo: Hm... I'm not sure if I can fly you two back in time. We've drifted pretty far.

Paul: Time? Time for what? You can fly us over there, right?

Big Boo: Er- ye-yeah. Of course. We should probably just go right now and-

A splashing noise is then heard. Big Boo turns back and sees a wave moving in from the other side of the tunnel.

Big Boo: Hold on!

Big Boo grips onto the side of the platform while the others hang on to something. The wave then clatters against the platform, moving the platform ahead. The platform then soars through the air momentarily. Big Boo looks over the edge, seeing the platform coming close to a wall. He then reaches for Cindy and Paul before swooping them off from the platform. It then crashes into the wall, breaking apart. Big Boo then lowers them to the rooftop of a small garage of some sort before letting them off.

Big Boo: Cindy, Paul, are you guys alright?

Cindy: Yeah, we're fine. Thank you for saving us, Mr. Ghost Man.

Paul: Hey, wait a minute... How'd you know our names?

Big Boo: Uh- obviously I used my telepathic beam eyes.

Cindy: Your telepathic... beam eyes?

Paul: Is-Is that even a thing?

Cindy: Wait a minute... B-Brandon? Is that you?

Big Boo: (sigh) Ye-yeah, it's me. Man, and I really wanted to keep this thing a secret too.

Paul: You're Brandon?! How's that even possible?

Cindy: Well, he did say he was an inventor.

The Omnitrix then flashes red and beeps before transforming Big Boo back into Brandon.

Paul: So it really is you...

Cindy, noticing the Omnitrix: Hey, that thing on your wrist. I've never seen a design like that before. Did you invent that? Is that what makes you transform?

Brandon: Yeah. It's called the Omnitrix. But I'd really appreciate it if you guys kept this thing whole thing between us.

Paul: But how can a watch transform, it just doesn't even make any sense! I need to know more about your aliens! How you do it!

Brandon: What's with the sudden interest in me all of a sudden?

Cindy: Hm? Oh I forgot to mention this earlier. Paul is a conspiracy nut. He's always fascinated by those alien guys and all that sci-fi junk.

Paul: It's not sci-fi junk. Aliens are real- we're being attacked by some and Brandon can change into them also. Can you do it right now?

Brandon: I'm in the red, which means it's recharging so no, I can't. And even if I could, I probably wouldn't.

Cindy: Besides, we have bigger things to worry about. We're surrounded by water and those creatures- the Mollusks- they're in the water. They're going to eat us, aren't they?

Brandon: Hey, I won't let that happen. We just need to find a way to stop them and get out of here.

Paul: What about the submarines? I know that's how we were able to get from one part of the resort to another but we should be able to steer it up to the island.

Brandon: I guess that's worth a shot.

Cindy: But what about the creatures. Not to mention how unstable this place is- it's not meant to take up this much pressure, it's bad for the structure!

Brandon: Huh? Wait, what did you say about the structure?

Cindy: Well, the structure could collapse and then we'd all be trapped down here.

Brandon: Hm. What if we got out and then the resort collapsed. It would trap the Mollusks down here so they wouldn't able to hurt anyone else.

Cindy: (sigh) So much for salvaging this beautiful design. Yes, I should be able to direct you to the weak points in the structure. All you would need is a strong force to knock them loose since the water should already be weakening them. But still, we need some way to get across all this water without becoming alien fish food.

Paul: Hey, guys!

Brandon and Cindy turn back and see Paul, looking down a hatch in the roof.

Paul: I think I found an answer to our little problem.

Brandon and Cindy appear next to him and look down into the hatch. Below them, are three hovercrafts. Brandon then looks over at Paul with a smirk on his face.

Brandon: I'm really starting to like this place.

Paul: You and me both.

Later, the hovercrafts can be seen riding out onto the water, down a long hallway; each of them driven by one of the kids.

Brandon: How much further 'till we reach the subs?

Cindy: If I remember correctly, it should be just at the end of this hallway. The hovercrafts then reach the end of the hall and stop. The kids look out, seeing a flooded room. Three of the submarines can also be seen floating in the water. Brandon points.

Brandon: There's the submarines.

Cindy: Do you remember which weak points I told you about?

Brandon: Yeah. I think I'll find them. Now get to the submarines before-

Before he can finish his sentence, the water ripples, causing the hovercrafts to bob in the water. The kids look ahead, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Then, the water really starts to ripple with intensity as a figure rises from the water- in the center of the room. Brandon looks up surprised as they're confronted with a larger and scarier version of a Mollusk with long extended tentacles, one foggy eye at its center and a mouth like a shark. It also has an exposed brain with a delicate shell surrounding it.

Paul: Wh-What is that thing?!

A voice echoes from the creature but it's mouth does not appear to be moving. Brandon, Cindy and Paul hold their heads slightly as the voice reaches them.

Echoing Distorted Voice: I am the Queen of the Cephaloids...

Cindy: My head... it's voice is... in my head!

Brandon: What do you want? Why are you attacking us?!

Cephaloid Queen: You have captured us... claimed us for your own amusement... We have the right to attack...

Brandon: The people who did that to you didn't understand what they were dealing with. We don't have anything to do with that.

Cephaloid Queen: Then we will attack them... and everyone else on this planet... and claim these waters for our own people...

Brandon: I can't let you do that.

Cephaloid Queen: We were only stopped before by a powerful force that had imprisoned us... but now that we have escaped to this world... we can make it ours and start anew...

Brandon: So you were always planet-stashing plunderers and that's why you were locked up in that thing. Well, like I already said, I can't let you take this planet.

Cephaloid Queen: You plan to stop us... we can not allow that... you will be destroyed...

The Cephaloid Queen raises its tenacle into the air and waves it over at them.

Brandon: Go! GO!

Cindy and Paul head off towards the submarines while Brandon goes towards the left; all three of them manage to avoid the tentacle as it crashes down into the water. Brandon drives his hovercraft ahead. The Cephaloid Queen's eye shifts over to the other two as it turns to face Brandon.

Cephaloid Queen: After them, my children...

Some more of the Mollusks rise up from the water and swim towards the other two hovercrafts. Some of them leap out of the water and latch onto Cindy's hovercraft. She lets out a shriek as they start dragging her hovercraft into the water. Paul, with a determined look, crashed his hovercraft into hers.

Paul: Quick, jump on!

Cindy looks back, seeing her hovercraft getting dragged into the water. She then closes her eyes and leaps onto his hovercraft, grabbing onto Paul's back. Paul then accelerates forwards as Cindy's hovercraft sinks. Brandon swims back into the tunnel, just barley avoiding another attack from the Cephaloid Queen. He then stops his hovercraft and turns back to the Cephaloid Queen.

Brandon: It's too bad you can't reach me from there! Some mom you turned out to be.

The Cephaloid Queen lets out a muttered shriek which sounds alien and yet animalistic. He then shifts over and starts to swim towards Brandon with a brisk pace. Brandon then lets out a nervous chuckle and quickly turns back to his consoles to have the hovercraft speed ahead. The Cephaloid Queen continues chasing after Brandon, stretching out her tentacles towards him and wrapping them around the hovercraft, itself. The Cephaloid Queen then starts to crush the hovercraft within its grasp. Brandon looks around, slightly panicked, then looks down at the Omnitrix. It then pings with a green light as it finishes recharging. Brandon then activates the Omnitrix and turns the dial before smacking down the column. Scales grow around the Omnitrix; engulfing it into his arm. He then grows a green fin from his back which grows to the top of his head. Gills grow around his neck and his jaw forms to reveal sharp teeth. His size then shrinks as his legs form into a tail. He transforms into Angler Fish. Angler Fish pops into the water as the hovercraft gets crushed. The Cephaloid Queen tosses the crushed hovercraft away and starts chasing after Angler Fish. Angler Fish looks ahead, using his lure to light the way ahead of him. Angler Fish then swims over to a pillar and turns back, seeing the Cephaloid Queen approaching towards him- letting out a screech, similar to one of a whale. Angler Fish then moves out of the way as the Cephaloid Queen crashes into the pillar, causing it collapse. The Cephaloid Queen shakes it off and continues chasing after Angler Fish, who swims up ahead. He remains by another pillar where the Cephaloid Queen lashes her tentacles at him, causing the pillar to break and collapse upon the impact. Back at the submarine, Cindy and Paul can be seen getting in. They head for the control room and activate the submarine.

Cindy: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Paul: S-Sure. I think so.

Paul pulls down the throttle and the submarine takes off with a sudden rock. Cindy glares at Paul who lets out a nervous chuckle. He then focuses on the controls as he causes the sub to dive into the water. Cindy looks out, seeing debris from the resort float through the water.

Cindy: It's working... we need to get out of here before the resort collapses- otherwise, we'll be sealed in here with these things forever.

Paul: Right. Time to punch it.

Paul presses down on some buttons, causing the exhaust fans in the back of the submarine to let out a sudden boost, sending them forwards. Back with Angler Fish, he continues leading the Cephaloid Queen down the tunnel through the water.

Angler Fish: Just a little bit further and then finally end this.

The Cephaloid Queen lowers her head, to show off more of her brain. She then releases a telepathic wave which knocks Angler Fish down to the bottom of the hall. A shadow then overcomes him and he looks up, surprised, as the Cephaloid Queen's tentacles approach him. Angler Fish flops up from the floor and starts to swim off but tentacle wraps around him, holding him tightly. Angler Fish struggles against her grip as she raises him up to her eye.

Cephaloid Queen: Why do you wish to fight us... we are almost the same... you and us... join us...

Angler Fish: Sorry lady, but I'm more Earthling than fishstick.

Cephaloid Queen: If you insist on being like them... then you will be devoured like them...

The Cephaloid Queen lowers Angler Fish over to her shark-like mouth with many rows of sharp looking teeth. Angler Fish looks out in terror before biting down on the Cephaloid Queen's tentacle. She shrieks out again, however in a more painful manner, as she lets go of Angler Fish. Angler Fish swims off with the Cephaloid Queen chasing after him once again. Angler Fish then stops before a final pillar and turns back to the Cephaloid Queen, who is charging straight for him with her whole body. Angler Fish then swims upwards as the Cephaloid Queen crashes directly into the pillar, causing the entire structure of the resort to crash down on itself. Angler Fish swims past the debris as everything starts to come down. The Cephaloid Queen tries reaching for Angler Fish with her tentacles but the debris starts to weight down her tentacles. The structure is starting to close in on itself, leaving behind very little gaps for escape. Angler Fish hurries to reach one of the breaches while it still remains there. Elsewhere, the submarine can be seen rising to the surface and drifting towards the island. The hatch then opens up and both Cindy and Paul exit the submarine. Paul looks at the island, happy, while Cindy looks around at the water, concerned.

Paul: Look Cindy, we made it back to the island!

Cindy: But where's Brandon? Did he make it out or... or...

They grow silent for a moment before bubbles start appearing in the water below them. Cindy and Paul look at the water as the bubbling starts to intensify. They also grow more concerned and nervous. Brandon, now in his Human form again, rises up from the water and breaths for air.

Paul: Hey, you're alright! I thought they would have turned you into fish food.

Brandon: I was able to detect the currents moving to the nearest exit so yeah just about made it. (sigh) Another close call...

Cindy: And what about the Mollusks?

Brandon: You were right, Cindy. The resort's structure is designed in a way so that it can entrap that Cephaloid Queen and her little royal subjects too. Nice work.

Cindy smiles and looks over at Paul who gives a smile as well. On the island, a bunch of adults can be seen waiting at the docks.

Cindy's Queen: Cindy! Cindy, where are you?!

Cindy: Mom!

Cindy's mom turns and sees Cindy running over to her from the beach. A man with a beard rushes down to the beach and hugs Paul.

Paul: D-Dad!

Paul's Father: Paul, I missed you...

Brandon watches the two kids reunite with their parents from the beach. He smiles a little but then looks away at the water, almost saddened. Soon, the helicopters can be seen flying away from the island. On one of the helicopters, Cindy's Queen can be seen resting next to Cindy, herself, who smiles at her. She looks over and sees Paul talking with his dad.

Paul's Father: So what exactly happened down there?

Paul: Oh well, it was super cool. There were these creatures and they came for us. But we found these hovercrafts and we just flew out of there. And Brandon, he-

Paul stops himself and looks over at Brandon, who looks at him. Paul looks over at Cindy, who seems a little surprised. Paul lets out a sigh and smiles humbly.

Paul: He was just really cool about the whole thing. Without him, we wouldn't have come up with that whole plan.

Paul's Father: Give yourself some credit, son. After all, you did look after Cindy.

Paul: Well, we all looked after each other.

Cindy smiles again. Brandon chuckles to himself as he turns to the window. The atmosphere remains calm and quiet until the built-in television comes on in the helicopter. On it, is Mr. Venusio from the inside of his own copter.

Mr. Venusio, on the TV: Is it rolling? Oh! Hello, lovely guests. Thank you again for stopping by Ocean Land resorts. Unfortunately, due to some er- attack on the resort- we had to cancel today's tour and um... the entire launch of the resort... Bu-But! Don't worry because we have new plans prepared for the future!

Brandon: What?!

Mr. Venusio, on the TV: That's right! We have resorts and theme parks planned to be built in Himalaias, the Amazon Rainforest, heck- even the Moon! (laughs)

Everyone in the copter just groans. Brandon then rolls his eyes and shuts off the television. A sigh of relief is then heard from them as the Ocean Land helicopters head for the sunset.



  • Brandon
  • Paul Grant (First Appearance)
  • Cindy Marshall (First Appearance)
  • Mr. Venusio (First Appearance)
  • Alice Hall (First Appearance)
  • Dennis the Tour Guide (First Appearance)
  • Alice's Mom (First Appearance)
  • Paul's Dad (First Appearance)
  • Contest Winners (First Appearance)
  • Ocean Land Staff (First Appearance)


  • The Mollusks (First Appearance)
  • Cephaloid Queen (First Appearance)

Aliens Used

  • Cannonbolt (Accidental Transformation; Selected Alien was Ripjaws)
  • Ripjaws
  • Big Boo
  • Angler Fish


  • Though the original episode followed a different direction, the rebooted version takes inspiration from Jurassic Park.
  • Mr. Venusio's name comes from the term, Venusian.
  • Alice Hall's character was inspired by Zara from Jurassic World.
  • Paul's introverted character, outfit and even surname are quite similar to the character of Alan Grant from Jurassic Park while Cindy's optimistic character and clothing resemble Ellie Sattler.
  • Originally the alien fish has just attacked the resort because of its power source, but the Writer felt like this did not explain their presence there and also felt that the ending pretty much wiped out an alien species. So, in the rebooted version of this episode, the alien fish are planned to be apart of the resort's attractions but attack the resort when they become free and, rather than being destroyed, they are forever entrapped by the resort's structure.
  • This is the second episode in Brandon 10 to have a water theme; the first being Water Worries.
  • Originally, there were alien fish, alien squids and alien sharks. However, the "Mollusks" were mainly composed of squish like fish (like the one in the image provided). The Cephaloid Queen being an amalgamation of all three.
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