Ocean's Wraith
E-10, Ocean's Wraith (GoopseyeFibian).png
General Information
Species 1/3 Amperi
1/3 Polymorph
1/3 Vapenterisk
Body Spectral Four-Armed Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Electric Weapon Generation
Spectral Weapon Generation
Slime Weapon Generation
Energy Absorption
Voice Actor Benjamin Diskin
First Appearance Omnious Thunder

Ocean's Wraith is a fusion of AmpFibian's, Ghoulseye's, and Goop's DNA.


Ocean's Wraith's appearance it as follows:

  • The torso, lower arms, arm count, and crotch fin of AmpFibian
  • The shoulders, fore arms, calves, thigh spikes, stomach star, face shape, and cloak of Ghoulseye
  • The upper arms, hands, feet, loewr body, face and shoulder slime of Goop

Powers and Abilities

Ocean's Wraith has the powers of the aliens he is a mutation of. However, the specifc powers displayed were:

  • AmpFibian's flight, electrokinesis, intangibility, and energy absorption
  • Ghoulseye's flight, spectral weapon generation, and intangibility
  • Goop's slime generation

Ocean's Wraith can combine the powers of his aliens, making weapons that are simultaneously electric, spectral, and slimey.


Ocean's Wraith has the weaknesses of AmpFibian and Ghoulseye, but does not have the typical weaknesses of Goop.


  • In Omnious Thunder, Ocean's Wraith was unintentionally (and temporarily) unlocked after Tezca attempted to enter the Omnitrix, damaging the Omni Core and creating alien fusions; he was used when Ethan utilized the Omnitrix while it was still rebooting. Ocean's Wraith fought Tezca, and saved Hannibal, Alice, and Terence, but was unable to save Nikki, Granny Judith, and other victims from being taken.


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