Splix 10
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date N/A
Written by Batking
Directed by Batking
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(The gang is seen in human disguise on their way to the town Observatory)

(At the observatory)

Splix: What we need to be in a group to look around and it costs money!

Keith: Hey that's the way it works in Ohio.

Splix: Yeah, but why do we have to pay money to look at stuff.

Selu: People need to make money.

Splix: I hate how people need money!

(They pay and enter the observatory in the group)

(A group of crooks disguised as ordinary people enter the group also)

Crook#1: So boss what do we do?

Crook#2: Yeah, do we take everyone hostage or what?

Crook#3: No you fish.We wait til we're near the end then we go to the bathroom, and wait.After everyone is gone we disarm the security cameras and steal.

Crook#1: Ha ha, good plan boss.

(At the front of the group, Splix is talking to the tour guide)

Splix: So why did we have to pay, to look at stuff?!

Tour Guide(Irritated): Because if we get your money we can buy more stuff for you to look at!

Splix: Fine don't tell me.

Keith: Splix he just told you why.

(One hour later)

Splix: Hey Keith I'm going to the bathroom.

Keith: Okay have a nice time, Mick.

(In the bathroom)

Splix(In a stall): Okay, so do we drink out of this or what?

(The crooks walk in)

Crook #1: Hey boss can't wait to go steal us some telescopes!

Crook #2: Yeah and the fancy sky charts!

Crook #3: I know let's just hang out here for a few minutes.

(Splix searches his Technomatrix for a alien to fight them with)

(The hologram of a new alien is seen)

(Splix hits the hologram of Stick Head)

Stick Head(Bursting out of the stall): STICK HEAD! Your going down crooks!

(Stick Head punches Crooks One and Two)

Crook#1: Did you just slap me?

Stick Head: No you were just punched!

Crook#2: He is right it feels like a slap.

Stick Head: Ya know what.I need an upgrade to this form.

(Stick Head accidentally hits his Trix symbol and becomes..)

Splix: Ultimate Stick Head! Wow he has an updated form!

Ult. Stick Head: Time to go down!

(Ult. Stick Head pokes Crooks 1 and 2 in the eyes and they both fall and hit their heads on the sink)

Ult. Stick Head: Now that they are out of the way it's just you and ME!

Crook#3: So you wanna play rough huh?

(Crook Three pulls a portable buzz saw out of his duffle bag.

Ult. Stick Head: ZOMG, a buzz saw!

Crook#3: Now you're dead kid, paper or what ever you are!

Ult. Stick Head: I'm not a kid! I am 18 years old!

(Crook #3 cuts Ult. Stick Head in half)

Crook#3: Now what 18 year old?!

(Crook#3 laughs manically)

Ult. Stick Head: THIS!

(Hits the Ultimate Trix Symbol, reverts to Stick Head and then back to Splix)

Splix: I'm an alien! Are you scared?

(Crook#3 drops the buzz saw and it almost cuts of his jeans)

Crook#3: You don't exist, your just an illusion!

Splix: Sure just like how dinosaurs are no longer alive.

Crook#3: They aren't you crazy alien.By the way shouldn't you be in Area 51?

Splix: What is Area 51?

Crook#3: Your messing with me!

(Crook#3 attempts to run out of the bathroom, but hits his head on the waffle dispenser)

Splix: Why do they have a waffle dispenser in a bathroom?

(Splix turns into Mick again, and finds the tour group)

Mick: Mr.Tour Guide.Some crooks are knocked out in the bathroom.

Tour Guide(Sarcastically): If you say so I'll get the security guards to go get them.

(The guards go there and arrest the three crooks)

Tour Guide: Wow annoying person you were right.

(The crooks are talking to the security guards)

Crook#1: Then this stick like guy attacked me.

Crook#2: Out of the bathroom stall came this paper like guy, and I tried to run, but he made me slam into the sink.

Crook#3: After my two henchmen fainted the paper guy suddenly had a cape and mouth, plus fingers!

Guard#1: Sure he did.

Crook#3: Yeah then he back this little alien, and we were talking then I ran into the waffle dispenser.

Guard#2: I can believe the waffle dispenser part.

(The three crooks are then thrown in the back of a van)

(On the van it read, "Sir Clarr's Mental Asylum)

(Back at the front of the observatory)

Splix: Hey Keith, Sparkle, look at this cool smoky ball.

(The episode then ends)

Major Events

  • Splix's 1st transformation into an Ultimate and Ultimate Stick Head
  • Splix and co. find a smoky ball
  • We see the hologram of a new Splix 10 alien





Tour Guide

Guard #1

Guard #2


Crook #1

Crook #2

Crook #3

Aliens Used

Stick Head

Ultimate Stick Head


  • This is the last filler episode of Season 1?
  • Waffle dispensers are common in bathrooms in Ohio?

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