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    the Obliteratrix is a new omnitrix that is 2x as powerful as any other omnitrix in existence. it appears in the upcoming show Ben 10:Ultimate Omniverse.

  • the Obliteratrix has most of the same modes as the Ultimatrix but it has a couple new ones of its own.

!"|Obliteratrix Mode

| Active Mode= when its working&nbsp

|Deactivation Mode=when it shuts down | | | |- | Ultimate Mode=when it alters DNA to create an ultimate alien

List of Transformations
Wildmutt, Four Arms, Grey Matter, XLR8, Upgrade, Diamondhead, Ripjaws, Stinkfly, Ghostfreak, Heatblast, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Benwolf, Upchuck, Benmummy, Ditto, Benviktor, Eye Guy, Way big, Arcticguana, Buzzshock, Spitter

Swampfire, Echo Echo, Humungousaur, Jet Ray, Big Chill, Chromastone, Brainstorm, Spidermonkey, Goop, Alien X, Lodestar, Rath, Nanomech,

| | | |}