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Object XX27-55
General Information
Entity Type Anomalous Planet
Environment Unknown
Habitability Unstable
Sapient Species Hyperphysical Sapioids

Object XX27-55, also known as Object XX27-55-A is an anomalous planet located within the Triangulum Galaxy. It is believed to be the homeworld of the Hyperphysical Sapioids. It is a free use planet.


No part of Object XX27-55 appears to remain consistent. Any attempt to measure the size, mass, velocity, orbit, etc of the planet has rendered inconsistent results.

The surface of the planet has been observed as geographically fluid, with the ground and all of its features shifting and moving randomly and in any direction. It is always daytime everywhere on the planet, reportedly even underground. Although there are numerous reports of lifeforms existing on the planet, none have ever been recorded in detail and none have ever been captured. Very few expeditions to the planet had left alive, most of them falling victim to the ever-shifting geometry.

Object XX27-55 is not part of any star system, being a rogue planet, nor is it known to have originated from any star system. It has one moon, believed to be an impossibly small brown dwarf star. It should be noted that brown dwarfs do not produce any light whatsoever, so how the object remains illuminated is, like everything else about the planet, unknown. This moon is known as Object XX27-55-B.


This planet is a scientific curiosity across the universe, with countless having perished attempting to study it up-close and at least two cases of people having been sent insane trying to study data gathered about the object. The Technomimi in particular have demonstrated intense interest in Object XX27-55, even having laid claim to it for a long period of time. The planet was wrestled out of their control 2000 years ago by the Megasaurids, with the planet having since drifted within 15 light years of the Megasaurid Homeworld Territories and therefore defaulting to their control according to the laws detailed in the Neutridian Proclamations. The Megasaurids have kept the world quarantined ever since. Most recently there has been talk of allowing the Galvan to study the planet, though these negotiations have gained little traction.

No species are truly known to inhabit this planet, however it is equally unknown where the Hyperphysical Sapioids originate from bar that they come from the Triangulum Galaxy. Given that their abilities would uniquely allow them to survive here, they are believed to have evolved here and still inhabit here.

Theorised Inhabitants


  • This planet is VERY similar to the planet Sonantrum, Which CaT suggested for the Alien Arsenal a very long time ago.
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Object XX27-55