OV is a alien plumber and a very powerful Chrono mecha Grande (CMG) from Terra II.


OV looks like a human with golden hair. He wears black jacket, red full shirt, blue trousers and black boots. He resemble Goku in face.

Power & Abilities

Being a Chrono mecha Grande, he can control time and can do anything with time such as healing (i.e. making something like its past self). That makes him indestructible. According to CMG old manuscript, "A chrono mecha grande can only die if it is night during day or vice-versa and a rainow is formed, then an another chrono mecha grande can absor his power to fullest extent.Else you have to be an advanced chrono mecha grande and defeat it by electric master ball, magnifying ray or heavy light of defeat." Being an extra advance CMG he can create any of the given power, shoot lazer, create forcefield and also absorb power from inferior species (any species with basic strength such as Appolexian, Tetramand, Vreedle Bros., Arburian Pelarota etc.) . He also possess the CMG-matrix.


OV is seen to be disturbed by fleen cake. He says that fleen cake can make his stomach ache. When he inhales the smell of fleen cake, he faints due to hormonal secretion of Allergostroma.

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