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OSG is a Villian in Cassie 12: Original Series


He first made a appearance in Anna's power discovery as a Obessive Superhero Geek which initially set it as his known nickname for the gang and hypothized that the Omnidewtrix could give him what he wanted for a very long time. However, after getting the copy of the said trix, it was destroyed at the very end of the first episode he appearered in.

He was left as a tetramand duck mutant with blue skin as a result from the cloned device being broken into pieces. In the episode Cassie 12,000, He is revealed to be the arch enemy for Cassie Bennys future and caused a major event in that timeline bad enough to end up being chased by her.

The very next episode/movie, MOVIE: Cassie 12 meets Ben 10, He is shown to have a plan for revenge on Cassie. However, this plan has never been included or mentioned at any episode in Cassie 12: Original Series even to Crossovers or Movies.

It's been hinted it will only be revealed in the fourth season.

In The Nerd comes!, he is revealed to be have the fuser (Half Machine, half rock type Alien who has a humaniod appearance) Jon; who first appeared in The boy with a thunderbolt watch as a boy who helped his 'pops' store who put high technology on the black market.

Finally, he was seen last seen in Negative where it's been revealed he has a connection to the Omnidewtrix that inflicts a severe bad effect whenever the glass top is removed from the trix for long periods of time and would need to be readded ASAP. It also inflects pain to these changes.


-Anna's power discovery

-Cassie 12,000

-The Nerd comes!

-MOVIE: Cassie 12 meets Ben 10



-OSG is sorta like Kevin Levin and Animo, only different by not being a true scientist or Osomisian.

-He never reveals his plans.