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OMNIHOP is a restuarant in Bellwood that sells breakfast. It was constructed in honor of Ben.



  • The Worst- Boss
  • Fasttrack and B.T. Fan- Delivery Men
  • Heatblast, Swampfire and Buzzshock (Role-played by Pug)- Chefs
  • Goop, Ball Weevil and Deo- Waiters



  • Upside-Down Gravattack Pancakes ($6.00) (Reverses gravity)
  • Big Chill Omelette ($3.00) (Makes you breathe ice)
  • Eggy Eggs ($2.50) (Gives you the power to shoot eggs)
  • Waffle Hazard ($3.50) (Gives you the power to shoot syrup) 
  • Cannonbolt Cereal ($0.50) (Makes you fat)
  • Four Arms Toast ($5.00) (Makes you super strong)
  • Brainstorm's Bread 'n' Bacon ($3.00) (Makes you super smart)


  • Bloxx Berry Pie ($1.00 for a slice) (Makes you skilled in building with LEGOs)
  • Clockwork Crepes ($1.50) (Lets you travel into the past or future, with a free return trip)
  • Wisp Sundae ($2.00) (Makes you fly and shoot energy blasts)
  • Ditto Donut ($1.00) (Clones you)


  • Ripjaws Cocktail  ($3.50) (Lets you breathe underwater)
  • Crispy Kickin' Hawk Wings ($2.00) (Makes you good at fighting)
  • NRG Nachos ($1.00) (Makes you breathe radiation)
  • Feedback Fries ($1.50) (Makes you shoot lightning)
  • Way Big Breadsticks ($3.00) (Makes you shoots lasers and fly)
  • Jury Rings ($2.50) (Makes you break or fix everything)

Soups and Salads

  • Wildvine Caesar Salad ($3.50) (Makes your limbs stretchy)
  • Goop Soup ($3.50) (Makes a UFO follow you around and do your bidding)
  • Gummy Man Gumbo ($4.00) (Lets you turn into anything for 30 minutes)


  • The Swampfire Sandwich ($2.50) (Makes you breathe fire)
  • Bacon Chromaburger ($3.00) (Makes you redirect light)
  • Burger X ($3.50) (FREEZES YOU IN TIME AND SPACE)
  • Ultimate Combo ($6.00) (Gives you all the Ultimate powers for 15 minutes)
  • Humoungo Dog ($1.50) (Gives you the power to grow and shrink)
  • Armodrillo Taco ($2.00) (Gives you digging powers)

Kiddie Meal ($3.00)

  • Small Drink (Walkatrout Water or Shocksquatch Soda)
  • Lunch (Mini Humoungo Dog or Mini Armodrillo Taco)
  • Toy


  • ChamAlien Coffee ($0.99) (Turns you invisible)
  • Iced Terraspin Tea ($0.99) (Makes you tired or really dizzy)
  • Shocksquatch Soda ($0.99) (Makes you hyper)
  • Walkatrout Water ($0.99) (Makes you slippery)
  • Crashhopper Coke ($0.99) (Jumping power)
  • Echo Pepsi ($0.99) (Makes you scream really loud)
  • Grey Matter Milkshake ($0.99) (Makes you tiny)
  • Upgrade Grape Juice ($0.99) (Makes you control machnes)
  • Goop Smoothie ($0.99) (Makes you half-liquid) [Goop Fest special! 50 cents during Goop Fest!]


  • Heatblasted Chicken ($8.00) (Makes you shoot fire)
  • T-Buzzshock Steak ($8.50) (Makes you electric)
  • Wildmutt Pork ($8.50) (Makes you smell things better)


  • May 11 to May 18- Buy 2 Breakfasts and get a stack of Gravattack Pancakes half off!
  • Goop Fest- Get a Goop Smoothie for only $0.50!


  • OMNIHOP is a parody of IHOP.
  • Most of the foods are parodies of the meals at IHOP, but some are original.
  • All the foods have special traits from the aliens they're named after. For example, The Swampfire Sandwich has jalapeno peppers and can grant you fire powers.