The Null Void Incarcecon (NVI) is an extradimensional prison. It is ranked, with Deep Cosmos Incarcecon, as being one of the most thoughtfully created, escape-proof prisons accessible to the Milky Way Galaxy. This Incarcecon is reserved for beings who have committed heinous crimes with the assistance of seizable outside technology or abilities that can be inhibited. Unlike the Deep Cosmos variant, this is not independently-operated; the Plumbers maintain control of this facility.


NVI is virtually impregnable from the inside or out. Recently redesigned by Azmuth, it has yet to be escaped from by any non-Galvan.

Known Inhabitans


  • Warden (appeared in The Armaggedroid)
  • Morgg (former warden, until ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage)


  • Vilgax
  • Slix Beta
  • Malevolence
  • Cyanne
  • Kwarrel (deceased)
  • Kevin Levin (formerly)
  • Ragnarok (deceased)
  • Trukk
  • Quince


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