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Null Void Frontier Incarcecon
Null Void Frontier.png
The Null Void Frontier
General Information
Star System Null Void Frontier
Entity Type Artificial Planet
Environment Prison
Habitability Habitable
Sapient Species Various

Null Void Frontier Incarcecon is an artificial prison planet built on the edge of the Null Void Frontier- a black hole bleeding into the Null Void itself. It exists in Earth-1010.


The NVF Incarcecon is one of many Incarcecons located in difficult locations throughout Plumber Space. It is impossible to escape from without a Light Speed Drive or FTL Drive due to the location of the prison.

This Incarcecon is a massive artificial planet built specifically for the purpose of hanging on the edge of the Null Void Frontier, just on the rim of the event horizon.

Null Void Frontier

The Null Void Frontier is a black hole, punched straight through our universe and bleeding into the Null Void itself. It is impossible to escape the Null Void through the Frontier, as on the other side the Frontier acts as a white hole, bleeding the space, matter, and energy from our universe into the Null Void. Navigating into the white hole alone is nearly impossible, overcoming its near-infinite anti-gravity event horizon is more than impossible for any current technologies.


This particular Incarcecon is where most Galvan and Cerebrocrustacean prisoners are sent due to the sheer difficulty of escape compared to other locations. The members of these two races, among others, have formed a hierarchy within the NVFI to establish order and peace within the prison. Troublemakers and political enemies of the high-ranking authorities are kept under lock and key like a more traditional prison. Those who prove too powerful to be contained safely are usually executed or, if they're lucky, tortured into compliance.


This is the newest of the Incarcecons in the Milky Way Galaxy, having only been in operation for the past 150 years.

Known Inhabitants

Known Visitors