Null Screechers (also simply known as Screechers) are non-sapient arachnid-esque aliens who inhabit the Null Void.

They first appeared in Why Am I Here?.


Null Screechers tend to be out-going in that they will pursue the defeat of their adversary no matter their size.

Powers and Abilities

Null Screechers are capable of using sonic screams on their enemies at a pitch that nearly mirrors a Loboan's.


Their size makes them quite vulnerable to any attack from a large adversary.

Their sonic screams aren't as powerful as a Loboan's, so their sonic screams can be redirected by a Loboan.



  • They are the third of four known natural inhabitants of the Null Void (the others being Null Guardians, the Amevo race of Streak's species, and an unnamed species).
  • Their screams are said to be less powerful than a Loboan's but more powerful than a Sonorosian's, implying that Sonorosian screams are less powerful than Loboans'.
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