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Now You Sea Me is the twenty third episode of Young Plumbers: Generations and the eighty third episode overall of Earth-19.

Young Plumbers: Generations
Season 1, Episode 23
Production Code G123
Airdate September 28, 2014
Written By Paper
Directed By Paper
Season 1 Guide
"The Pen and the Sword"
Rating Episode may include:
Mild Fantasy Violence
Brief romance
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Plumbers' Galactic-Command
December 26, 2026, 9:19 AM EST

[The entire team is gathered in a meeting room. Paper and Hornbok are standing at the front of the room while the rest of the team is sitting around a large rectangular table. The Magisters are closest to Paper and Hornbok, and the ranks of the team decrease as they get farther away, ending with the recruits at the back part of the room. Kali and Polarys are also in the room, sitting among the Commanders, but Hannibal, Virton, Zyfer, and any other Plumbers are not present.]

[Hornbok]: We're here to explain the results of our recent reconnaissance mission to the temple in Phonaris last week. We discovered that this temple, like the one in Solaris, had already been raided, most likely by Dexis. That means he now has the collectibles from two of the four temples, and both of the ones whose temples are connected to the Mare Glacies. That leaves the temples in the two cities whom are connected to the Mare Ignis: Lunaris and Hophopris. Unfortunately, both cities propose a problem. Lunaris is overrun with Aldabarbarian soldiers, who are clearing the city in hopes of finding the temple and raiding it. The Rotolysians seem to be the primary forces fighting against them, obviously in hopes of finding the temple first. In fact it's highly likely that the temple has already been raided. Thus, Lunaris is not an option.

[Paper]: Hophopris, however, at first seems to be even less of an option. Hophopris is a highly-exclusive city with a giant glass dome surrounding it. The dome has opening that serves as its only entrance and only exit. The entrance is heavily guarded; no one gets in or out of the city undetected. As I have told some of you previously, there is another entrance to the city: by going via the Mare Ignis directly into the temple. The problem with this, however, is that the only other known way of getting into the Mare Ignis is by going into the temple in Lunaris; this means that we're at a stand still.

[Hornbok]: That was what we believed at first. Recently, we discovered another method of getting into the Mare Ignis. According to Tayvir and Eshus, there is a secret cavern deep underground that connects both of the underground seas. This means we can enter the Mare Ignis via the Mare Glacies, after entering that from either Solaris and Phonaris.

[There is a knock at the door. It opens as Zyfer walks into the room.]

[Hornbok]: You're late...

[Zyfer]: I didn't know that my presence had been requested.

[Hornbok]: If you were planning on coming to this briefing, you should have gotten here before it started...

[He sighs.]

[Hornbok]: Do you want me to recap for you?

[Zyfer]: If you feel like you need to.

[Paper]: Our plan is simple. We only need to obtain whatever is inside of one of the four temples, as be believe that the artifacts from all four temples, together, are either the reason the Elite formed their alliances with the Aldabarbarians and the Rotolysians, and what they have been searching for this whole time, or the means of controlling the Haven, which could also explain why both races are fighting to collect the temples' artifacts first. The temples is Solaris and Phonaris have already been raided, and the one in Lunaris has likely been raided, which leaves only the temple in Hophopris. That city is heavily guarded, so we need to go in through the back door.

[Zyfer]: Why?

[Hornbok, confused]: What do you mean why?

[Zyfer]: Why the back door? Why not the front door?

[Hornbok]: It's a highly secure area. No one gets in undetected, and we definitely don't want to let either the Aldabarbarians or Rotolysians know what we're planning.

[Zyfer]: Remember what I told you, Hornbok...

[Hornbok sees a flashback of a previous conversation with Zyfer. They are standing in the open lobby of Galactic-Command.]

[Zyfer, in the flashback]: ...This organization was founded on a basis of diplomacy, yet we call ourselves a police force. From now on, that changes...

[The flashback ends as Hornbok looks at Zyfer.]

[Hornbok]: You're seriously suggesting that we go in through the front door to Hophopris?

[Zyfer]: You need to start being more diplomatic about things.

[Hornbok, relenting]: Sure, we'll try your way first...

[Sci, interjecting]: Why do both plans have to be mutually exclusive?

[Hornbok looks at him, confused.]

[Sci]: We have a large enough team to split up, send half the team to the front door and try and do things diplomatically, and send the other half to the Mare Ignis in case things don't work out on the surface.

[Ivada]: I like the sound of that plan.

[Hornbok]: I don't see any reason not to try this plan. Okay, here's how we're going to do things...

[The camera cuts to a Plumbers' ship flying towards Solaris. It then cuts again to part of the team entering the temple and walking towards the large, open door at the back of the main room.]

December 27, 2026, 6:16 AM EST

[Hornbok, voice over]: Early tomorrow, we'll send about half of the team to the temple on Solaris to go to the Mare Glacies, find the connecting cavern, use that to get to the Mare Ignis, and then find where that connects to the temple on Hophopris. Meanwhile...

[The camera cuts to a Plumbers' ship flying towards Hophopris. It cuts on board the ship, showing the rest of the team.]

December 27, 2026, 10:17 AM UTC

[Hornbok, voice over]: ...The rest of the team will go directly to Hophopris and try to enter the city through its main entrance...

[At the front of the ship, Toon can be seeing flying while Brian sits next to him, trying to contact the city's security terminal. Behind them, the rest of the Plumber aboard, Paper, Will, Zon, Aevan, Jack, Ben, Nar, Rob, Paul, Roy, Chris, Figy, Polarys, Hornbok, and Ivada.]

[Brian]: Contacting Hophopris Terminal A, this is the Plumbers requesting access to the city; repeat, this is the Plumbers contacting Hophopris Terminal A, requesting access to the city, do you copy?

[A female-sounding voice responds.]

[Voice]: Hophopris Terminal A responding to encroaching Plumber ship, asking if there are any Magisters aboard.

[Brian]: Encroaching Plumbers' ship has two Magisters aboard.

[Voice]: Hophopris Terminal A requesting authorization of Magisters aboard to allow access to the city; repeat, requesting authorization from Magisters aboard encroaching Plumbers ship to allow access to the city

[Hornbok]: This is Magister Hornbok aboard encroaching Plumbers' ship authorizing access to the city; repeat, Magister Hornbok aboard encroaching Plumbers' ship authorizing access

[Voice]: Roger that; access granted

[The end of his message goes through, but it cannot be heard due to a large explosion near the ship. The camera shows a group of Aldabarbarian soldiers tailing the Plumbers' ship while riding hovercrafts. They fire their blasts at the ship.]

[Ivada]: Who's tailing us?

[Brian brings up a hologram with footage of a rear camera on the ship. Zon stands behind him and sees the camera footage.]

[Zon]: Aldabarbarians. They're probably trying to access the city for the same reason that we are...

[Hornbok]: Take 'em down...

[The camera cuts to the point of view of the Aldabarbarians tailing the Plumbers' ship. The rear of the ship opens up, revealing some of the team members standing in the hull, preparing to defend the ship against the Aldabarbarians. As the scouts realize that they have been noticed, they start to fire more rapidly towards the ship. The camera cuts to Terminal A, near the edge of Hophopris. Some of the workers at the terminal are watching the radar. They see one dot approaching the terminal while several smaller dots follow it.]

[Worker #1]: Why aren't then slowing down?

[Worker #2]: They're not slowing down?

[He looks at the radar for a few moments.]

[Worker #2, shouting]: They're not slowing down!

[The worker turns to the terminal director to wait for orders.]

[Director, the voice from before]: Ping the ship so we can tell them to divert course.

[The camera cuts back to the ship. Figy can be seen throwing energy blasts at the Aldabarbarian scouts. Zon sends waves of green energy at the scouts on the other side of the group. Aevan sends his shadow at two scouts, taking them out as their hovercrafts continue to fly forward.]

[Zon, yelling to the others]: How close are we to the city?

[Toon]: We're getting really close...

[Suddenly, the voice can be heard contacting the ship.]

[Director]: Encroaching Plumbers' ship this is Hophopris Terminal A requesting you to either slow down or divert course; repeat, Hophopris Terminal A requesting encroaching Plumbers' ship to either slow down or direct course, do you copy?

[Hornbok]: We don't have time for formalities?

[Toon]: Should I divert course? We're only half a mile away from the city.

[Hornbok stops to think for a moment.]

[Hornbok]: Don't slow down, and don't divert course.

[Director]: If you ram our terminal, then all of us will be killed...

[Hornbok]: We're being chased by Aldabarbarians. Even if we divert course, they'll just ram into the terminal.

[Figy, shouting from the hull]: They're backing away!

[Director]: So slow down!

[Toon]: We don't have enough room to slow down--

[Hornbok]: Use the emergency brakes!

[Toon looks at a red button at the controls of the ship. He presses the button which causes the emergency brake to activate. All the Plumbers standing in the ship fly forward due to the sudden loss of speed by the ship. The ship slows to halt just feet from the terminal. Toon and the other Plumbers look through the windshield of the ship as well as the windows of the terminal. They see the director facing the ship. Hornbok stares at her for a moment.]

[Hornbok]: Wozorin? I thought I recognized your voice...

[Wozorin]: Hornbok, old friend.... Welcome to Hophopris.

[Theme Song]

[The camera cuts to Hornbok and Wozorin walking through Hophopris. Other members of the Wozorin's species are walking around the streets of the city, but there are very few other races.]

[Wozorin]: It's been... how long?

[Hornbok]: 21 years, I think... The civil war started in 2005, which was the same year that my wife was abducted by Kraaho rebels...

[Wozorin]: It's been so long since I thought about the war...

[Hornbok]: Actually I never found out how the war ended... I remember very little about it at all.

[Wozorin]: That's right, you joined the Plumbers right after Syla was captured... That was only a month after the war started...

[The camera fades to a flashback as Wozorin briefly narrates.]

[Wozorin]: I'm sure you remember that day very vividly...

[Hornbok]: In all my anger, I don't remember a thing...

[Wozorin]: That was one of the worst days of my life, too. Sometimes I wish I could forget it...

[The camera shows a small village on the Kraaho planet. Some Kraaho are running around the village, carrying out business as usual, but the orderly chaos of the village comes to a complete stop as what appear to be military tanks roll into the village. The camera cuts into one of the huts in the village. A Kraaho runs into the hut and approaches a young Hornbok, who is standing in an open area of the hut, with a back area, presumably the bedroom, is closed off by curtains.]

Kraaho Planet[1]
May 17, 2005, 7:41 AM EDT

[Kraaho]: It's them, Hornbok. The rebels are here...

[The camera cuts to a group of Kraaho assembling in the village along with a group of members of Wozorin's species, including a younger Wozorin. The huts of the village are on one side, with the people in the middle, and 5 tanks on the other side. One Kraaho stands facing the rest. Hornbok exits his hut and walks towards the front of the group.]

[Hornbok, angry]: Seebik...

[Seebik, pleasantly]: Good morning, Hornbok...

[Hornbok, tense]: If you came here expecting appeasement, that's the last thing you're going to be getting...

[Seebik]: You don't seem to understand. Wozorin and I were just discussing a potential agreement...

[Hornbok]: There will be no such agreement!

[Wozorin, angry]: Hornbok!

[Hornbok, to Wozorin]: He's the sole cause of the war.

[Wozorin]: And now he's trying to end it with us...

[Hornbok]: And you trust him?

[Wozorin]: We have no reason to doubt him. Everything he's said in the past, however negative that may be, has held true.

[Hornbok slowly turns to Seebik.]

[Hornbok]: What are the terms?

[Before Seebik can answer, there is a noise of a spaceship flying overhead. Hornbok, Wozorin, Seebik, and the others look up and see a Plumbers' ship hovering above the group. It slowly lands and a younger Slick, not yet a Magister, exits the ship with a Magister. Other soldiers follow behind them. The Magister stops to the side of the group of Kraaho and the other species at odds with Seebik and the rebels. He holds up his Plumbers' badge.]

[Magister]: I am Magister Kontis of the Plumbers, here to litigate any disputes between parties with the help of Master Admiral Slick.

[Slick nods his head.]

[Hornbok]: Who called you?

[Slick]: We received an anonymous tip that there have been hostilities here for several weeks, are we are only now getting around to investigating.

[Hornbok]: About time...

[Seebik]: Who tipped you off?

[Slick]: I cannot disclose that information at this time...

[Seebik]: Tell me.

[Kontis, stepping forward]: It all honesty, neither of us know. Now, if we can get to business, we'd be happy to help settle this--

[Suddenly, there is a loud cry from one of the huts. Recognizing it immediately, Hornbok turns and runs to his hut.]

[Hornbok, worried]: SYLA!

[Kontis, simultaneously]: --dispute.

[The camera follows Hornbok as he runs through the group of Kraaho and the other species. He enters his hut and then runs through it to the back room. He sees three Kraaho rebels, two of whom are restraining Syla. The other is standing, blocking a young Ester from helping her mother.]

[Hornbok]: Let her go...

[Kraaho Rebel #1]: You're lucky that we decided to let these two live...

[Kraaho Rebel #2]: Others weren't so lucky...

[There is a loud sound of a gunshot from back outside. Hornbok starts breathing heavily as he looks at Syla, then Ester, then briefly behind him at the now true chaos going on in the village. He turns back to Syla, who looks at Ester, trying to tell Hornbok to save their daughter. Hornbok stares at her with a look of disbelief and then charges the one rebel near Ester, knocking him unconscious as the other two make a hole in the side of the hut and take Syla with them. One of the rebels take a lighter and lights the hut on fire. Hornbok starts to console Ester, but then quickly notices the fire.]

[Hornbok]: Okay, we've got to go, Ester...

[He picks her up in his arms and runs out of the front of the hut as it quickly lights ablaze. Hornbok dives out of the hut just before the fire can reach him. He lands hardly on the ground, protecting Ester from getting injured. He quickly gets up and looks to where Wozorin and the Plumbers were. He sees Kontis lying on the ground, having been shot by a weapon in the hand of Seebik. Hornbok charges at Seebik, but Slick punches him back to prevent a fight. Hornbok stumbles back, but is caught by Wozorin. Seebik backs away as he returns the weapon, which appears to be a simple gun, back to his side. He climbs into one of the tanks as all 5 begin to roll away. Slick takes out look at Seebik, but decides to not follow. He turns to Kontis and immediately grunts. He squats down in front of Hornbok. Wozorin stops helping him up as she notices that Slick has lowered himself to his level.]

[Slick]: Listen, don't blame yourself...

[He turns to Wozorin.]

[Slick]: Don't blame yourself either...

[Hornbok]: But--

[Slick]: This was clearly a setup... Seebik was likely the one who tipped us off...

[He stands up, asserting his authority over the citizens of the small village. He walks away from Hornbok and Wozorin.]

[Wozorin]: What happened?

[Hornbok suddenly breaks out of his shock and starts to cry.]

[Hornbok]: The rebels... They have Syla...

[Wozorin stares at him for a moment, before trying to help him up. Hornbok seems to refuse the help.]

[Wozorin]: What about Ester?

[Hornbok looks over at his young, half-human, half-Kraaho daughter. He stands up as Ester stares at him. He turns to Slick, who is standing over the apparently dead Kontis. Hornbok walks over to Ester and kneels down in front of her. She is crying just as much as Hornbok.]

[Hornbok]: I'm sorry...

[He hugs his daughter and then looks her in the eyes.]

[Hornbok, determined]: I will find her...

[Slick, overhearing]: How?

[Hornbok turns to Slick. Hornbok grimaces at his thoughts.]

[Hornbok]: By joining the Plumbers...

[Slick takes a mental step back as Wozorin takes several physical steps forward.]

[Wozorin]: You can't... What about Ester? What about the village...

[Hornbok]: You can run the village... Our two races can work together.

[Wozorin]: ...But a Aphyrian... running a Kraaho village?

[Hornbok]: I have no reason to not trust you...

[Wozorin steps back with a smile as Hornbok turns to Slick.]

[Hornbok]: I'm serious and one-hundred-percent committed to this job.

[Slick]: Well, if you're really serious, then we're leaving right now...

[Hornbok nods his head.]

[Hornbok]: Yes sir...

[He walks off with Slick towards the Plumbers' ship as Wozorin approaches Ester.]

[Hornbok, narrating]: You said something to Ester as I was walking towards the ship with Slick...

[Wozorin, narrating]: I told her that I would raise her like my own daughter, whom I barely knew...

[The camera cuts back to present day. Hornbok and Wozorin are stopped at a street corner.]

[Hornbok]: So if you raised her so well... How'd she end up on Ben Tennyson's team while you and other Aphyrians ended up here on the Haven?

[Wozorin]: It's a long story, but I'd be willing to answer if you answer one of my questions...

[Wozorin turns to Hornbok, who turns to face her shortly afterwards.]

[Wozorin]: What brings you to Hophopris?

[Hornbok]: That's it? That's all you want to know?

[Wozorin]: To my knowledge this is the first time Plumbers' have ever been to the capital city of the Haven.

[Hornbok]: We're investigating the temple...

[Wozorin]: Ah... That explains the Aldabarbarians...

[Hornbok]: Yes, it does... Now explain how the war ended...

[Wozorin]: The war raged on across the planet, but Seebik did not return to our village for two years. He came announcing what he called a great opportunity; a chance for the people of our planet to escape the war and go to Earth... Not trusting him, I looked into others options, and eventually discover the Haven, which at the time was on a nearby planet known as Xos. By the time the Haven arrived, Seebik had also returned, and was furious about the option that I had created. Seebik tried to show that Earth was much safer than the mysterious Haven...

[Hornbok]: And you let Ester go with Seebik?

[Wozorin]: It was a trade off? Seebik and I reached a deal saying that all Kraaho would go to Earth while all Aphyrians would go to the Haven.

[Hornbok]: You abandoned her?

[Wozorin]: Hornbok, I had--

[Hornbok, furious]: She could have died...

[Wozorin]: But she didn't...

[Hornbok grimaces at the thought.]

[Wozorin]: Did you ever find Syla?

[Hornbok]: I did... 12 years ago on Salimore... Her prison camp had been raided by Salimorians at the request of Lotin. She's alive and well on Earth.

[Wozorin nods her head in acknowledgement.]

[Wozorin]: So you said that your team is here to investigate the temple? Have you investigated the other temples...?

[Hornbok]: We've investigated them, but we still don't know why exactly the Rotolysians and Aldabarbarians are fighting over them on behalf of the Elite. You wouldn't happen to know?

[Wozorin]: I work at the entrance Terminal. I don't know anything about the Haven or its government.

[Hornbok]: But you said that this is the capital, right? Could you take me to whoever is in charge of the city?

[Wozorin]: I could; do you want me to?

[Hornbok]: I do indeed...

[She laughs.]

[Wozorin]: I can take you there; it's this way...

[They start to walk towards a large building in the distance as the camera cuts to the Darwin cruising through the Mare Glacies. The camera cuts on board and shows the rest of the Plumbers standing in the ship as it heads for the connecting cavern. Reg is piloting the ship.]

Mare Glacies
December 26, 2026, 6:39 AM EST

[Relgo]: Are we even heading in the right direction?

[Reg]: The cave that connects the two seas should be right below us...

[He looks forwards and sees a large cave extending through the floor of the sea. The ship floats forward into the hole as the camera cuts it docking in a cave. The camera pans across the cave and shows the other side. Red waves of water, the shores of the Mare Ignis, can be seen on the other side of the cave.]

Connecting Cavern
December 26, 2026, 6:40 AM EST

[Reg]: ...Told you.

[Slick]: So if we head into the Mare Ignis, we can get to Hophopris through the temple?

[Ray]: Correct, but...

[Slick]: But what?

[Ray]: I feel like we should explore this cave first...

[Sci]: I agree. I would think that there would be more down here than just a tiny cave...

[Slick checks the locations of the others on his Plumbers' badge. He sees that they are all in the city, but that Hornbok is far away from the others.]

[Slick]: They're in the city, but Hornbok's been separated... I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

[Nick]: They would be moving if Hornbok had been captured, and they're not, so I'd assume it's not a bad thing.

[Bink]: Which means we have time to explore...

[The camera cuts to the team, which consists of Slick, Relgo, Kruto, Sci, Bink, Water, Nick, Sub, Cassie, Ray, Reg, Harry, Holly, Ahmad and Kali, walking around the cave. The camera shows the five newest recruits standing roughly in the middle of the cave. Ray is kneeling down with the palm of his hand on the ground. He moves it around, trying to check if there is anything underneath the cave.]

[Ray]: It seems pretty solid.

[He looks around and sees Sci, Bink, and Water examining the wall with the Mare Glacies on the left side and the Mare Ignis on the right side. The camera over to them.]

[Sci]: This wall...

[Bink]: You think something might be behind it?

[Sci]: I don't see where else there could be anything...

[He slams his foot down and tries to push the earth back. When it does move, he makes a wave with his arm, causing the shores of the Mare Glacies to ripple.]

[Sci]: There's nothing inhibiting my powers... The rock just won't move...

[Water]: Well if it won't move...

[He punches the wall. It cracks but doesn't brake. He starts to back up away from the wall to charge at it.]

[Water]: We'll just have to break it...

[He rushes forward and crashes through the rock, creating a large opening in the wall. All of the Plumbers turn to the now broken wall and look through the opening. Sci walks through it as the rest of the Plumbers follow him. He stops when he realizes what's behind the wall.]

[Sci]: Of course...

[The camera pans and shows the Plumbers standing across from a temple similar to those in Solaris, Lunaris, Phonaris, and Hophopris.]

[Sci]: A fifth temple...


[The camera cuts to Hornbok and Wozorin arriving at the large building in Hophopris. The camera shows several soldiers standing in front of a closed gate in front of the building.]

[Soldier]: Director Wozorin, how can we help you?

[Wozorin]: I'm going to see the commander.

[Soldier]: And who might this be?

[Wozorin]: A friend...

[Hornbok holds up his Plumbers badge.]

[Soldier]: Very well, you may pass...

[The soldier open the gate as they step to the side and Hornbok and Wozorin walk through. They head down a walkway and then enter the building through the front door. The camera cuts to them arriving at the command room of the building. A chair in the center of the room spins around as Hornbok and Wozorin stop right at the entrance of the room. A man stands up from the chair and stands across from the two.]

[Commander]: Wozorin... What brings you to High Command?

[Hornbok, to Wozorin]: I thought you said you didn't know anything about the Haven's government?

[Commander]: She doesn't, Magister... All know who I am, but few know what I do...

[Hornbok]: She was allowed in here, though...?

[Wozorin]: I work at the entrance terminal, which is run by the government...

[Commander]: Which is why she's allowed here... Now, I have a feeling I know why you're here, so if we could get to the introductions...?

[Hornbok]: Magister Hornbok of the Plumbers, and you are...?

[Commander]: Commander Sesirus of High Command...

[Hornbok]: So you're the one in charge of the Haven?

[Sesirus]: I would've expected to meet with the Plumbers far before now...

[Hornbok]: Truth be told, the Plumbers have only known about the Haven for the last 12 years, but we aware that the Haven is--

[Sesirus]: Where'd you find that out?

[Hornbok]: I found out from Virton...

[Wozorin]: Found what out exactly?

[Sesirus]: The Haven is a dormant war machine created by the Vivoserians...

[Wozorin stands back in disbelief.]

[Hornbok]: I've got questions for you, Sesirus...

[Sesirus]: You want to know about the temples?

[Hornbok]: About the temples, about the Haven itself, and about why it's been near the Earth for the last 12 years!

[Sesirus]: I can explain everything, just be patient...

[He takes a deep breath.]

[Sesirus]: As you obviously know, when the Veloans converted the Vivoserian's war machine into a planet for refugees, they didn't tell the Plumbers. What they did do, however, was make sure to deactivate all of the Haven's weapons and prevent it from being used as a war machine. They were clearly successful; not once has there been an incident involving the weapons system.

[Hornbok]: But the weapons system is connected to the temples, right?

[Sesirus]: Yes and no. Solaris, Lunaris, Phonaris, and Hophopris each have a temple with two vials in them. Deep underground, between the Mare Ignis and Mare Glacies, there is a fifth temple for all 8 vials to be placed.

[Hornbok]: And doing so acti--

[Sesirus]: No, it doesn't. To this day, I have no idea what placing the vials in the underground temple does, as no one has ever gathered all 8 vials.

[Hornbok]: Then how would one reactivate the weapons system?

[Sesirus]: They would have to get into the Vault, a room deep underneath this complex that contains all of the machines that regulate conditions on the Haven. The machines regulate the temperature, the wind and air pressure, the anti-gravity, the magnetic field, et cetera. They also contain the machine that locks the weapons system. Deactivating that machine would activate all of the hidden weapons throughout the satellite and lead to full blown war. The room, of course, is heavily guarded, and no one has ever tried to get in.

[Hornbok]: One final question. Why Earth?

[Sesirus]: No one knows. One of the machines in the Vault randomly picks a new planet every 20 years, or after something occurs that makes us leave. None of the workers knew that Earth was even an option.

[Wozorin]: In other words, the machine was sabotaged?

[Sesirus]: Perhaps, but whoever sabotaged one machine could have sabotaged them all, unless of course they didn't need to.

[Hornbok]: Sounds like Lotin, but if that's true, then he could change the other settings at any time.

[Wozorin]: What would happen if he deactivated the anti-gravity? Wouldn't the Haven crash into the Earth.

[Sesirus]: Yes, but if he really wanted to cause problems them he would amp up the Haven's magnetic field, which would throw the Earth's magnetic field completely out of whack.

[Hornbok]: That sounds convenient that you know that...

[Sesirus]: Well, I'm the commander after all...

[Hornbok]: How do we know that you're actually the commander?

[Hornbok stands face to face with Sesirus. They look each other in the eye.]

[Hornbok]: Don't worry, I'm only kidding...

[Sesirus]: Do I look worried?

[Hornbok]: In all honesty, I'm a little worried for my team at the moment... Some of them went down into the Mare Glacies to go to the Mare Ignis, which means they went through the cave where the underground temple is...

[The camera cuts to the members of that team walking into the temple. The team stops at the center of the one-roomed temple and looks above them. There is a large chandelier with 8 empty slots, with 4 on the left and 4 on the right.]

[Nick]: Could that be for what I think it's for?

[Sub]: The vials...

[The team looks around and sees that there is nothing else and no one else in the temple.]

[Sci]: If this is where the vials are going to be brought after the Rotolysians or Aldabarbarians find all 8 of them, then we have to protect this temple... We can't let either side get in here and even have a chance of placing all of the vials in that chandelier.

[Slick]: Agreed... We should split up... Again...

[Sci]: Okay. Relgo, Bink, Kali, Ray, Harry, Water, and Ahmad, you're coming with me to Hophopris. The rest of you will stay here and protect this temple...

[Kruto]: We'll be stranded without the ship...

[Sci]: As soon as we've obtained at least one of the vials, we'll come back to pick you up...

[Relgo nods his head as the camera cuts to Sci and the others going with him on the Plumbers' ship as it goes through the Mare Ignis.]

Mare Ignis
December 26, 2026, 6:55 AM EST

[Bink]: According to the sonar, Hophopris is straight ahead...

[The camera shows a cave in the Mare Ignis. The ships drifts towards it as the Plumbers aboard remain silent.]

[Kali]: This should take us into the temple, right?

[Sci]: Yes...

[The ship enters the cave as the camera cuts to it surfacing in a back room of the temple, similar to where the team first discovered the Darwin in Solaris. The team members get out of the ship and look around the dark and dank room.]

[Relgo]: This should be at the end of the center hallway... Walking in that direction should take us to the entrance of the temple...

[He points down a long, dark hallway and then starts to walk through it. The rest of the Plumbers start to follow as the camera cuts to them walking towards the end of the hallway.]

[Ray]: Do you guys hear that?

[Harry]: Hear what?

[Ray]: I hear... A fight?

[The Plumbers continue to walk forward.]

[Ray]: Someone else is already in the temple...

[He runs forward as the Plumbers run to chase after him. He runs for a couple seconds before arriving in the main room of the temple and stumbling upon a large fight between the Aldabarbarians and the Rotolysians.]

[Ray]: Looks like we're late to the party...


[The camera cuts back to Hornbok, Wozorin, and Sesirus talking at the Haven High Command in Hophopris.]

[Hornbok]: So if the temples contain vials that are supposed to be placed in the underground temple, what are the temples actually for? I mean, what do you tell the citizens of the Haven?

[Sesirus]: The temples are used in the annual Festival of Fire and Ice. The festival celebrates the first two cities on the Haven, Solaris and Lunaris, which are named after the Veloan Deities of Fire and Ice, respectively. All the cities on the Haven are named after Veloan Deities: Hophopris is the Wind Deity, Phonaris is the Earth Deity, et cetera.

[Hornbok]: So when is this festival?

[Wozorin]: It's a 12 day festival during the first 6 and last 6 days of the year... So it started... Today...

[Hornbok]: That's... even more suspicious... Why is everything Fire and Ice?

[Sesirus]: What do you mean?

[Hornbok]: Some of the members of my team have said that a Rotolysian named Dexis, their associate with the Elite, has on multiple times recited a poem about Fire and Ice. We assumed until now that he was talking about the Aldabarbarians and Betelgusians, but...

[He slams his fist on the wall.]

[Hornbok]: No, it's not just Solaris and Lunaris that are Fire and Ice... It's the seas!

[Sesirus]: What do you mean?

[Hornbok takes a step towards Sesirus.]

[Hornbok]: The Mare Ignis and Mare Glacies... The Seas of Fire and Ice... Could that have anything to do with the temples?

[Sesirus]: Perhaps...

[Hornbok]: Then I'm going to this city's temple...

[He turns to leave the room.]

[Sesirus]: Just be careful...

[Hornbok, while walking away]: You don't have to tell me twice...

[He exits the room, but Sesirus stops Wozorin as she goes to follow him.]

[Sesirus]: Perhaps I should explain...

[Wozorin, shocked]: What do you know?

[Sesirus]: It's a long story...

[The camera cuts to the temple on Hophopris. There are about 100 Rotolysians and 100 Aldabarbarians in the middle of a massive brawl. The Aldabarbarians mainly fight using their blasters and energy swords, while the Rotolysians fight with normal swords and close-range combat. The camera shows the small group of the team watching the fight. They look around, but they don't see any leaders on either side.]

[Sci]: Who are we even supposed to help?

[Bink]: Neither of them...

[They watch as a group of Rotolysians fight two Aldabarbarians. One of the Rotolysians get sliced and knocked back by and energy sword as another kicks the Aldabarbarian down as the sword gets knocked across the floor. The Aldabarbarians shoot their blasters at the Rotolysians, who weave in and out of the blasts as they take out the Aldabarbarians from close range.]

[Harry]: Well then let's fight both of them...

[Harry and Water nod at each other. Water grabs Harry by the arm and throws him into a group of Aldabarbarians. He picks one of the Aldabarbarian soldiers up and spins him around through the others. He rolls to the side and then dives to avoid blasts from an Aldabarbarian. He quickly gets up and then jumps and kicks an Aldabarbarian in the face. The Rotolysian is was fighting punches at Harry, but Harry catches it and then throws the Rotolysians into two others. Across the temple, Water slams two Aldabarbarians together and picks up one of the energy swords and throws it at another Aldabarbarian, who catches it and then starts to fight Water with two swords. He jumps to avoid the slashes from the sword but misses his midair kick at the Aldabarbarian. Ahmad runs in and electrocutes the two-sworded Aldabarbarian, who gets slowed down but continues his barrage. He slashes again and again at Ahmad, but Water strikes him from behind and knocks him to the ground.]

[Water]: I owe you one...

[Ahmad steps forward past Water and electrocutes an Aldabarbarian who was charging at them.]

[Water]: Guess I owe you two, now...

[The camera cuts to the other Plumbers. A group of Rotolysians is approaching them as Sci blows a current of wind, slowing them down. Several of the Rotolysians jump over the current of wind. Relgo kicks one back, into the wind, making him fall back into the others. Bink avoids a sword slash from another and then kicks that one into the ground.]

[Bink]: Edilloc owt esoht ekam.

[She turns and pushes her hand towards two Rotolysians fighting Ray. The Rotolysians suddenly collide with each other and fall to the ground. Ray forms a one hand energy hammer and hits a Rotolysian with it before stopping to look at the fight around him.]

[Ray]: This seems pointless...

[Voice]: Oh look, the Plumbers are here...

[Sci, without looking]: Dexis...

[He turns towards the door with the blue lamp above it. Dexis stands just outside of the doorway, holding the temple's light blue vial.]

[Dexis]: Pause for effect...

[He grins as the Plumbers turn around and see the Phantom and Phantress standing just outside of the door with the red lamp above it. The Phantom is holding the temple's red vial.]

[Phantom]: This could be interesting...

[The camera cuts to overhead and shows the group of Plumbers, some still fighting the Rotolysians and the Aldabarbarians, in the middle of the Rotolysians, who primarily on the right side, and the Aldabarbarians, primarily on the left. The camera cuts back to ground level.]

[Dexis]: And such a small team, too... I don't know about you, Phantom, but this would be a great opportunity to kill some Plumbers...

[Phantom]: If you're hoping for a truce, you're not going to get one...

[Dexis]: The enemy of your enemy is your friend...

[Phantom]: That doesn't work when your enemies are equally as bad...

[Relgo]: How about you two kill each other and we just get out of here?

[Dexis]: How about we make a deal?

[Dexis steps back as Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus Set exit the hallway underneath the blue lamp. Thebes opens a briefcase, revealing the other 6 vials in it, with 3 red vials in the top slots and 3 light blue vials in the bottom slots. Dexis places the fourth light blue vial into the bottom slot as Thebes closes the briefcase.]

[Dexis]: Surrender and give us the last vial, or...

[He tilts his head in the direction of the temple's entrance. Both the Plumbers and the head Aldabarbarians look towards the entrance and see Colossus IV standing at the entrance. The camera remains focused on Colossus.]

[Dexis, off screen]: Well, you really don't have any others options, now do you?

[The camera shows the Plumbers, then the Aldabarbarians, and then finally Dexis.]

[Dexis]: Check and mate...

[The End]


  1. The name of the Kraaho home-world is never mentioned in the Ben 10 canon.
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